Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2 minute soup?

Not exactly. I tried to get lunch on the table today. We had a busy morning. Sold a crib, sold a bedroom set. Waited for the people to pick up and then go.

Cameron got the noodle soup (kids' choice) and tried to start making it. Well, things happen when I try to get the soup on the stove!

I started at around 11:15 am.

  • Catie grabs box, hides in my office and opens a packet and soup noodles are all over the office
  • I am trying to get the dishwasher unloaded as I wait for the pot to boil.
  • I drag vac out and get Claire to vac for me.
  • Catie goes into a time out
  • I get soup into the pot
  • set timer
  • go check on the vac job happening in the office
  • Dishwasher is now finished
  • Add extra noodles to the soup already on the stove (no sense in wasting the open package)
  • Put vac hose away
  • get cups out for cup of soup
  • Stir soup and make sure it is ready
  • Get out ladle and get soup into cups for the kids
  • Make 5 sandwiches for the kids
  • Cut up apples! (thank goodness for my Pampered Chef apple corer and slicer!!)
  • serve lunch - Time 11:55 am.

The box lied, the soup took almost an hour to get onto the table! Better late than never!

Well, at least the lunch was a hit! There was hardly any waste today!


Momto2princes said...

What crib and bedroom set did you sell?

Sounds like a fun morning at your house!

Cathy said...

I sold the little pine crib that Catie slept in. I want to buy a brand new white crib for Caroline or the new baby...

if it is a boy. He will sleep in our light wood crib.

The bedroom set was an old pine one...

Allyson said...

This darling is why you are blessed with an abundance of children-your wonderful sense of humour! I love you babes. xxxooo

Babzy said...

Chicken Noodle Soup... YUM!

***********Dawn*********** said...


I think I have tried that soup before! With so much commotion I am surprised your head does not spin...I know mine would be! Hang in there.