Friday, August 31, 2007

Caroline, sweet Caroline

My little Caroline has a thing for all things that she shouldn't touch (or eat). Lets take this morning for example:

Today I found her with a plastic bowl that was left in the backyard overnight (left out by one of the siblings yesterday). Yes, and in the bowl were the remains of a snail. Yes, Miss Caroline had eaten a snail. It was all over her little face! I took her in and washed her up, and offered her water. I guess she needed the protein, and perhaps will enjoy many delicacies in the future! Like escargot!!

Eaten or played with:
  • Catie poop
  • Raccoon poop
  • Raw snails
  • Dirty diapers
  • Items out of the garbage
  • Scraps from the floor
  • Pee pee diapers
  • toilet bowls
  • anything that looks edible, she goes for it!

Got to love a toddler!

Friday already?!

Well, I cannot believe that we are at the end of the summer vacation already. I cannot believe how fast these 10 weeks have passed us by. Tonight, I will have completed my back to school shopping. I have found it much nicer to do it in stages. I take some kids along, and then leave a few at home. Cliff really likes that too, and the kids get a bit more time with us which is a good thing. Makes it more enjoyable for all concerned!

On Wednesday night I bought for Claire and exchanged skirts for Carly. They are set for school! We made a nice night of it, and brought Nonna along and we had dinner at the local Spot. That was a nice treat.

Yesterday, the three older kids had their back to school haircuts which look great! Nice and polished for back to school. Claire got a blonde hair extension, and Carly a purple one. Tucked in and under so the colour just pokes out from under their cuts. OK, when I was 6 and when I was 5 I never would have imagined having that as an option. I have been going to my hair stylist for about 4 plus years. And now she does the kids' hair. So, she treats them. Well I can be thankful they are not tattoos! Wash off ones are fine. Real ones, not so fine for my kids lol.

Tonight it is Cameron's turn for the rest of his shopping. I will take him to dinner and then shoe shopping for his inside shoes and his regular shoes. I asked him if he needs any pants for school this year, and he said I don't want pants. So for now. He will continue to wear his shorts, and when the weather has changed we will make our purchases then.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

10 kids, 2 boys, 8 girls and 2 babies in 2 bellies!

How does that work? Well, you go and have a play date with a friend that has almost the same family as you! That is how it breaks down!

I have a lovely friend Lisa (same age as me too!), and she has 5 kids (1 boy, and 4 girls) and 1 on the way due, 5 days after me. Our first kids (both boys) go to school together, and have known each other since preschool. And, 2nd borns (both girls) go to school together, and then we both have our 3, 4, and 5th girls. But in different years, and she had twin girls for her last pregnancy/delivery, and right now I have the youngest child, (Caroline) Our last kids will go to school together in the same year too! Gotta love that.

I love hanging out with her family, as our kids love hanging out with their family! It is so nice to be able to talk to a friend who has the same issues, and dilemma's and busy factor that I have everyday! We can totally relate to each-others lives. This is our first visit of the summer, but a lovely one at that. We have just been too busy to all get together!!

We talked about toilet training, our pregnancies, what we might be having, how that might affect the other kids and so on! What teachers the kids might get! Managing 5 kids with a belly etc. And just the people management we go through every day. It is always a pleasure when I am with her! Lisa even was there to watch my last delivery of Caroline! We are really close.

Anyways, so imagine next summer. There will probably be 2 boys, 10 girls, and 2 moms. That is how we see it anyways. We both thought we were having our bookends, but now we both feel we are having girls again! After all, we have the same family lol!! We will no doubt have the same sex again!

And, watching all the kids play together today was a delight! I cannot wait until our babies come!! Maybe we will have our last babies together on the same day! I could happen!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Another summer weekend has passed, and one more weekend to go until we are back to school. I cannot believe I will have 2 kids in full-time school, and one in half days. Where do the years go? I know the kids are very excited to go back to their friends, find out who their teachers will be.

We had a busy weekend, but a good one. A BBQ on Saturday afternoon, and yesterday we took the two little girls out a bit of errand running, checked out a large tent trailer. Our little girls got two pairs of new shoes each. Now, we just need to buy for Cameron and Claire for school. I find it is easier to go in teams, rather than all at once. The girls are easy to buy for, but my son, he is a different story! He is more picky about how his shoes fit and feel on his feet. Hopefully it will be smooth. This year, three pairs of indoor shoes for school for three kids. I now will have a two year break before Catie enters grade school!

We are pretty much ready for school. We have backpacks for all, Carly got hers for a birthday gift, and lunch kit too. And of course the others have them from previous years. We are pretty much ready in the clothing department. Maybe a few things for Claire, but for now all of the summer clothing will do. I am sure the weather will be nice right into October this year. When I need too, I will pull out the clothing bin, and switch out the summer to the fall and winter in the kids' closets.

We are quickly crossing items off our forever growing to do list. We have back fence going in, gutters being replaced, a toilet to re-do upstairs and a bit of painting to finish in a few areas of the house. And of course, baby prep!

We have more birthdays coming up too. Cliff and Catie's are coming up really fast, and then my father in laws. Then, all of the October birthdays coming! September and October are busy around here! I know the months will go fast. We are also looking forward to having Aunty Amy sleep over for a couple of nights in September! The kids are so excited!

I have already drawn up my Christmas list. I plan on getting all of that done by the end of September! I want to be completely done early so that when baby shows up, we will be good to just rest up before Christmas holidays etc. Such a busy time.

Well, I am going to enjoy this last week of summer vacation. We have a couple of play dates set up to break up the week. And, we are in full swing with our house rules, earlier (school bedtime) and earlier rise time so that we will be prepared for the first day of school! I pride myself on being on time! There will be no lates on the report cards!! EVER!

I cannot believe how fast the past nine weeks have gone by. It has been a lovely summer. Next summer there will be six kids! Yippee!

Carly's 5th Birthday Photos

Carly's Choice: Green Apple Gelato in a Green Cone!

I am FIVE! And I am at Starbucks having a treat with Mom and Dad!

When you have a large family, you have an instant party! Thanks to Nanny and Papa for giving us the time to go out with Carly, and for the fabulous party hats! Cameron helped too! Very festive for a fifth don't you think! You also get lots of gifts with you have four other siblings that buy for you ;D

And of course, Lemon pie for dessert. Carly's choice, and it was the pefect ending after a choice of pizza for dinner!

Carly and her hat!

This is for you Alyson! And for all of my friends with more than the "normal" size family! Please just change the number to whatever suits your fancy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It doesn't get any easier!

One would think, that after potty training 3 kids, that the 4th would be easier. But, as I have discovered. I think potty training is frustrating. Catie, is our 4th to go through it, and it is not going very well. She does pee on the toilet now, but poops nope. NO WAY! Only in her pants. Not very fun. But hey. We are trying. We do not get frustrated, we talk about the poop that goes plop in the toilet. We play it up, about being a big girl. But to no avail, it is not working YET.

She is still two, and turning three on the 9th of September. So, I know there is hope. We even pulled her out of preschool as they need to be toilet trained. So, I will re-register her for next September when she will be 4 years old. No pressure.

Well, so far we had the 4.5 down, and 2 more to go. Not bad, not bad. I swear Caroline at 15 months will be trained faster than all of the kids. She says poo poo, and belly and tells us when she has poop in her diaper! And, she sits on the little plastic potty too! So, here is to hoping. This baby inside...well, only time will tell.

When did the other kids train? I cannot remember as I think I blocked all of this out lol. Cameron was around 3 or 3 1/2, Claire was around 3. As was Carly.

All I can say, is thank you for Folex carpet cleaner, and patience!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Carly is 5 tomorrow...

Wearing Mommy's shoes!

Spiderman! She loved wearing this costume!!

Carly at 2.5

In my purse (AGAIN) and wearing my lipstick!!

Carly at age 4 (almost 5)

Carly, you are such a strong girl, with a sense of your self. You know what you want, and you go after it! You love to bounce on the trampoline. You love skirts and dresses, and when you grow up you want to be a cowgirl! You are fascinated by horses and animals. You keep telling us you are going to have a purple motorcycle and you want cowboy boots!

You have brought so much into our lives Carly, and we are so thankful for you. You have the worlds biggest smile and we love how you give us the biggest hugs! And, you brush your teeth so well too! You are a super girl! We look forward to watching you grow up further, and start Kindergarten this year! We know how excited you are, and we know you are going to enjoy every minute of it! We love you sweet sunflower! xo

My Summer Sunflower Carly

Pregnant with Carly in 2002. I was 30 years old.
Just the three of us in the hospital on her first day of life!

Back at home as a family of 5! Claire was about 18 months, and Cameron had just turned 3!

Our little girl Carly, just days old!

Carly at 2.5 years old, and I just love this photo of her!

TSBM 3 2007

Carly's Fave!

Today, I took Claire to go shopping for Carly who turns 5 tomorrow! Claire helped pick 4 wonderful presents for their sister! She did a great job, and stood in line while I picked out a card for Carly. In total we spent 23 dollars. Good buys we think. I cannot believe my little girl is growing up, and heading off to Kindergarten this September. It seems like just yesterday she was born, and here she is growing into a wonderful young girl before our eyes!

Cameron is having a sleep over with his Nanny and Pappa, and so it is just the girls (and Cliff tonight) he will come home tomorrow and celebrate with Carly and the family. Carly wants to have pizza (just like Cameron lol) and lemon meringue pie instead of cake! All 5 of the kids would easily suck on a lemon or a lime as a treat!

So, Carly is in bed and having her last sleep as a four year old, and tomorrow afternoon at 1:34 she officially becomes a five year old! Sweet dreams four year old! Many wishes for a wonderful fifth year! We love you!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mud Pies...good for the skin...

not so good for the laundry, and the laundry pile. It looks like I will be doing a bit more laundry today. Right now I have 3 big loads to fold on the bed. But, it will get done before I get to bed with Cliff.

My kids were creating mud pies and magical creations out of garden dirt today. I will just say that Catie got to wear some of it, and I had to put her into the tub. Let's just say, she had a mud bath! Caroline received a deluxe facial and hand treatment too.

Hmmm. Next time I should hop in too. I have never had a mud bath come to think of it! Ahh.

Spa treatments right in our own back yard!

2 minute soup?

Not exactly. I tried to get lunch on the table today. We had a busy morning. Sold a crib, sold a bedroom set. Waited for the people to pick up and then go.

Cameron got the noodle soup (kids' choice) and tried to start making it. Well, things happen when I try to get the soup on the stove!

I started at around 11:15 am.

  • Catie grabs box, hides in my office and opens a packet and soup noodles are all over the office
  • I am trying to get the dishwasher unloaded as I wait for the pot to boil.
  • I drag vac out and get Claire to vac for me.
  • Catie goes into a time out
  • I get soup into the pot
  • set timer
  • go check on the vac job happening in the office
  • Dishwasher is now finished
  • Add extra noodles to the soup already on the stove (no sense in wasting the open package)
  • Put vac hose away
  • get cups out for cup of soup
  • Stir soup and make sure it is ready
  • Get out ladle and get soup into cups for the kids
  • Make 5 sandwiches for the kids
  • Cut up apples! (thank goodness for my Pampered Chef apple corer and slicer!!)
  • serve lunch - Time 11:55 am.

The box lied, the soup took almost an hour to get onto the table! Better late than never!

Well, at least the lunch was a hit! There was hardly any waste today!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Competitive Birthing

There is a new term out there that I have just heard today. It is called competitive birthing.

I didn't know that would even be something people would talk about, but according to the stats ONLY I have been a competitive birther since 2004 when I had my fourth baby. This article indicates that four is, in fact, the new two, in large part because women are becoming "competitive birthers", gestating and delivering as many children as they can in order to keep up with the Joneses!

Wow! I can happily say I do not fit this definition of a competitive birther, but I do know several women that do just that.

I would not have kids just to keep up with other families or to have my kids as little trophies!!

If I felt the need to do that, I would feel that is the wrong way to bring a child into the world. And then, I would have to have many more children to keep up with Mrs. Duggar!! My poor body could not handle so many more kids! My six have done a number on my body already.

All of our children are wanted and loved! As I am sure so are Mr. & Mrs. Duggar's kids. ;D

Anyways, I just thought I would throw this info out there! I found the articles to be very interesting and certainly opened up my eyes.

So, who is going for number seven?? Sorry, that will not be us! We are sticking with our six!! you go ahead!! We are sticking at a nice even number!

We went on a date yesterday!

Well, we have finally found a lovely babysitter for our kids. The kids loved her, and she loved them. And, we know her Mom which is even better! So, immediately the kids felt at ease.

Cliff and I do not get out much as just husband and wife. And, when we do we are usually running around madly doing errands and shopping etc.

So, yesterday afternoon we had this lovely sitter come over for three hours to be with the kids. We just left our house after doing our tour and rules and regs etc. We hopped into the vehicle and started to head towards a favourite gyro place, and then, ring ring goes Cliff's work cell phone. He had to go to work to take care of an intersection with red flashers. So, we turned around and headed out that way.

Time was a ticking away, so after the job was done we headed to the local White Spot there. We were seated in a nice booth, and behind Cliff was a lovely waterfall. We had a burger (just like the days of old!) and I had yummy sweet potato fries with a chipotle dip. (Cliff was jealous lol, but I shared with him.)

After we ate, we really didn't have much time left so we headed back home and stopped in the local Starbucks for a nice drink and a dessert. And, then back home to reality.

Even though the date did not go as planned, it was still a lovely three hours away, I saw my man in action at work and felt very proud of who he has become! And happy that he is happy with his position! We held hands, and reconnected for that time. We made the most of the situation! It was still fun!

When when we got home. We were more energetic and happy to see the kids! It was lovely to have the kids run up to us. The kids also told us that they want us to go out this Sunday AGAIN. That is how much they loved this sitter! We couldn't be happier.

I don't know when our next date night will be, but I look forward to that time with my hubby. It was so needed. Today we are all happier! That is a good thing! For now I will think back to yesterday!

We discussed when the last time we actually had a sitter, and that would have been Gil, when we did Crash Test Mommy in the first season back in 2004 when I was pregnant with my last baby Catie ;D

Well, and yes we got away to a hotel for 2 glorious night when I was in my last trimester with my last baby Caroline ;D

That was a good two days and I remember it like it was yesterday, but now that baby is 15 months old now lol.

I am hoping to get away for a couple of nights in October too ;D

Any sitters out there?! I really want to see the Titanic Display on the island!! Please Please Please Aunties and Grandparents?!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's

...a CF18 Hornet or a very fast plane according to Cliff. Today, requested by our kids to take a drive to Abbotsford to see if we could see any planes flying! And oh boy, oh boy did we EVER! We all quickly jumped out of the van and stood by the Tradex Centre for OPTIMAL viewing! IT was like the show was just for us! It came that close to us!

That plane was so cool, and the whole family had different reactions! I felt like we were watching top gun (one of my favourite movies of all time!) and I was so impressed with the sounds, the maneuvers and just the speed! Cliff got goosebumps and felt like a child again, Claire loved watching the plane and didn't plug her ears. Carly cried as she was scared of how very loud the plane was when it flew by. Catie, she stuck to my chest, and I covered her ear that was exposed. Caroline, stuck to Daddy's chest but was not scared. She just kept looking. The baby in my belly was moving all about! It was a very exciting day at the Air Show. Next year we are talking about going with Cliff, Pappa, Grandpa, Cameron and Claire. Possibly Carly if she can get past the noise! We definitely will want to wear ear plugs. And we definitely want to put this as our top priority for next summer! Cameron wanted to go back there so badly! I wonder if we have a little air cadet in our future, or possibly a pilot. He was very excited.

(To backtrack a bit, we took a drive to the airport last night after dinner to see if we could see the Snowbirds and we could, and we saw a whole different bunch of planes sitting on the tarmac. It was very cool!!)

We then took a drive around Abby, and on the freeway back home we saw another few planes and they were very fast and loud! In fact, when we were back home and Cliff was washing the vehicles. We could here them over here.

Who knows, tomorrow we could be going back to watch!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

when you see this...

Flying above you in the same formation, how can your day be bad anymore!
That was such a great walk home today!!
The Snowbirds flew right over us! In that same formation!! They must be practicing for the Abbotsford Air Show! We got a free show! And boy was it loud!



It has been one of the days when the kids are not listening one bit, nothing has worked out the way I wanted the day to go. I feel like all I have done is yell and scream and I am sure the neighbours are wondering about me today.

Catie is potty training (no I did not yell at her about that) and today we have had a MEGA poop accident, and then after a shower for her and a clean pair of clothing a pee accident at the kitchen table right after I was making lunch, and then my big girls inform me who are 4 and 6 had "accidents" too. I just cannot believe the day I am having! I has gone from bad to worse. Then, to go into TWO bathrooms and find wads of toilet paper or tissues soaked in the sink. GRGHHH.

Right now I have the most gross load of laundry in the washer, and I hope everything comes clean...the clothing and the machine.

I feel that everything that I have done, has come undone. Tomorrow is a new day. I seriously cannot wait until bedtime. Thankfully Catie has taken to her new bed very well. I think we can take the crib down tonight. Hopefully potty training will be a success! She will not nap on her bed which is really unfortunate for me ;D for her she is enjoying that new found freedom.

Well, I need to go feed my self now that Caroline is napping and the kids are quiet for the moment.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Big Girl Bed!!

Here is the old bed!

Here is the old/new to Catie bed! We got bed rails finally that fit, we got some plywood for the base and a new mattress! We talked about it alot!

Here is our sleeping beauty in her new big girl bed! We are so proud of how she fell asleep tonight! Nothing like her two big sisters! She only had to be put back in twice! Good job Catie! Sweet Dreams! And, many more big sleeps for you!! (fyi Catie just started jumping out of her crib in the last 2 days!! She will be 3 on September 9th, and this is the LONGEST any of our kids have slept in a crib!!!)

Caroline in her new carseat! (FINALLY!)

Here is our happy and sweet Caroline today at just over 15 months! We finally went out and bought a carseat for her! She loved it!! All of the kids helped her with it!

Here is my view of the five kids in the back!!

Can you believe we can get one more in there!!! O yes we can!!

Cameron's 8th Birthday Celebration

Opening gifts from his family members!
A photo of the three of us before heading out on our Birthday afternoon!

Cameron wanted to go to the real Fort, and here he is on the lookout overlooking the Fraser River. So off we went! Before that we went to de Dutch for breakfast/late lunch, went to Chapters for books, then to the toy store in the fort to get another robot for his collection, off to a gelato place for gelato waffle cone and to the Fort!

Here Cameron got a lesson from Mr. Yale who lived in the big house. He learned all about the way life was for the rich, and for the poor! Look at all of those dishes! Good china for Mr. Yale. And, Cameron got a peek into a "treasure" box that held lots of interesting goodies, like cutlery, whistles made of acorn tops, flags, games and music makers! It was a very interesting time indeed! Thank you Mr. Yale!

And, back at home again. The birthday child always gets to pick dinner of their choice. Part of their special day. Cameron chose PIZZA. And, the girls on our TSBM (top secret birthday mission) chose an ice cream cake with Shrek and the gang on it! It was a hit, and it was delish! We had a lovely birthday day! Only 13 more days until we celebrate Carly's 5th! Here comes another TSBM!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

let's start at the very beginning...Cameron

Cameron 2 days old still in the hospital.

My favourite photo of Father and Son taken at the hospital! The two wonderful men in my life!

A family photo on the day Cameron was born back on August 3rd 1999,

and Mommy only has eyes for her newborn son!

Mom and son, taken on the first day home from the hospital in his nursery!

My little man Cameron who will be 8 on August 3rd.

Taken in his last month of being 7! When you wake up tomorrow you will be one year older and we cannot wait to celebrate. Wow, how we love you Mister Cameron!

Another TSBM...

TSBM=Top Secret Birthday Mission and today we shopped for Cameron (my original baby boy) turns eight tomorrow at 7:02 pm.

At the top of the year, we decided it was time to have the kids shop and buy something very small, but something that the birthday child would love. We started in February for Claire who turned six. A gift from one sibling to another. So, tonight I took out Claire and Carly to go shop for Cameron. Claire picked out something special from her, and from Caroline, and Carly picked out something special from her and from Catie. We all agree that Cameron will be very happy with his gifts. Gifts from the heart!

Another tradition we started was probably when our kids turn three, we both take the day off and spend a few hours with the birthday child ALONE! Two parents for one child! They LOVE it and so do we. Usually my parents or my in-laws give us that gift of sitting for us so we can do that!

So, tonight is Cameron's last night as a seven year old, and tomorrow he will be an eight year old! Time flies. Eight years ago today we were DINKS, and we had no clue what parenthood meant. We had our ideals, and our hopes and dreams for our baby. We had a super busy long weekend, we had an open house, we had an anniversary party and we visited a friend in the hospital. Little did we know, that that evening (a Monday night--well EARLY Tuesday morning)August 3rd, 1999 that my water would break when trying to climb into bed all uncomfortable. That was at 1:00 am. I know I will be asleep at that time tonight. But it is fun to remember back to those days! He came into our lives early! 19 days early in fact, and he was a dream come true, and a wonderful little boy who graced us with love and happiness into our family! A boy was a new thing for all of us who were used to girls. To this day, I love him so fiercely. He is a wonderful little boy whom I treasure every moment. Every day he grows taller and smarter and I am so proud of the boy he has become!

Today, my littlest baby Caroline (for now) turned 15 months.

I look forward to our next TSBM for Carly who turns 5 on the 19th! We are in full birthday mode around here!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

10 kids...all 7 and under!

Well, not all my kids of course. But, it was certainly chaotic, but a lot of fun. Let me explain how I had those numbers today.

Today, is August 1st, and we had a big play date at our home today which included lunch for 4 mom ma's and 10 kids. 5 were mine, and the other 5 were friends our ours. Cynthia, with Ben. Jasmyne with her boys Tyler and Logan and Gillian with her daughters Santana and Ava.

We had a good time, the kids played (fought, hit, screamed, cried, pouted and everything else in between!) and we all had lunch together. The adults at the picnic table, and the kids at the kids table. Jasymne made yummy (healthy) muffins and yummy blueberries that everybody ate, I provided iced tea, bottled water, roll ups of all sorts, chips and salsa. Gillian brought a yummy veggie plate with dip and grapes. And Cynthia brought blueberry cake (and we did not eat it!!!! darn it) does that mean I get to eat that tonight?!

They did chalk, they played on the swing set, they did all sorts of fun stuff together. It was a very enjoyable day. I enjoy the days when I can have friends over and just relax and chat (sort of!!) and watch the kids have fun together. Claire made a new friend Santana. And Claire also watched over baby Ava (almost 4 months old) and so did Carly! Such little Mommas in the making! Logan enjoyed opening and closing the screen door, and Catie wanted to keep him away from the screen door! Ben really wanted to be on the swing!!

I had a lovely afternoon. Caroline crashed in her crib before lunch, and Catie did not nap today. I was certainly tired but I got to put my feet up on the couch for a bit. All of the kids hung around and were totally mellow and tired from all of that yummy lunch and play.

I look forward to doing that again soon!

I totally confirmed to my self that six kids will be just the right amount! When you take 5 kids away the house is very quiet lol! 10 kids is a bit too much for me to handle all at once, especially all being 7 and under!

Six is going to be a lovely even number! Can't wait to see who will be joining our family!!