Monday, August 13, 2007

Competitive Birthing

There is a new term out there that I have just heard today. It is called competitive birthing.

I didn't know that would even be something people would talk about, but according to the stats ONLY I have been a competitive birther since 2004 when I had my fourth baby. This article indicates that four is, in fact, the new two, in large part because women are becoming "competitive birthers", gestating and delivering as many children as they can in order to keep up with the Joneses!

Wow! I can happily say I do not fit this definition of a competitive birther, but I do know several women that do just that.

I would not have kids just to keep up with other families or to have my kids as little trophies!!

If I felt the need to do that, I would feel that is the wrong way to bring a child into the world. And then, I would have to have many more children to keep up with Mrs. Duggar!! My poor body could not handle so many more kids! My six have done a number on my body already.

All of our children are wanted and loved! As I am sure so are Mr. & Mrs. Duggar's kids. ;D

Anyways, I just thought I would throw this info out there! I found the articles to be very interesting and certainly opened up my eyes.

So, who is going for number seven?? Sorry, that will not be us! We are sticking with our six!! you go ahead!! We are sticking at a nice even number!


LauraC said...

That is plain crazy, I guess some people feel the need to be supermom?

I hope no one tries to have triplets to one-up me. :) They will be very sorry they did that!

Cathy said...

Laura: I know, it is very weird concept to grasp! I think ANY mom, with one or seventeen is a supermom! Especially Mom's of twins ;D


Alyson said...

o.k I have to myself anyway because every day I consider having a fourth.
I don't really want to be pregnant again but a tiny part of me loves the attention I get when I take three to the grocery store. I love the admiration I get when mom's take one look at me and wonder how I have three such well behaved kids and they wonder ''how I do it''.

That is just wrong I know, but I do kind of like the attention.

O.K and the fact that I would love four kids....and NO I could not have 17!!!!!

Allyson said...

Well people have been keeping up the Jones for years, but that's the first I've ever heard of that nonsence. Some people sure have a screw loose to go for that one. Our family "Jones" sure aren't keeping up with you aye honey bunch? And I know they are darned delighted with their two little fellows, and wouldn't they?, they are as cute as little buttons.

Cathy said...

Alyson: I think you would do great with four kids! And an nice even number, but 3 kids in a photo look great too! Interior design uses items in odd numbers! I guess I screwed that up by having a sixth lol.

I could not do 17 kids either! But I admire those that can!

Cathy said...

Mom: I know, isn't that crazy! I was like wow, there is a name for that!?!

The Jones' have 2 beautiful boys!

Alyson said...

ha! I forgot about the odd number looking better thing. Well there you more kids for us :)
It's all about the photos after all :)

Babzy said...

Me plus one kid was a nice even number, too.