Saturday, February 28, 2009

With this ring...

I feel blessed today, because I haven't been able to wear my wedding rings because they slide right off. So, today my Mom-In-Law said come take a look in my jewel box. And low and behold, her original  gold wedding ring fits me like it was made for me. So thank you Mom. You have made my day (and Cliff's day too...saves him money LOL)

So, I am happy to look 'married' and it pretty much matches Cliff's ring. I think that is wonderful, don't you!

Photobooth | Fun with my kids

New Hair

Sorry quality is not so great. I used my photobooth. I WAY darkened my hair (and kept the front panel my 'Cathy' blonde) 

What do you think?! Be honest please. Honesty matters!! 

So, I updated my look a bit. Do you think it is good enough for TV? 
More on that on Monday.

Happy Weekend everybody!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick update...

Life is busy busy busy. That is to be expected. 

The kids are all good. We have snow today, and lots of ice. The big kids LOVE it. Me, not so much. I was over the snow, and now it is back.

I have some exciting stuff going on right now that is keeping me busy, but it will be good. Expect to hear about that on Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday {Claire}

Well, today my eldest daughter you are eight. It is hard to believe that eight years ago you surprised us with an early birth (24 days early to be exact!) You are girl who knows what you want, you are passionate. You love to help us in the kitchen. You LOVE watching cooking shows. You know how to flip pancakes, cut up veggies. You help change diapers, and love your little sisters. We couldn't be any more proud of you Claire. I cannot wait to see what cakes you create! I know they will be bold and amazing just like you! I know your creations reflect who you are inside. You are filled with passion Claire! We think that is so great. 

You are artistic, you colour boldly with bright colours. You draw happy images and you love to create things. You work hard in school, and you do your best! 

We have watched you from tiny little baby girl, to a beautiful young girl who has so much to offer the world. Claire, we know you are going to be successful, because you have a positive attitude, you care about others and you love everybody around you. We are proud of you because you help out in the special needs classroom, and you give everything your ALL! 

I love how you dance and sing. You know how to have a good time, and you do things the way you want to do them. We think it is fun that you love to wear your brothers shoes, you fashion outfits out of materials around the house. Like towels, blankets and even belts. Even wearing your night gown like a strapless dress, or tying the arms around your neck to make a cool fashion statement. We think it is even more fun when you help your little sisters do the same, and then model them for us. Even how you colour your nails with felts!  We also love seeing what hair styles you give yourself and your little sisters. 

We especially love how you smile at us! Your smiles are huge and welcoming. Never stop smiling. Let that beautiful inner light shine through!

We hope this year is full of fun eight year old things! It is so fun to watch you grow up!

Happy Birthday Claire

Love Mommy (and Daddy) xo

Monday, February 23, 2009

Eight tomorrow?

It is hard to believe that tomorrow my first born daughter (number 2 in the line up)  
Claire turns eight, and she cannot WAIT! 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Number Four

Today, I registered my fourth child Catie for Kindergarten. I am so happy for her, as I know she is excited to join the school with her sibs in September.  I think it is really awesome that for one year I will have four kids in school at the same time! Next year is Cameron's last year at the school. He moves onto middle school. I find it hard to believe that Catie was born on Cameron's Kindergarten intake meeting. And now here I am almost five fast years later...registering her for school. Cameron hits the 'double digits' in the summer! I remember being very excited about that. Now, not so much LOL.

I am fighting a cold, combine that with only 3 hours of sleep...not so great! I am exhausted. But good.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Happens

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Well, I spend a few minutes in my office working. And, of course I come out and I find this!  And yes, we all worked together to clean it up! We are very good at cleaning up!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some happy for your weekend!

What life is like with five girls ages 7,6,4,2 and 1 (big brother was out swimming with his friend Jennifer) they now control our iTunes LOL.

Friday, February 13, 2009

13 years ago today

Today, marks 13 years (and today is the 13th of February) when Cliff and I went on our very first date. That first date we went to Milestones for dinner, and then we went to see the movie  'Sense and Sensibility.' The next day, was Valentines Day 1996 (and tomorrow will be our 13th Valentines together) and we went to the Flying Beaver (a local pub) for a fun evening.  We ended up leaving and heading to a vancouver bar and playing pool, and then eventually hanging out at Prospect Point in Vancouver's Stanley Park until something like 2 am in the morning (on a work night---remember those days!?) 

Last night, Cliff and I headed into downtown Vancouver to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to go to the Cultural Olympiad - Vancouver 2010 One-Year Countdown Celebration. This was an evening to celebrate the countdown of 365 days until the 2010 Olympics here in our hometown of Vancouver, BC Canada. This evening had many amazing sights and sounds (And we had great seats!!)  It was a great program that had all Canadian talent. It started with a Four Host First Nations drum dance, Joel Plaskett, Alberta Ballet that performed an excerpt from Joni Mitchell's (another very famous Canadian) "The Fiddle and The Drum", then we heard Adrian Anantawan on his violin (and he was born without his right hand!), Luke Doucet, and of course a very famous Canadian Sarah McLachlan. I would have to say Sarah was the highlight of our night. We have always wanted to see her in concert since the Lilith Fair days. She did not let us down. AMAZING. Her playlist was great, including two new songs, and old great songs like Ice Cream, Building a Mystery, Adia and many more! It was so incredible.

I felt extremely proud to be a Canadian yesterday, and I  cannot believe that yesterday marked 365 days until Vancouver 2010! If this was just a taste of what is to come, I cannot WAIT to see what the 2010 Olympics will be like. I encourage you to Google some of the links and listen to some of our Canadian Talent. I hadn't heard of any one of these artists (except for Sarah!) 

I would have to say on a side note, I was walking up the stairs from the long, very long washroom line up during a 20 minute intermission and guess who starts talking to me. Silken Laumann. She was talking about the bathroom line up, and how inspiring the ballet was. And, of course how exciting this whole evening was. She shook my hand, and introduced herself as Silken,  (and I was star-struck!!) and I introduced myself as Cathy (and then I introduced Cliff) and she shook his hand. If you are not sure who Silken is, well she is of course Canadian, and Canadian champion rower. Amazing person! So cool.

Wow, it was beautiful night. And it was so wonderful to spend that evening with just me and my husband of almost 11 years. It was much needed, and much appreciated. Thanks Mom in Law for the sitting so we could get out for the evening. It is nights like this that have become so very important to us, to remember and cherish our love for each other. A night that allows us to be just Cathy and Cliff. Who cares if we ate at Burger was just for us.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

5 beds, 1 crib

Today the five beds were delivered. It took a good while to have them set up, and the old beds to be taken away. Tonight, all of the kids are sleeping soundly. Today, I washed lots of bedding, and I made 5 beds. It was worth it. Especially tonight after I got in from my run I asked Cliff how Caroline did in her first night of her bed. She did great! I was so happy to hear that. (We left her crib assembled in her room just in case) I went in to see all of the kids in their beds. They looked so peaceful and sweet. We are down to just one crib. I wonder how long Miss Coco will sleep in hers?! First kid, out by 1 year old. Second kid, didn't sleep much in her crib. Third kid...cannot remember. Fourth kid...cannot remember. Fifth kid...almost three. Six kid?! Who knows. 

Today, I made the girls that lunched at home, buns with cream cheese, and strawberry jam in sticking with my funk up February/Valentines plan. They loved it, right down to the heart napkins. 

We had gorgeous sunny day, so I called the school and let the kids know they could walk home together (strength in numbers) today I had free range kids. And I liked it. So did they (I watched them from the bedroom window) 

I may have to try that again!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Pink is my Favourite Colour!

Last night, I FINALLY got to use the polish that Cliff and I picked out for the kids' (well our girls') nails. In the spirit of February 2009, and making it feel good. I decided February 1st was a good time to start. So, I grabbed that polish and started painting. Four of the girls' - Claire, Carly, Catie and Caroline now have sheer pinkish sparkly fingernails and toenails. Most of them got 2 coats. They really enjoyed it. So did I. Although I didn't have time for this, I MADE time for this. It was worth it. It made them so happy, and in turn made me feel happy. 

And, on Wednesday we have FIVE new beds arriving. It is time to get rid of the old beds that we slept on etc. So, Cameron, Claire, Carly, Catie and Caroline will have brand new twin size mattresses and boxsprings on Wednesday night. 

First we took Cameron's bed apart (going to my Cousin's place for M) and then once the girls saw that Cameron was sleeping on the floor they wanted to too. So, down came the beds. And three of the kids slept on the floors in their rooms. It was so cute to see Claire and Carly with their mattresses pushed together. And when we went to check on them before we went to bed. They were side by side. I love that. Sisters. 

Caroline at age 2 (soon to be three beginning of May) will be getting her FIRST bed on Wednesday. She LOVES her crib, but the crib will be put away (hopefully to be used by somebody in the future) This leaves us with only one  child left in a crib. So, another first will happen this week for Caroline. And for us.

Hopefully her diapers will be next. She is so ready, but we are waiting for her to make the switch. We are hoping the bed will be the factor that helps with that transition.

Next I will be on the hunt for cute Valentine's Day t-shirts for the kids. I like buying them something special for the fun days. This is something I have recently started. It makes the kids happy, and in turn makes us happy. And what a great photo op for them ;D

Sunday, February 01, 2009

February will be Fine, February will be FINE!

I am almost afraid of February. I mean I love that my daughter Claire has her birthday, my MIL and I love the fact that around the Valentine's weekend that Cliff and I will have been 'together' for 13 years. So I love that. 

What I don't love is all the bad things that seem to fall in the month of February. I won't go into details, but usually it means sickness, diagnosis of sickness and death, and then more death. Not as happy as I would love, but that is the truth.

My hope is to keep this a February that is full of love, life and laughter! Light hearted, beautiful days ahead! I bought some happy Valentine's fridge magnets to remind my self that once upon a time that I really looked FORWARD to February, and not dreaded the month. Thankfully it is a short month, and then I remember last year when our dear cat Albert died on the leap year. I cannot believe how fast a year goes by. 

So, happy February to you all! I have been a busy woman, to the point where I just want to stop and do nothing. I had a lazy week last week. I didn't run. I didn't eat right. I felt grouchy, worn out and moody. I had a mole removed, 4 stitches put in. I have been fighting a weird painful stomach virus (so have some of the kids) and I cannot not lie, the last week has not been my best. Thankfully after a long run this morning I feel WAY better. A run is like therapy for me. So, I am glad I got back at it. It could have been very easy for me to quit.  This month will bring a few family challenges, that I will handle together with my husband. I am thankful I can depend on him when I need him the most.  

I am re-doing my office, and my bedroom is almost complete. I am looking forward to a start of photo sessions beginning next weekend, that go all the way until the end of June! So, that will be good for my creative side! I think I am missing that right now. So, that will be good to get back in the groove of my life.

So, day one of February! Woo hoo!