Wednesday, February 04, 2009

5 beds, 1 crib

Today the five beds were delivered. It took a good while to have them set up, and the old beds to be taken away. Tonight, all of the kids are sleeping soundly. Today, I washed lots of bedding, and I made 5 beds. It was worth it. Especially tonight after I got in from my run I asked Cliff how Caroline did in her first night of her bed. She did great! I was so happy to hear that. (We left her crib assembled in her room just in case) I went in to see all of the kids in their beds. They looked so peaceful and sweet. We are down to just one crib. I wonder how long Miss Coco will sleep in hers?! First kid, out by 1 year old. Second kid, didn't sleep much in her crib. Third kid...cannot remember. Fourth kid...cannot remember. Fifth kid...almost three. Six kid?! Who knows. 

Today, I made the girls that lunched at home, buns with cream cheese, and strawberry jam in sticking with my funk up February/Valentines plan. They loved it, right down to the heart napkins. 

We had gorgeous sunny day, so I called the school and let the kids know they could walk home together (strength in numbers) today I had free range kids. And I liked it. So did they (I watched them from the bedroom window) 

I may have to try that again!


Alyson said...

love love the your choice of pink by the way. You reminded me to change mine to a valentine one.

Allyson said...

Oh Wow, they walked home by themselves-that's huge-er than Caroline sleeping in a big girl bed, and that's BIG Caroline! You're little chicks are growing up momma. xxxooo

Carol Kerfoot said...

by themselves?

Cathy said...

All by themselves!! All three of them together!

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

You are a too cool mom!