Wednesday, August 01, 2007

10 kids...all 7 and under!

Well, not all my kids of course. But, it was certainly chaotic, but a lot of fun. Let me explain how I had those numbers today.

Today, is August 1st, and we had a big play date at our home today which included lunch for 4 mom ma's and 10 kids. 5 were mine, and the other 5 were friends our ours. Cynthia, with Ben. Jasmyne with her boys Tyler and Logan and Gillian with her daughters Santana and Ava.

We had a good time, the kids played (fought, hit, screamed, cried, pouted and everything else in between!) and we all had lunch together. The adults at the picnic table, and the kids at the kids table. Jasymne made yummy (healthy) muffins and yummy blueberries that everybody ate, I provided iced tea, bottled water, roll ups of all sorts, chips and salsa. Gillian brought a yummy veggie plate with dip and grapes. And Cynthia brought blueberry cake (and we did not eat it!!!! darn it) does that mean I get to eat that tonight?!

They did chalk, they played on the swing set, they did all sorts of fun stuff together. It was a very enjoyable day. I enjoy the days when I can have friends over and just relax and chat (sort of!!) and watch the kids have fun together. Claire made a new friend Santana. And Claire also watched over baby Ava (almost 4 months old) and so did Carly! Such little Mommas in the making! Logan enjoyed opening and closing the screen door, and Catie wanted to keep him away from the screen door! Ben really wanted to be on the swing!!

I had a lovely afternoon. Caroline crashed in her crib before lunch, and Catie did not nap today. I was certainly tired but I got to put my feet up on the couch for a bit. All of the kids hung around and were totally mellow and tired from all of that yummy lunch and play.

I look forward to doing that again soon!

I totally confirmed to my self that six kids will be just the right amount! When you take 5 kids away the house is very quiet lol! 10 kids is a bit too much for me to handle all at once, especially all being 7 and under!

Six is going to be a lovely even number! Can't wait to see who will be joining our family!!


Allyson said...

Oh baby, your day sounded just delightful. Sunshine and children and friends and food equals happiness!

Anonymous said...

Six plus you and Cliff make eight. Sounds like a good number. Didn't there used to be a TV show called Eight is Enough?

Cathy said...

Babzy: You are correct...I think I will start a new blog about it when baby is here, or The Crazy Eights...or something like that! How is your holiday going?

Momto2princes said...

We had a great time Cathy! Thanks for playing such a wonderful host! Tyler really loves your girls! (Cameron too!)