Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday today

AND it is Good Friday. And it has been good! Today we went out and bought a crib for Coco! That is ready for pick up on April 2nd! We got it at Sears on sale and a scratch! We paid a lot less which makes us happy! And, my friend Shelly has ordered bedding from Target for the two girls for me. Both on clearance and we LOVE it! When I get the bedding I will then pick the most girly pink I can find for that room! I am so excited! I FINALLY get my girly nursery for them! (well maybe a bit more for me lol) Oh! How I love girly stuff!

I also spent a good part of the afternoon taking photos of the kids in the yard. We had fun today! I am finding it hard to hold my camera with my broken finger, but I managed! ANYTHING for a good shot right!

Tonight we are having whole wheat pasta, red sauce and salad. Yumm-o!

And we need to help out the Easter Bunny...gotta do that tonight! And do a mega shop finally! It has been way too long and too busy to do this task. Tonight I can cross that off the list. And, I still have to write my thank yous for the baptism! Thankfully it is my right finger that broke and not my left or else I would have been hooped.

Have a good Friday.

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Michelle said...

Hi Cathy...Happy Easter to your family....thanks for the blog visit :D
hope that your pictures turn out well..