Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seven Bumps - Last night as a six year old.

Tomorrow my CarlyFlower turns seven! It is hard to believe that my girl is growing up so fast! We plan on having some cake with the G-Parents around dinner time!

She has been fun to watch grow up! I just love her so much! Sleep well six year old.

Looking forward to spending the afternoon with you.

Mommy xo

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cameron - 10

Thank you to my Mom who took most of the images here (I borrowed her camera for a few!) We had a great birthday for Cameron. He requested Lemon Meringue pie, and 10 cupcakes around the edge for his sisters. He is so funny. (Oh and the extras were all polished off very quickly! We had a bit of coffee, and some San Pellegrino water with lemon  too. It was HOT outside! I love how we all love lemon stuff! When Cameron was a baby we gave him a piece of lemon and he LOVED it! 

My Mom, Dad and Mom in Law and of course our kids. And Cliff and I were also there :D

We had a great day! Nice to have his bday on the long weekend! He is going to love that. My next thought! My goodness! Three more years until he is officially a teenager! 

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Double Digits

Cameron, 5 ish and in Kindergarten January 2004 

Claire about 18 months, Carly, weeks old and Cameron, just three.

(Claire 2 ish Carly under 1 year and Cameron, 4 back in '03) 

I remember waiting to turn from age nine to age ten. The DOUBLE DIGITS! It seems just like yesterday! And now, I am 37 turning 38 in about two months. 

Tonight, when the clock strikes at midnight, my first born and only son, turns TEN. 

I officially have been parenting for a DECADE. That strikes me in a crazy type of way! Ten. My baby boy is turning ten! How can this be? 

This is just huge to me. Today, we took Cameron, his best friend Jennifer, Claire and Carly to Playland for a day of rides, games, fun and food.  While I was there, I remembered back to the crazy time of when he was about two weeks old. I was a new Mom, newly married. Pretty much still in the newlywed phase of our life.The crazy sleepless phase of the newborn stage, the postpartum stage. We decided lets go to the PNE! I fed him, layed him down in his crib for his sleep. And the next second...a huge pukey spit up in the crib, all over him. Also onto the carpet. OK, this isn't going the way we "planned" so I took the bedding off, threw it in the wash. Bathed Cameron and got him into yet another outfit. We packed all of his stuff. All of the stuff you need with a newborn. You know, everything but the kitchen sink ;D

 So, later than our intended departure to a destination about 45 minutes away we were packed up and in the car. We headed to the fair. Of course, a diaper change once we got there. Don't you know I changed his diaper every 1.5 hours!! LOL. We walked him around in his stroller, we took him to the Super Dogs (my goodness that was too loud for his little ears, and he slept through all the noise and excitement!) and I breastfed him in PUBLIC. That was an ordeal for me being a new Mom. We made new family memories for our family of three. We had Cliff's parents join us down there. They walked him around, and Cliff and I rode some of the rides like the "good old days."  I remember how tiny his head was, how warm he was. How wonderful he smelled. All dressed in the finest baby blue outfits. He was such a good baby. I remember walking around the proud. Proud to be a Mom. Proud of my little family. It was a good good day. One I will always remember.

Today, almost 10 years later we went without diapers, without a stroller. Without all the crazy stuff. And just headed down there. We packed some water, and some wipes. I am glad I brought them that is for sure! I bring those EVERYWHERE still. (Thank you to Nonna who kept the three littles at home!)

The kids went on rides by themselves. We did rides together. At one point Cliff and I were about to go on the Pirate Ship for the fourth or eight time, and I saw Cameron and Jennifer HOLDING hands. I nudged at Cliff. I said oh my goodness! This is ONLY the beginning. So much change in the past 1o years.  

We REALLY enjoyed the day today. It was just wonderful to see the smiles, the laughter. The cooperation. Spending time together. I am sure when we went ten years ago we talked about what it would be like to visit with him and go on the rides. But I know we were tired. I remember feeling exhausted! Just like today. Just a day full of wonderful memories that were different all together. But just like almost 10 years ago. But different. I liked the different! 

So to my dear Cameron. You are one of the most important men in my life. You have been such a blessing to me. To all of us. When I was pregnant with you. I thought you were a girl. Boy oh boy was I WRONG! I am so glad you were a boy. I have had the MOST wonderful decade getting to know you. This year you head into grade five. And just loving all of your wonderful ways! 

Sleep well nine year old. Tomorrow we celebrate! 

I am excited to find out what the next decade will bring. I cannot believe that in only seven years you will graduate. Carly turns seven in a couple of weeks and that has gone by in a flash! So I know it is going to be very exciting in the next decade too!

Much love,

Your Mom xo