Friday, March 28, 2008

She Daisy!

Welcome to the World Daisy!
Congratulations to Mike, Cynthia and Big Brother Ben!
Love and Hugs,
The Eight of Us xo

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One year ago...

One year ago during Spring Break, my world changed AGAIN when I discovered after a trip to Science World with the kids that I was pregnant. Pregnant with my 6th precious bundle. What I thought was a crazy breastfeeding cycle turned out to be implantation spotting. After that trip I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up a 2 pack preggo test and they both came up positive right away! To my surprise we were pregnant AGAIN!

And now, it is one year later to the day, March 25th. Oh how life changes so quickly and so drastically! Now I have a sweet little daughter who is rolling and giggling and smiley! I could not imagine life without her. None of us could! That is the beauty of life! You have completed our family Miss Coco.

I will never forget that last special moment of finding out such a delicious secret! A brand new life growing from within me! I can tell you I STILL miss that feeling, and I know I will be missing that feeling this year and all of the years ahead. I will forever miss that wonderful feeling!

Courtney was one of the best surprises that life could ever offer us! Who would have known she would bring so much joy just when joy is needed in our life.

Thank you for being my last and most wonderful sweet baby! What a little blessing you have been in all of our lives.

You COMPLETE me baby girl. You complete me...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Caroline and the first day of Spring!

Always on the move!

Sweet Caroline with the big brown eyes!

Sisterly Love

A teeny Caroline hand!

More of my girls!

Catie on the first day of Spring! little spitfire!

Carly digs the trampoline and just gives her!!

Bouncy Bounce!

Action Shot! She plays hard!!

Welcome SPRING!

Catie and Caroline

In the computer room together

Looking out the window together

I am full of tears and sadness today...

My fingers taste so good

Oh Mom, would you put that thing away now!

My broken finger

The splint the ER doc rigged up and the addition of black tape Cliff added to hold it in place...

Oh why oh why is my ring finger broken AGAIN! And from simply picking up blankets and whammo...broken! Not too exciting like the first time defending myself in a fight!!

Ah, a brand new plastic splint and waterproof tape! Much better!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday today

AND it is Good Friday. And it has been good! Today we went out and bought a crib for Coco! That is ready for pick up on April 2nd! We got it at Sears on sale and a scratch! We paid a lot less which makes us happy! And, my friend Shelly has ordered bedding from Target for the two girls for me. Both on clearance and we LOVE it! When I get the bedding I will then pick the most girly pink I can find for that room! I am so excited! I FINALLY get my girly nursery for them! (well maybe a bit more for me lol) Oh! How I love girly stuff!

I also spent a good part of the afternoon taking photos of the kids in the yard. We had fun today! I am finding it hard to hold my camera with my broken finger, but I managed! ANYTHING for a good shot right!

Tonight we are having whole wheat pasta, red sauce and salad. Yumm-o!

And we need to help out the Easter Bunny...gotta do that tonight! And do a mega shop finally! It has been way too long and too busy to do this task. Tonight I can cross that off the list. And, I still have to write my thank yous for the baptism! Thankfully it is my right finger that broke and not my left or else I would have been hooped.

Have a good Friday.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I BROKE my finger tonight

I broke my ring finger on the right hand tonight. Top part of the finger which the doc called it a mallet finger! Nice one Cathy! I am lefty klutz...right during the busy hour just after 5 pm when Cliff was just getting in the door from work. Right when we had one in the bath because they got into Vaseline, one was in the bassinet, one was in the tub, two were cleaning up the Vaseline from our bathroom. I am not enjoying spring break so far. The kids felt so bad, and they were all crazy crying when I left...just like when I went into labour with Coco. Figures right!

How did I get a Mallet Finger? By bending down as I always do and picking up blankets (that the big girls were supposed to pick up after making a huge fort in the kitchen btw) and my (previously broken finger by big Vesna P in between grades 10-11 in a fight) finger hit the wooden bannister and I heard a CRACK...And I freaked. I heard it break and it hurt immediately. And I drove myself to the hospital. I had x rays done. I waited and waited with my bag of ice from home. I then had a splint put on. I have to wear it to hold the break in place for 4-6 weeks. So, tomorrow I have to set up a doctors appointment for this week. I also need to go search out a plastic splint for the finger. They didn't have up to date stuff in the ER. From start to finish I was in the ER for about 2.5 hours.

Now, I have to adapt to my situation. How to shower etc? I am not sure what to do about that just yet? I guess a big plastic bag and masking tape. And, I need to go get some new brushes for my make up (that I still haven't replaced from the "INCIDENT") as tomorrow I will not have tools to put on my face.

Anyways, enough on this.

Coco rolled

She rolled today, from back to tummy (over the left!) and then Carly said she just did it again!! My little baby is growing and changing so much! Hard to believe she is 4 months already!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dove - Onslaught

For my are Beautiful JUST the way you all are! You are my natural, gorgeous beauties and your beauty comes from within! You all radiate beauty!

Remember that growing up!! Enjoy the authentic YOU!!!!!!!!

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Happy Sunday

Yesterday and more of the P word if you can believe it!!

Here is Mr. Big, and Miss Babyface!

A rare photo of the six kids together in one room lol! They were enjoying a rented DVD together (Evan Almighty)

Some of the girls ;D

PS Guess who puked in the all over the van yesterday out on our errands??!?!?! We are now at 6/8 if anybody is keeping tabs!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oma and Carly

Here is Oma (my Dad's Dad) and Carly in the stain glass window light

Aunty April and some gorgeous gals

More from the Baptism

Uncle Nick and Abigail

Aunty April and Coco

Claire Bear

My Mom and Me (and Caroline)

Matty Bug and Catie Girl - Cousins

These two cousins sure love each other!! We enjoyed having you here Matthew! xo Catie cannot wait for her "date!"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Boy Cousins!

Coco's Day!

Courtney's Family! The Grande Familie!

God Parents: Uncle Tyler and Aunty Amy

Cathy, Cliff and Courtney

3 Sisters: April, Cathy and Amy

Coco's Baptism III

The kids around the Font

There's Coco

All Done!

The happy parents!

I sure love to chew on those ribbons!

Coco's Baptism II

Courtney's God Parents

My Dad!

The Waters...

Courtney being baptised

Coco in Uncle Tylers hands