Monday, July 30, 2007

Things I love about today!


I am living out the best days of my life right now!

I have 5 young kids, and my eldest still kisses and hugs me good night.

I have 2 in diapers, which gives me time to kiss little bellies and tickle little arm pits!

I have kids that do not require designer clothing, shoes or the latest Cd's or DVDs.

At night, I can go to bed easy knowing I just kissed all of them good night and they are safe in our home and not out partying with their friends.

I can have interesting conversations with my kids about just about anything

We can laugh a lot and still throw most of the kids up in the air and catch them!

They don't talk back (well some of them do already) but they know we mean business when we say no!

They are fun little people that we created!

We get to see the love between the siblings, and the close bonds that they are all forming with each other!

When they are scared we know they will come running our way to help them!

The don't know about the bad stuff in the world and the issues like global warming, but they love to recycle!

The kids know we love them no matter what, and they can count on us to help them at any time!

baby toenail and mosquito bites...

Yesterday, we were packing up the kids to go out to do some errands, and I slid my foot into my leather sandal and my little toenail caught the edge I guess and ripped the nail off on two sides; the left and the bottom. It is hanging on on the right side. I don't know what to do? cut it off? wait for it to fall off? will it grow back? how ugly is that!

And, last Wednesday I went for coffee in the evening in the Fort with my two friends Cynthia and Jasmyne and I got eaten alive by those skeeters! I have 12 bites all around my big bulgy "main vein" on my vein leg. (varicose veins) How gross. And so itchy!!! They got me also on my arm, my hip, and legs and even in the arch of my foot. I must have good blood or something! Do mosquitoes like negative blood? lol. Thankfully the itchy is gone! Just ugly red marks to remind me.

Anyways. That is all.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mr. Picasso Head

Here is a fun site I found whilst surfing the other day:

Create your own Picasso!

Have fun! Be sure to add yours to the gallery! Spread the word! Art is cool!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mom First?

Mom First, Husband Second and Kids Third?


Husband First, Kids Second and Mom Third?


Kids First, Husband Second and Mom Third?

I have been doing a lot of searching in the past couple of weeks about the role of a Mom in a family. How much should a Mom put herself ahead of her family, behind her family? Right in the middle of the family? How does a Mom find the balance of staying sane, and remembering who she is. And, not "losing" herself to motherhood? How does a Mom keep the balance between self and family?

Have you heard of this woman? Kathryn Sansone? According to Oprah, Kathryn Sansone has been called the "role model for motherhood." She is a wife and mother of 10 children, ranging in age from 8 months to 18 years. She’s not "Super Mom," but she does have an abundance of inspirational and practical tips to offer any woman who wants help finding time for herself, managing her family, and breathing life into her marriage.

Oprah is fascinated by this woman, who in my opinion maybe does "have it all" in front of the camera and on film, but does she really? I am going to buy her book, as from other reviews readers have said something is missing from her life. She doesn't really get into sharing her "real life" tips like laundry for 12 people, or tips and tricks for getting out the door.

So, I am going to do some research. She does seem to have it all. I find it also interesting that Oprah has no kids, and yet she has deemed this woman a "role model for motherhood." What are the characteristic of motherhood that would make one a role model? From what I am gathering it is having a wonderful family with lots of kids, a supportive husband, time to yourself, time to work out, time to work on your own self and hobbies. Date nights with the husband. Coffee dates every weekend And the ability to be organized, able to take care of your home and get all of the kids out the door on time etc. Is that all possible? I would say that something would have to give? I don't know if her life is all that?

I would love for Oprah to take a look at other Moms. Mom's that have even more kids than Sansone. Mom's that are REAL Moms. Moms in the trenches that don't have a fabulous home gym, Moms that have the extra flab, that cannot find the time to work out. To get babysitters to watch the kids. Or have the older kids of the family watch the younger kids so they can get out on a date. I don't find that realistic in my own life. Maybe it happens in your life? So, if any of you Mom's out there are reading this. Please comment! Do you put yourself first? your kids first? your husband first? What works for you? Have you found that balance?!

Talk amongst yourselves...I had to come out of hiding to blog about this! How is your summer going?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Taking a blogging break...

It has been a very busy summer,
and I need some time just with the family

If you want to get updates about our pregnancy, be sure to click on that link to your right that says My Pregnancy Blog!

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

fresh from our garden...

Basil! Tonight we had a lovely dinner! Pesto cheese ravioli and fresh crusty buns with yummy butter! It was so nice to eat something that grew in our ever-growing herb garden! It was delicious, and eaten out of white bowls with a rim, it felt like we had a gourmet meal right at home! Delish! Simple fare, but WONDERFUL!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Update

We got great news today, and tonight. The first great news is that my FIL has a clean bill of health! His scan, his scopes, testing today all came out FINE! He goes back in January for another round of tests! But he is HEALTHY and we are so thankful for that news! Now, it is back to work and his favourite...golfing! Yay Dad!

We also got a phone call today from my doc about the ultrasound I had on Tuesday! Our baby is completely healthy and growing well! Yay! We are so excited to meet this little one! Now, to pick a birthday!!

Our three eldest kids, Cameron, Claire and Carly are out camping with my Sis, Tyler and his daughter K! They have been gone for two nights so far, and tonight is their last night! All of the kids are enjoying their very first camping trip! We are so thankful for my Sis and Tyler for giving the kids this WONDERFUL experience! I really miss the kids, and I really look forward to their safe return tomorrow! I know Catie and Caroline really miss their presence!

On Wednesday, I drove the parental units and Catie and Caroline to April's place! We got to see their new place which is coming along so nicely! I am so excited to see the finished product! What a lovely place they will have! My Mom packed a lovely lunch and chocolate goodies! She made us tea, and Abby got to "play" with my two daughters; her cousins! It was great to see them interacting and I cannot wait until Abby and Caroline are a bit older and can run around together! That will be so neat! Thank you for a wonderful visit!! I had a great time, and so did the girls!

Today, I got the two gals down for a nap, and I ended up falling asleep too for about 1.5 hours! Which was divine! Yay for extra sleep! I needed it!

I am glad it is Friday tomorrow! I cannot wait to see the kids! It is very quiet around here, and has been rather EASY! (am I allowed to say that after my "Easy" rant?!) Yup...I can lol! It is my blog after all!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Day to Our American Friends!

I just wanted to wish you all a happy fourth of July!
Celebrate and have fun with your families and friends!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tea for Two?

I found a great little table and three little chairs in our downtown core which is a fab lil place!

Hamming up for the camera! Say Cheese! hmmm. Is the extra chair waiting for another sister?

It is Catie's big girl bed!

A great find at the same place! It is an antique bed that practically matches the free bed frames my parents found for us how many years ago?

This certainly wasn't free, but a steal at $150.00 cdn. The nice thing about the bed, is that my In-Laws bought that for Catie so it was free for us!

Thank you Mom and Dad!!

Is this why she has had so many poops lately???

Caroline got into the pantry and dumped a whole box of Raisin Bran on the floor!

MMMMMM...I like this stuff! I think all of our kids have done this! I think this is a rite of passage around here! A messy one that is!

Canada Day in the Fort aka Birthplace of BC

Kindergarten Graduation

Claire is officially graduated from Kindergarten and is on her way to Grade One!

Preschool Graduate

Carly is officially is on her way to Kindergarten this September 2007!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oh Canada!

O Canada
Our home and native land
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see the rise,
The true north strong and free
From far and wide, O Canada
We stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee

Happy Canada Day to our Fellow Canadians