Sunday, December 31, 2006

and a happy new year...

Bye Bye 2006

Hello 2007!

Well, the end of the year 2006 draws to a close.

I am truly thankful for the past year! It was indeed not the kind of year I expected, but we made it through. I will remember 2006 as being a rather tough year. Especially the tail end of 2006.

We made it through 5 power outages, (two that lasted more than 24 hours) the passing of my dear Opa who died days after we celebrated his 90th birthday, the major surgery that my FIL is still recovering from.

We have also had two wonderful things happen, well 3...The birth of our 5th child, Caroline Mae and then the birth of my first Niece Abigail! And, how can we forget the new position Cliff has secured! Only 16 more days until that new chapter begins for Cliff.

I have really enjoyed spending time with my family, and with my friends. I will try to spend more time with my friends this year!!

As for 2007!There is so much to look forward to! House hunting, no more breastfeeding after May! no pregnancy and diaperbags and cribs! Vein surgery to get rid of my varicose veins, teeth whitening again! Possibly moving Catie to a big girl bed, potty training for her, getting Carly registered for Kindergarten! Catie registered for preschool! Me, training for my first 1/2 marathon! There is SOOOO much to look forward too.

I think too much to type down here! Also, trying to get my organizing business started this year! Maybe even a triathalon with my Dad in June! And, this year my parents will celebrate 40 years together in July! We will have a wonderful celebration to attend then! And a cousin and his fiance will be getting married in November! And, of course all of those surprises along the way! And, I look forward to planning Caroline's 1st bday party, and celebrating our 9th anniversary in May as well!

I know this will be my year! My lucky number, my 7 wonderful family members and 2007! Yipee!

To all of my family and friends! I wish you all a happy and healthy 2007!


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Dinner at Nannie and Papa's 2006

My Mom and Dad always do such a nice job of Christmas for the kids. She set up her office as a special room "just for the grandkids." Cameron even brought over a sign that says "Kids 7 and Under Only" and each year he brings that number up by 1! He remembered doing a "Kids 6 and Under Only" last year. This year Catie was in on the fun, last year she dined in the highchair that I once ate in. This year, that seat was used by Caroline! She had a yummy cereal dinner, and then I mashed up the carrots and turnips for her! She LOVED them! She sure ate a lot. Next year, well...we will have a fight for positions lol. Caroline, well...she may be old enough to eat in the kids room. And Abby, well she will probably be in the high chair lol. And, that little table will be VERY full! My Mom even puts out 3 little battery powered candles for a lovely dining experience. And, lots of paper snowflakes hanging by threads over the table! So sweet and festive.

I was really impressed with my hubby Cliff at Christmas dinner. Abby (our new little Niece) was fussy and gassy, so he held Abby in his left arm for the whole dinner so that April and Nick could eat dinner. With his right hand he fed Caroline her dinner. When I finished my dinner, I took over the feeding, and Abby went back to her Daddy. Oh, how the experience of having 5 kids showed lol. He looked like a natural with that sweet little gal in his arms. Made me fall in love with him all over.

It was a wonderful day! Thank you Mom and Dad for hosting that wonderful dinner. We will always remember it! xo

Where is Carly? Catie hands off of your face! Look at the camera!!! Claire we cannot see you!!

These are just SOME of our attempts. Carly decided she had enough...she was sitting on the other couch lol.

Baby's First Christmas

I think Caroline is mighty pleased about her first Christmas Eve!! Look at her sitting here like such a "big girl."

Did I mention that she got up into a standing position yesterday? That was exciting. This little gal will be walking and running with the rest of her family before we know it!

Go Caroline Go!

Merry Christmas my little sugar plum. My how we love you and your dimples too.

New Christmas Eve PJ's for everybody!

Have I ever mentioned how HARD it is to get a photo of 5 kids 7 and under?????

We tried SO many times, and these are our top two lol!


What day is it? What time is it? What a lovely Christmas Eve/Christmas and Boxing Day we had as a family. Busy and Crazy yes. Awesome yes! Glad it is all over?! Yes. I am excited to pack up everything and just get back to normal.

It was lovely to have dinner with my in-laws on Christmas Eve with Dad being home! That was a great gift. Christmas morning we were up bright and early to see if Santa actually made it to our place?! And, yes...he did. (we were the ONLY house with lights on around 6 am) to open our gifts and have a lovely breakfast with the in-laws. Then, we packed up the kids and headed to my parents place for dinner! What a lovely time there! I really enjoyed watching old home movies of our family from back in the early '90's. Oh yes. Some crazy and fun moments forever caught on tape. Boxing day, the family was invited over to my Sister Amy/Tyler's place for an out of this world breakfast brunch! That was lovely and fun too.

It was mostly for me about spending time with my family! I had so much fun with them! At one point I was playing a fake piano with my bum bum LOL. Don't ask right family!!! You all loved the entertainment...I know it.

Now, what day is it? Oh yes. We have been enjoying watching the kids, and playing with the kids and all of their new toys etc. The hardest part of all of this social stuff, is getting the kids back on track!! Wow. We have had 2 REALLLLY difficult nights of trying to get our girls to bed. Took almost 2 hours each night. Tonight, no dollies in bed with them. NO TOYS allowed. Cliff is back to work again.

*Oh, Christmas break,
Oh Christmas break,
you really do a number...

the kids are crazed...and they won't sleep
which really means we don't sleep

Oh Christmas break,
Oh Christmas break
You really do a number...

* sung to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree

Tonight, I don't know what to do for dinner. Need to get out to do grocery shopping etc. Behind in that department. I managed to get 3 loads of laundry done and folded today.

Caroline is teething like crazy, and STILL the teeth are not moving upwards. SOOOOON I hope. It has been rather tiring getting up several times a night to feed and console her.

New Years? Well...I am looking forward to a new year! Bring on 2007!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I elfed myself!

This is how I do it all!

You can do it too!



Happy Holidays and Cheers one and all! Have fun!


MurrayvilleMom and the "C" Crew

Seasons Greetings!

I have been having fun with our kids during the Christmas season. I have enjoyed listening to Christmas music in the vehicle with the kids. They sing outloud together (well not exactly like the Von Trapp kids, but close ;D) especially to Jingle Bells, 12 Days of Christmas and Baby's First Christmas. Those are their absolute favourites! Carly sure has a great singing voice (just like when she was first born!) We end up hitting the repeat button on those songs so we can listen to them OVER and OVER. The do not tire of their favourites. They actually request the songs by number now! Too funny. I am glad I pulled the CD's out after Remembrance Day! We will do that again next year!

I love to sing in the van, and I don't sing very well, but the kids like it when I do that. So does Cliff. Today we danced in between sheet changes and laundry folding in our bedroom together. We blasted the clock radio and danced to Felix Navidad by Boney M!! Anybody who knows me and my sisters knows how much we loved those tunes as kids! Right April and Amy!! Love the upbeat tempo with a message! lol. Right Mom xo

We have been eating too many sweets, and dancing around the house together. There are also times when they get TOOOOOOO crazy and they get TOOOOOOO loud. But, I chalk it up to Christmas excitement. I totally remember back to when I was a kid and couldn't wait for Santa to come! So, I have to forgive them for the craziness. We have 16 days I believe until school is back in session. Hopefully once boxing day hits, life will be a little bit back to normal. What is normal anyways?

I am just really looking forward to spending time with my family! And eating a goodie or two! Especially my Mom's jewel pie and nanaimo bars! Christmas would not be the same without them.

Update, get your Update...

Well, it is officially Christmas Eve! Wow. Where does the time go? Things have been looking up around here! Two wonderful things have happened in the last couple of days!

My FIL is home! He came home yesterday afternoon. He is making a marvelous recovery, and we are so proud of how hard he has worked, and how hard he is working to get better. The kids were so excited to see him!

We also have exciting news. No, I know what you all are thinking. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT lol. Well, actually it is Cliff's news! Cliff has been offered a new position with a different company! He accepted the job offer on Friday. He will be starting January 15th. He applied for the job back on October 1st, and after an interview, two tours, resume/background check, drivers abstract. Cliff is officially HIRED. This means so many great things for our family! And, Cliff will not need to make his huge 1.5 hour commute each way.

It's a wrap

Well, the gifts have been wrapped, and the cards have been written in! We started around 10 pm, and it took only took 3 hours! We finished around 1 am!

Just in time for Miss Mae to get up. I am hoping she will fall back asleep. *fingers crossed*

Lately she likes to get up around this time for a feed. I think it is her teething waking her up.


Caroline actually got up on her knees today, and crawled a few "knees" to her toy basket! Go Caroline Go!! She will be 8 months on January 2nd!

Caroline may even get her first two teeth just in time for Christmas! Her bottom two teeth are starting to break skin! I will miss this toothless grin!!

Claire's Gingerbread House

Claire finally got to make her "gingerbread" house at school! She had a lot of fun making it, and she shared the whole house with her siblings! Yay Claire, great sharing. We are proud of you.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ancient OK, maybe Vintage, OK Old Ornaments

These are some of my ornaments I made when I was probably around Claire and Carly's age. I threw them out as they were getting a bit moldy. But, I took a photo to remember them.

Kayla and the 5 Kids

The 6 kids at the park! We are so happy Kayla could come over and play with our kids! They LOVE having her over.

These photos were taken on the weekend by my Sister Amy. I love how she used the feet rattles as mitts! That was a great idea!! And, I love how all bundled up she is! Very cozy indeed!

Gingerbread House with Uncle Tyler, Aunty Amy and Kayla

This house was built by the big kids...Caroline and Catie were napping. We were out shopping (remember the keys in the trunk incident!) I think they did an awesome job!

Christmas Cheer

Our Christmas tree with a cool tree topper that my Dad made for us. Some of our favourite decorations.
Table centrepiece that Cameron made for me at school!

Cameron and his "gingerbread" house he made at school.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well, it is middle of the week! And, yesterday we went to visit Dad in the hospital. We watched him have his first solid foods. Chicken broth, orange juice and orange jello. His stomach got very full. Yesterday he had many of his tubes removed and was walking around. He even phoned home and left a message for all of the kids. And so did Nonna. The kids loved that. Today, the phone rang in the afternoon. I thought it would be Mom, but it was Dad. He had a creamy soup, chocolate pudding and tea! A great day for him. There is even talk that he may get home this weekend. My fingers are crossed for him! Tomorrow they talk to a nutritionist about his nutrional concerns etc.

We ordered in pizza for dinner, got the kids into their jammies, loaded them into the vehicle and took a drive around. I also had to get food for 2 school Christmas parties!
We drove around the town to look at all of the holiday light displays! Wow, some beautifully decorated homes! The kids LOVED that. Especially Catie! WOW!!!! she said. WOW!!! Her loudest WOW yet. She certainly is developing her words! So cute.

Mom came home tonight, and that was nice. We sat around her kitchen table and had some tea, and some Purdy's chocolates together and talked about Dad and his recovery etc. Things are certainly looking up! Christmas could be really wonderful after all.

I am fighting something. Hoarse voice, stuffy nose. Really worn out. Tired. spent. Whatever. Just reacting to all of the stress of the last couple of weeks. I guess my body has had enough.

Lots to do in the next couple of days. Need to wrap presents for teachers, presents for our kids and family. Do my shopping for some Christmas foods etc. We will wrap everything probably on Saturday. Just glad the shopping part is over. I am looking forward to Christmas eve. Cliff and I make nachos and watch some sort of Christmas Movie. Most likely Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. I can watch that movie over and over!! So many great laughs. We certainly could use that.

The kids have been kissing me a lot under our Kissing Ball. Too cute. Now, if only I can get Cliff under there. Hmmm. I will work on that.

Our tree is decorated, and most of the decorations are on the top portion of the tree. Still looks lovely.

I feel a bit more of the Christmas spirit tonight.

Tonight, yet ANOTHER storm should be on it's way. More wind. Hopefully the power will stay on again.

Well, it is 11:42 pm. Caroline just woke up. I will feed her, and get her back into her crib for a cozy night's sleep.

Sweet dreams...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

glad when this year will be over

I am welcoming in 2007. Surely life will be better then?! It has been a rough couple of weeks. Emotions flying, anger, sadness and realizations.

This time of year is so busy, and we are so not in the holiday mode. We do have our tree up, and we put up some decorations and bought 6 new ones for the tree. They are lovely. Too bad the kids won't leave them alone. How many days until boxing day?

As for shopping. We went on a mega shopping trip (thanks to Amy, Tyler and Kayla!!!! for giving us that WONDERFUL gift of time!!) we got everything bought for everybody. That felt good. And, it wasn't as bad as we thought. But, when poor old Cliff dropped the keys into my sister's car and we were locked out...that wasn't so funny. We had to call a tow truck to break into Amy's car. Thankfully we were able to get them out. Hopefully Uncle Gil has fixed the broken door opener?! Any word on that. I must call my Sis and ask her. We brought her some flowers to make it all better. Hopefully they worked. Poor Cliff has had a lot on his mind.

As for my FIL, he is still in hospital, with a few less tubes and I hear he is moving out of the ICU today to his own room! Very encouraging. His spirits were high today and tonight, thanks to my parents we are able to go and visit him again. It will be nice to see him and laugh with him again. He is going to phone our house and leave a message for all of the kids today. I know the kids are really reacting to everything that is going on around here. Poor kids. It has been so hard on them. I know they will LOVE his message today. I am excited for them all.

Sorry for the lack of blogging. It has just been extremely busy and tiring around here.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Well, today we all woke up in a great mood. No power went out, the wind went away and the sun was shining! It is amazing how nice it can be with "normal" weather. Cameron got to make his gingerbread house at school, and Cameron and Claire got to participate in the "Crazy Hair" day at school. Unfortunately I couldn't get a photo of the hair do's because they took them out! The morning was rushed as we all "slept in" until 7:00 which meant a rushed, busy morning for the 6 of us. I did get a photo of Cameron's house though. I will post at a later date. He did a great job.

I got a chance to visit my FIL aka as Cliff's Dad at the hospital last night. My loving parents came over so that Cliff and I could get down there to see him. I drove my MIL aka Mom to the hospital. I was glad I could give her a rest and some support and drive her in the rush hour traffic.

Dad looked good, for somebody who just had major surgery. He is still in the ICU, and is being fed through a stomach tube. He had MANY tubes in him. He still managed to hold a conversation and he seemed to be in good spirits. He was just very tired. Today, Mom (aka MIL) went to the hospital to spend the day with him between sleeps and care etc. I know she was going to take a photo of the kids there for him, and a new pair of slippers. Today, he will start walking in the hospital. Soon, he will be moved out of the ICU, and into a regular bed. He will be there until the 23rd or 24th of December. Then, he will be home. Without any tubes except for one port for feeding just in case he cannot gain some of the weight he lost back. I am just happy the surgery went well, and he looks good.

As for our weekend. Maybe this weekend we can get the tree decorated, and do some shopping. We need to catch up from this busy week. I know I feel really tired. Not much sleep in the last week or two. I am looking forward to my run on Sunday morning. I haven't been running as per my normal routine. I hope that I can get back to where I was. I NEEEEEEED to run. Or I just feel all agitated inside.

I am still thinking about my Oma, and my Dad, my Aunty and all of us relatives who are missing Opa. I really miss him. I know he lived a long full life in his 90 years, but is hard to believe he is gone. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you who are mourning the loss of any kind.

I am thinking that 2007 is going to be a WAY better year. The highlights of 2006 for me were, the birth of Caroline and the birth of Abigail! Two little blessings.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stormy Weather

AGAIN...we are expected to have winding that will most likely knock our power out for the 6th time. So, if I am not blogging...that is why! Hopefully the wind will leave our area by tomorrow night sometime!

Going to go stock up on candles and emergency supplies...

Oh Christmas Tree/s

We went out last weekend and picked up 2 trees for Christmas. One for my in-laws and one for our family. We got two beautiful trees and ours has a hint of blue (fits with our moods of late)

The photo I took of Cliff with the kids, well the tree on Cameron's right is ours, and the tree on his left is Mom and Dad's. We cannot wait until Dad can be home again to enjoy the tree and the family.

Cameron took the photo of Cliff and I. The youngest kids stayed home with Nonna and Grandpa.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


For the last two weeks we have been very worried about my dh's father aka my FIL Dad. He was just diagnosed with Esophogus Cancer. Yes, the dreaded C word. He went in today for a rush surgery that went from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm to remove a large portion of his esophogus and then his stomach was resectioned to form a new tube that was made from his stomach. The cancer also had adhered to his lung, and so a section of his lung was removed as well. They are doing a biopsy of that also. So, whilst we were laying dear Opa to rest, my dear FIL was in sugery. Cliff's heart was in two places. With is dear Dad and with my family and our loss so hard to just get through the day.

FIL is OK for tonight, and my MIL finally got to see him, and we went to the hospital from the memorial today and straight to the hospital to be with Mom (MIL) We will go and visit him in the ICU for a few minutes tomorrow evening sometime. Dad will be in the hospital for 2 weeks until Christmas Eve. And then he must rest at home for 3 months. It was major surgery. We are just glad they got the cancer out, and we are thankful he is in recovery. I know he was in a lot of pain tonight.

I cannot believe that so much has happened in the past week. It has been extremely difficult to just maintain "normal." We are totally worn out and exhausted. Our power was out yet AGAIN for almost 24 hours yesterday and the night before. That is 5x's in the last 2 months. Too much eh!

Good Bye Opa

Today we laid our dear Opa to rest. It was a very sad and emotional day. I am so happy that he lived such a long and happy life! To live to 90! Wow.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Murrayville Mom's Mom

Murrayville Mom's Mom: "The Second Sunday of Advent "

If you have been wondering why my blog has been quiet. This is the reason.

I cannot believe you are gone Opa. One week ago you were with us and we all celebrated your 90th. We are so sad. We really miss you.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December 2006

Well, it is hard to believe that 2006 is almost over! This year went so fast. Now, Christmas is weeks away. I have nothing done for Christmast this year.

Usually our tree is up about this time, but not this year. Tree next weekend. We have so many family get togethers that they are eating into OUR family time. I love my family, BUT I love my family too. Yes, I know, the kids love to get together with our families. But still. That is just how I feel this week lol.

I am not going to make cards this year. Usually we do a potato print stamp on blank cards with the kids. This year I am going to buy them.

Usually we do gingerbread cookies and ice them etc. Not this year. I think I will buy a gingerbread house kit for the kids to do. Life is just too darn busy!

We tried to take the kids to the Annual Santa parade last weekend, and we didn't even get the chance to go. Picture this: Van full of kids. 2 are crying, 1 has to go pee. 1 is whining, 1 needs to go pee but didn't go before leaving the house. 2 shaking their heads. So, we had to go home. There was not a bathroom in sight.

We hoped this would be a lesson in listening to your go to the bathroom when we ask. I know the kids were disappointed as were Cliff and I. That was supposed to be one of our family events for Christmas. SO, we went home. Too bad. So disappointing. Oh well, what can we do? I hope NEXT year the kids will remember that. I am sure they will. I am sure they will remind us of the time we DIDN'T go to the parade for the next 40 years!

This week we are trying to go to a nice park around here that is all decorated up for Christmas! This one thankfully is a drive thru type event!

We are busy with the kids getting ready for Christmas programs at school too. Those require special "costumes." This year Cameron is a Dog with his class, and Claire is a Bird with her class. I got their clothing on Sunday night around 10 pm after a full day of celebrating my Opa's 90th birthday. I am looking forward to seeing Cameron and Claire in their class programs!

We also just got report cards, and I am pleased with both kid's reports! Cameron and Claire did well. Carly is not in preschool anymore. She is starting in a new one in Jan '07 that is closer to home.

I feel crazy busy these days. I have to stay up late like an elf to get it all done! And, I bought new dishtowels for the kitchen, and "to save time" I washed those (green and yellow) with my white towels. I now have pale green towels. SO, now I must do ANOTHER load with bleach! Why did I do that...I KNEW that would happen.

This weekend we are going to go get our live tree. For the past 4 years we have gone and cut a tree with the kids at a local Christmas tree farm. Usually we do that around the 1st of December but yes, we were too busy. We also have our Chilliwack Christmas this weekend too.

Next weekend is our family Christmas dinner. So, another busy weekend. Then, isn't it Christmas?! EEEEK.

I know I will get it all done, it is just that I feel like complaining a bit lol. It has definitely been challenging with 5 kids. I am not kidding you. BUSY with a capital B! But, the anticipation of Christmas eve and Santa coming and then the look on the kid's faces on Christmas morning will make everything worth while. When they are all happy Cliff and I are happy too! I am also looking forward to our annual breakfast with the in-laws and then dinner at my parents place! Always so special to all be together as a family.

This year is Caroline's first Christmas which is very special! I also rethinking if we should get a full size tree. Caroline will be under there just like a cat would do! I KNOW I will be forever pulling her out from under there. Are pine needles poisonous?! Maybe we do a table tree?! Nahhh. I have made it through 4 kids and Christmas so certainly I SHOULD be able to get through ONE more!

In any event. As per in the past. The tree and all of the decorations and ANYTHING Christmas will be BOXED up and put away on BOXING DAY...after a lovely Boxing day brunch at my sister Amy and Tyler's house!! By the 27th it will be just like Christmas never happened around here!! lol.

So, when am I going to do my shopping? Thankfully we do not buy a whole lot, I think I can get it all done in 1/2 a day somewhere around the 20th of December! I am also looking forward to getting jammies for the whole family to go to bed in on Christmas Eve.

I am tired just looking back at my post!

brown hair

brown hair

Well, I have been brunette now for just over a week, and you know what?! I have really enjoyed it! I feel a little more sophisticated, but I still have my blonde moments.

I have had lots of positive feedback like:

Wow, you look so great with brown hair! Wow!
You look like you are 18
Your skin looks so much warmer
It is a great colour on you
Wow, what is your real colour? (dirty blonde lol)
Your hair is so shiny and healthy looking

So far, two thumbs up for brown! I feel like I am just me now...I feel like the colour fits with my lifestyle etc. I have begun to get used to seeing my reflection in the mirror now too! For the first couple of days it was very shocking to me!!

If you notice to the top right, I have even changed my PROFILE PHOTO! That is how much I am loving the brown!


Happy Birthday Opa!

We had a lovely luncheon at Oma and Opa's house on Sunday, December 3rd, 2006. We all brought stuff and enjoyed spending a few hours with them! There are photos of families here, just the "women" hereminus my sister April and Abigail (she was feeding) and my other sister Amy and her boyfriend Tyler. There are photos of the original family and photos with all of the great grandchildren! And a photo of my original family with the grandkids there too!

Also we got to meet my cousin Riki's new beau Darryl! He was such a nice guy and it was lovely to meet him!

It certainly was a day I will never forget!

We love you Opa!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

behind bars

7 Months Today

Caroline, where did the last 7 months go? They have just flown by!

You know how to do so many things already!

Pull yourself across the floor
eat cereal and veggies
stand up with assistance
make your brother and sisters smile
make us smile
make us laugh
take a bottle so Mom and Dad could have one night out together
sleep and nap so well

We know you are loved! And, when we see those dimples (just like your Daddy's) we just think you are the cutest!

Looking forward to your next months! We cannot believe that in May you will be 1 already! I wonder what kind of party we will throw for you! All I know is that it will be very fun for everybody!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

more eats

Caroline tried sweet potato today for the first time! She loved it! She opens up her mouth so wide to receive the goods on the baby spoon! I don' t remember ANY of the other kids doing that! Maybe I just forgot! So, sweet potato...check!

Next we try squash, then carrots! (thanks Cynthia ;D)

I realized today that I do require more bibs! They are wearing out! Maybe a good Christmas gift for Caroline!!

snow is melting!

I am glad to see the snow melting! We are going a little (well OK A LOT) stircrazy in this house!!!!! We have been home for 3/4 school days this week. I am sure school will be back in tomorrow! Yipee! Happy Fridaay!

The kids have torn apart the house, and really I could care less. It can all be put back together tonight.

I personally cannot wait until bedtime. Catie did not nap today, and Caroline slept for very little. Makes for a couple (or 5) crankpots!! Oh, how my head throbs! I have had a headache all day long! Sleep will cure that.

I miss running too. I am hoping to go out with our group on Sunday morning for an 8k! That will be pure relief!

Monday, November 27, 2006

the gift

You've know you all have received a bad gift.

Think back to that gift...remember that gift. It was the most BRUTAL gift you or your loved one has received EVER!

How do you deal with that lovely gift? I know I always have to write a thank you note! What ever happened to that gift? How did you get rid of it? Did you keep it, is it still in your closet? Do you take a photo with it, mail it off to the person who sent it, and then get rid of it?

You know you have to write a thank you note like this:

Dear Jane,

Thank you so much for finding the most unique little boy's outfit I have ever seen! My son will look like the perfect little man in that outfit. I cannot wait until he fits into it! You chose the PERFECT shade for him!

I really appreciate your thought and care you have placed into finding this gift for our son.

Lovely to see you again!



Even though you want to write something like:

Dear Jane,

Am I really supposed to thank you for the ugliest outfit I have ever seen in my life? And what makes you think my son would look good in that number? Thank you but no thank you. There is no way I am EVER going to put my son in this *TERRIBLE outfit. And why would you think he would even wear that?

I have never ever seen YOUR kid in an "outfit" like that.

I am dumping this outfit into a garbage bag, and tossing it into the ocean. I hope it NEVER surfaces again. If it does, I will make sure it ends up on your doorstep! SO your son can wear it.

Now, I have to spend my precious time and send it off to the local charity. Do yo really think THEY want it? Are you nuts? Why would you subject us to this gift?

Have you ever heard of gift cards? or my gift registry?

Thanks for nothing!


*insert your choice words here!

My Fab 5!

Here is our latest photo of the 5 kids...this was one of the best of about 15 tries! Catie was the one one who couldn't sit still!

Caroline's Check Up (Almost 7 months!)

Well, we had another power outage. This time, it lasted 9 hours. Yes, 9 long hours. Power came on around 2 pm! 4 hours earlier than BC Hydro stated on their emergency line!

We still made it to Caroline's appointment even with all of this snow!

She was overdue for her immunizations. She had 3 needles in her legs and boy did she let the doctor know she was not happy! Thankfully we are done now until she is 1 year old, and then at almost 19 months she will have her last set until she hits Kindergarten! She screamed and she was strong.
Miss Caroline weighed in today at a hefty and healthy 17 lbs. 11 oz! She was in the 75th percentile for head, height and weight!

So, Caroline is a happy and healthy gal!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Caroline in Action

Here is Miss Mae Mae in action! She is now getting up into a crawl position! So exciting!

Go Caroline Go!

Let it Snow

We cannot believe how much snow has fallen here! The kids are LOVING the snow. How lovely!

Annual Christmas Party Weekend

This year and last year...

Cliff and I had a nice night away on Saturday night. We drove in the snow there and back to Richmond! We upgraded to a luxurious suite that had a wonderful king size bed! It was hard to get Cliff to stop snoring as he was so far away from me lol.

We didn't win any prizes this year, but we still had a fun time at the Casino night. I hung out with Mrs. Merriman and Mrs. McNeil most of the night! We played Blackjack. That was my first time playing that at this party in 5 years.

We shipped 2 kids to Nannie and Pappa's for the night, and 3 stayed at home with the in-laws. Caroline did AWESOME. My chest however, did not do so well. I was very engorged which made for an uncomfortable night, even in the down filled feather bed and duvet. Oh well. I still managed to sleep in until 9 am! That was a treat, but we did go to bed around 2:30 am. I would say a gin and tonic is my new drink! Oh yes, I had many drinks! And I enjoyed them ALL!

Dinner was nice, and so were the desserts. Yummy. No dancing this year, maybe next year eh!

I am happy to report to those who care, Cliff and I just slept FYI. We can promise there will be no more Christmas Party babies lol. So, you can all sleep easy tonight.