Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday morning

Claire is feeling a lot better. What I mean by that is no more throw up since yesterday around 1 pm. So, that is good. She ate some crackers this morning, and had water. She wanted to go to school and she did her reading. So, that is good.

I had my specialist appointment this morning already, and I posted about it on my other blog.

So far, everybody is feeling healthy and well. Maybe we missed everybody getting sick. I sure hope so.

Not a lot to report, except that last night when I went to brush my teeth the toothpaste was missing. We have had this happen before. This time Catie did the hiding. Thank goodness for travel size toothpaste hidden away by me!! She 'found' it for us this morning.

Also, yesterday the kids climbed up and got my purse. Meaning Catie climbed up (that monkey) and got a brand new pack of gum and ate the whole pack. We found her in the closet with a HUGE wad of gum in there. Man.

Another problem this weekend. My lipglass. Enough said.

Oh, and another. Expensive cream for Courtney...all over Caroline. Yup. She found it, and used almost all of it. Yup.

And of course the kicker of the weekend. The iPod was in the dryer when I went to take out a load to bring upstairs to fold. 'They' because I do not know who did this, and NEVER will find out (secret kid code--what happens between siblings stays between siblings) pulled the ear buds apart and ruined them. Lovely. So, we went out and bought some new ones.

I hear kids getting into the pantry, off I go.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday morning and we have puking

Well. Claire seems to have come down with a sick tummy bug and has thrown up a few times now. Poor darling. We are doing extra laundry today, and making sure to use the Lysol spray to keep the germs at bay (here is to hoping!!) I sure hope the rest of us stay healthy.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A few more...

Shiny Catie hair


Courtney resting on Daddy

Claire likes to pose

Caroline in the sun

Fooling around - DSLR Virgin

A wicker basket

Looking at me knee and my other leg laying flat on the ground

Side view mirror

A few more from the past week...

My hubbyCaroline and Daddy

I want food!!!

Sweet Caroline

Little Sisters

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I wonder if enough people asked Paperny Films/Crash Test Mommy about our episode and asked about our family today? Would they come back and ask us to go do a second go 'round? A "Where are they now?" type show for their new season? I am wondering because the comments from my last post perked my curiosity! Wouldn't that be fun to see Gil take care of the 6 kids?! I wonder if he would do it again?! Gil??!! Would you?

Monday, January 21, 2008

My life in re-runs...

Just to let you all know that our episode of Crash Test Mommy is on AGAIN tomorrow at 1pm (PST) on Channel 41 the Slice Network.

My how my life has changed from then! That episode was filmed in July 2004 when I was pregnant with Catie! Now look at me, 4 years later and 3 more kids!! Wow! I could use a get away about now!! I wonder if they will do a "where are they now" type show?! I wonder if Gil would survive this time??

It was so much fun! If you haven't watched, tomorrow is your chance!

PS Jillian, you can see Kathryn in action taking my pregnancy photos there too!


Friday, January 18, 2008

er Day

Here is Catie this morning with new bangs...she was eating her apple and watching her favourite show Super Why. And, Catie just LOVES doing puzzles. She doesn't even want help. This morning she did a 24 piece puzzle of Ariel. And, recently she and Caroline do puzzles quietly together on the floor. Gotta love that!

Take a photo of my foot Mom! And you can see a bit of her hair cut! It has finally grown out since the self hair cut/mullet incident. That was back in June!! A few hair cuts (from a stylist!) later and she is almost back to where she was! She has a cute little bob and soft bangs!!

Here is Caroline already 20 months, and working her way to 21 months. She is sick with a cold and runny nose. She was under the kitchen table when I took this one. She was supposed to go for her 18 month shots but was sick AGAIN!!!! We will try again next month. Courtney is now late too! We are going to do both at the same time!

She is starting to string many new words together. In fact, when I hear her speak to me, I kind of freak out and think, who was that? Then I realize it is her! She uses words like: Thank you Mommy, or Thank you Daddy. Good Night Courtney, Good night Catie. I want apple. I want...and she goes on! I love hearing her voice.

Sleeping Beauty

And, here is my sweet little Courtney who today is already 9 weeks old. She is getting chubbier by the day. She smiles a bit more, and is developing a chubby little face (and neck!) I hear a different cry from her, and she has cooed a bit. Love that.


This morning I went to check in on my son around 4 am, and he was sleeping on the FLOOR. I guess we can get rid of his beds then...who needs them. There is a warm patch on the floor from the heating and he has been sleeping on there for several nights.

Last night Cliff took the 4 eldest kids for their hair cuts. I need to take an after shot! My mom has before shots on her blog. There are also many others there! Thank goodness for blogging Nannie's!

Well, it is Friday today. At school they had 'er' day. They earned house points for their school teams they had to dress up with something that ends in er. So, today Cameron went as a Gardener. Claire and Carly went as Farmers. There were lots of creative costumes at school. Fun to see!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A FIRST visit to Oma's!

We ventured back to our old stomping grounds to go get my molds done for new retainers on Monday afternoon. So, I called up my Oma (Courtney's Great Oma and my Dad's Mom) and asked if it would be alright to stop over so she could meet Courtney for the first time.

So we did. We had a lovely dinner over there, great conversation and lots of laughs. We had a great time, and she couldn't believe how quiet Courtney was! I guess when you are number six you HAVE to be good!

We will go back and visit next month when we go back to pick up my retainers. We cannot wait!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kashi Quest

Jeez Cathy what are YOUR kids doing right now? Well Cathy, Caroline dumped a full box of your expensive Kashi cereal all over the floor. Oh, that is wonderful kids. Well, you all can clean it up by eating it. We can, oh yes you all can!

Yes, they are eating Kashi off of the floor right now!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Almost Fryday

Yes! The work week is almost over. Doesn't mean the work is done, but it means the weekend is almost here. BUT at least my hubby is around and we can tag team the kids. With our change of habits, eating and plans it has kept us both so busy that we hardly see each other.

We are doing this together, and so we take stuff for 'the team' so that means less time together after the kids go to bed. But hey, if we get this weight off and we are healthier and happier I couldn't be happier. I know we are both feeling good due to the endorphins from all of our exercising. And the nutrition of our healthy eating. It has been really great! Not complaining just putting it out here.

Our little Courtney has been smiling a little but only at me. And only a few times. It is so nice. I just love it. Her face is getting bigger, her body is growing. Her 3 month sleepers are getting tighter. She is still small though when I 'compare' her to her big sis Caroline though. She is a great baby! The other night she slept for about 7 hours I believe BUT I did not. I kept waking to look at her and make sure she was OK. I still worry about her even though she is our 6th. I think it is a Mom thing that never goes away. I still go in and check all of the kids almost every night and if I am busy I send Cliff.

We did Courtney's clay hand print kit a couple of days back. I was laughing to myself when we did it because I just thought 'how routine' of us. We did this for all of the kids. But, for the first we did it at a certain point/time frame, we had help doing it, we took photos of the event and marked it into the baby book (and quite possibly video taped the big event?!) The second one much like the first, and same with the next two and three.

But, for the sixth. I said to Cliff on spare of them moment go get the hand print kit! She is sleeping her hand is relaxed (and she needs a bath.) So, we did it. I was still there sitting on the couch with my nursing flap down and he brought the container to her. So easily and calmly. It is done. No photos, it is not recorded in the baby book. Nothing (well except here in bloggerland.)
In fact I don't even have a baby book for Courtney. Just a calendar. All of the other kids have Calendar AND a baby book. I wonder how my baby will feel about that...probably good as there is less clutter lol. Well that is what I console myself with anyways.

And, for Courtney her little Gerber spoon arrived in the mail today. I have ordered one for each of our girls. Cameron, well no. He received several spoons (lucky first born!!) all silver of course ;D

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Yes, that is right! Courtney is now smiling!! She has been smiling for two days at me and it is glorious!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wanna help me?!

Our talented photographer is having a contest on her blog. She has chosen a photo she took at the photo shoot we did when Courtney was only 3 weeks old. It is a very lovely photo of our Eldest and our Youngest children together (Cameron and Courtney)

Anyways. The long story short. Our photo is ONLY 7 votes short right now, and I would love to boost that WAY up with my blogger pals help! Could you help me? There are a few days left.

Please vote number 13! If you don't least go have a look! Her work is GORGEOUS!

You guys are the best! Let's see how many votes can be had via Blogger! Can't wait.

Thanks for your support,


Weekend Wrap Up...

Well, the weekend is over it was a good weekend. Got out yesterday to Cynthia's Tupperware party! It was fun and I ordered some good stuff.

Tomorrow, the Christmas break is over. The kids are back at school. Enough said lol.

Have a good one!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Courtney is 7 weeks old today

Happy New Years Courtney!

Look at me hold my head up, and look at my cute ruffle bum! I love this little sleeper! (Her Nonna bought it for her!)
Over Daddy's shoulder! Look at how strong I am now!

My cutie

Well, how fast does seven weeks fly by? Apparently very fast! I cannot believe how much our daughter has changed over the past weeks. She smiles just a little, and has very serious frown marks (in fact she was born with them!) I think she takes after her Mom! I have serious frown marks too.
Everything is going well, and I am happy! And, most importantly she is happy. I am trying to take in all of her, as I know that the year of firsts go by way to fast, and then we start those 'terrific twos'...maybe she will be the one not to go through that stage? My hope would be that, but in all reality she will be in my make up drawer just like the five older kids were.
I have seen her take a glance at her hand, and she tries to suck her thumb at times. I await full body smiles! Those are the best, and so rewarding after weeks and weeks of just looking, smelling, changing, feeding and repeat. The huge social smile makes everything I have gone through worthwhile!!