Monday, September 29, 2008

Cathy's List of her ALL TIME favourite baby items!

Since our family is moving out of 'baby' stuff, I thought it would be a great idea to come up with my list of my favourite parenting faves of ALL TIME! When you have six kids, there are items that last for all six kids. I am talking products that were built to last! 

And then there those that do not survive six kids. ( I swear my kids would make perfect product testers!!) 

I am preparing a list of those items that have rocked our parenting world! Stay tuned for 'The List!' 

It's almost that time again!

I was trying to remember back to last year, when we took those photos in the red leaves. And so I searched and I was relieved to note that we did the photos in the last week of October! I don't know, the leaves outside are absolutely beautiful and I was like I hope I didn't miss my opportunity to photograph (wish me luck because I am going to NEED it) our six in that same tree...year after year! I cannot wait. In fact, I feel a trip coming on soon just be sure that the leaves are still there LOL.

I am so happy with our six kids, and I cannot wait to see what six of them will look like there! It is going to be fun! Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy Sunny Sunday!

Today has been a great day so far. My day started out with a 23.55 km run, I had an ice cap, and a toasted bagel (and a big cookie) from Timmy's. We drove around, looking for space for my photography. (No such luck) collected my watch that I threw along the beginning of my long run this morning--don't ask LOL.

We had a call from one cousin, and we picked up my hoodie from another cousin today. It was fun. I cannot believe how very quiet the house is. Cameron is out on a playdate with his friend Jennifer (and she put on LIPSTICK for him!! YIKES) he will be back soon. Cliff is out at the grocery store with three of the girls, so I have two girls at home! 

Anyways just a quick check in! Happy Sunday! Diaper duty calls!

PS Courtney said Dada yesterday, and she is walking with the aid of her walker! Wow. Our little baby is turning into a little lady! 

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Cathy?!

(A rare photo on yours truly!) 

OK, so MY hair is not as popular as Jennifer Aniston's aka 'The Rachel'  hairstyle of the mid 1990's.

But I have a fun story to share with you all anyways. Today, a friend of mine Kristy walks up to me to show me her new do. And she said she went to see Crystal (my awesome hair stylist!) 

 Anyways, Kristy asked for 'The Cathy' cut. And prior to that my friend Carol went to see my hair stylist to get a haircut like me! (and Crystal told Carol that she has the same kind of hair like me too!)

Well, I just have to say that I LOVE what Crystal has done for them both! You both look fabulous, and do I! LOL. 

Crystal, thank you for always helping me look my best, and make me feel my best. And thank you for giving my friends great hair too! Just makes all feel fab! We love that.

PS. The hair style I have is actually a modified version of 'The POSH' bob  or the 'POB' cut worn by Victoria Beckham. Which I absolutely love! So thank you Posh Spice!! (oohhh I am showing my age now LOL) 

You have helped us ladies in our corner of the world get a style that is awesome, trendy and easy to fix in the morning! We love that!

Happy Friday!

PS. My sister April is rockin 'The Cathy' too! Take a look here! Isn't she gorgeous!!  xo

Thursday, September 25, 2008

little bitty baby things

Well, today was a day for getting organized and part of that meant packing up some baby stuff. I truly do not look forward to that time when your 'baby' who would be almost 1 year old in a couple of months or less has outgrown the need for baby items. I know in the past it has been OK, because I knew there would be a good chance that 'somebody' aka a new baby in the family would be possibly using them. But, our family is complete. There are no babies being born to our family, or anybody else in our family (well for now anyways.)

So, I packed up the pack n' play, the baby carrier, the infant toys, the car seat zipper cover. Many of the warm blankets, and receiving blankets. And, of course the little itty bitty beautiful sun dresses etc. They are all packed away. For what?! I am not sure...but it truly was difficult day for me. I was practically welling up with tears packing them away. Each little item, I would snuggle to my chest...and sigh. Some sighs were more sad, and yet a part of me was OK with this all. Weirded that  I am not pregnant right now, and I will never be pregnant again sigh. Not normal for me at this time when usually I would already be pregnant again.

It is weird thing after being pregnant so many times, to just be like...OK all done. I am all done. I am all good with this all not being pregnant anymore. You would think after six, it would be deal sealed. But I have to say I still have twangs and pangs when my friends and family give birth. I am totally happy for them ALL...but I feel like I am missing out. 

Really, I am OK with it all because my Courtney still needs me. My other kids need me. It is all OK. But, like I say  I thought by NOW I would be all over this, and yet not.  Hmmmm.

Well, the day is almost done. I am thinking I will head to bed and hope that my babies (that would be all six of them) decide to stay down for the count. You see, my baby Courtney loves spending time with her Mamma. Yes, lots of time. So, I just relish in that, and enjoy these moments which I know are fleeting. She can stay my baby for as long as she wants. I am totally OK with that. I have to say, she has me wrapped around my fingers. Well, all over me. I know she is my last, and finally I can 'baby' somebody for longer than the time if I were to be pregnant again. Those babes had to grow up more quickly than I would have liked. 

I have to say, that life is good in that respect. I am feeling rather joy-filled knowing that I have been blessed to have this mothering experience over six times in one life-time. SWEET I say SWEET. My job has not been completed either, the babies grow, but I know I am still needed for a long, long time :D

I love you my precious little children. Oh how I love you all to the depth of my soul. To the very centre of my body, to the ends of my fingertips, the the highest I can reach, to the bottoms of my feet. I love you all to the moon and back. I cannot express how deeply I love you all.

I am so thankful for this beautiful life I have been given! This beautiful opportunity! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer Gone - 2008

Ahhh...the last days of summer! The kids playing together, and in the background two fig trees planted by their dear departed Grandpa. I know if he were alive he would be helping Cliff build the playhouse. I know Cliff is sad about that too.

Who knew a platform (for their playhouse) would bring so much joy, fun and laughter!

I will miss the sounds of the kids' laughter, and voices from the backyard drifting into my open windows. The summer shadows, the heat of the pavement and the dirty bare feet.

Courtney in the 'baby swing' which will see no more use with our babies anymore. Perhaps a cousin will use in the future...I hope so.

Another two year old will turn three in the spring, and in all probability learn to potty train within the next months! Leaving us with only one little little one and only one more two year old to live through, and only one more baby in diapers. I can only imagine what it will be like not to buy diapers anymore.


A few memories left of a most difficult summer of 2008. We tried to keep it happy and light for the kids, and I hope we did OK with everything that went down. The hardest part of summer was losing Cliff's Father to cancer on the very first day of summer holidays. We did lots of fun stuff, and tried to keep everything light hearted for the sake of the whole family. I am most thankful that the bright cheerful sunshine was around to keep our moods lighter than say if he had died on a day like today. A day filled with damp cold. Not so bright and cheerful outside. It is our year of firsts, and so far we are surviving. I would say surviving. Just surviving.

As you can see from the photos above, Cliff has started building the kids' playhouse and it will be a version of my sisters and I playhouse that my own Dad built for us back in the 'olden days!'

Anyways, the kids have been enjoying the 'platform' and their stage and that has been fun for us. Bye bye Summer 2008. I hope and pray for a beautiful 2009 the hopes and prayers we will make it through even more 'firsts' of the season coming up, like Thanksgiving, my in-laws would be 37th anniversary, and of course the biggie that would be Christmas...and then of course that dreaded winter and February when we received the bad news, and then two days later losing our dear cat Albert. I know there will be goodness, and great days throughout the year, but I hope for a bit more HAPPY, than sadness.

Next year, a wedding to celebrate, a brand new playhouse for the kids that their Daddy is building for them, just like their Pappa did for us! Oh the sweet, delicious memories of childhood. My hope and prayer for my children is that their memories will be as wonderful as mine were.

Now, it is time to cozy up our home, and prepare for the fall. Burn some candles, enjoy the fireplace, drink more hot chocolate, and play in the fall leaves. I wish you all a season of wonderful fall memories.

Monday, September 22, 2008

True story as told by Cathy

Do NOT try this at home:

Take 2 full size wilting jalapeno peppers and throw into the sink disposal system aka the garburator, run hot water (to steam)...and push switch to on...GRIND!

What does that do you ask? 

Well, first I started to cough, and then my eyes started to burn like mad! 

I made home made pepper spray!! 

Yes, I am FINE!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday - Bye Bye Summer

Time for a family update. Today, I have three kids going for a play date at my friend Lisa's. She will have 9 kids there this afternoon. I know the kids are excited about it. I am heading out with my hubby and remaining three kids to go do some errands. This morning I ran, and now I am really hungry so I think I will treat myself to something yummy.

The weeks have been OK, and the kids are settling into school nicely. On the home-front? Well, there could be changes but that is all up in the air for now. Cliff and I have been doing a lot of talking this week, and making sure we are doing the right things for our kids etc. It is so hard to be sure we are making the right choices. 

Cameron is settling into grade four nicely, and is finding the more homework sometimes too much. He took a hip hop class with his friend on Friday night. He really enjoyed it.

Claire is doing awesome at school this year, and is really enjoying the laid-back grade two teacher. And I think she is finally developing her confidence level which is WONDERFUL.

Carly, well she loves being at school all day in her grade one class. She is in a classroom with pretty much all new kids, but she of course has adapted so easily. We love that about her.

Catie, now a wonderful four year old. She is so wise, and so helpful. She is a joy to be around, and I love her soft rubs on my shoulder in the morning. She is a morning person like her Mom. She is up, bed made and clothes on for the day. Love that! 

Caroline, she is such a wonderful, loud two year old. It is hard to believe that in May she will be three already. This morning she woke up crying saying she wanted to go pee pee in the toilet. She is certainly showing signs of readiness for toilet training! Go Caroline! Once she is done, that leaves us only one in diapers. That will cut the grocery bill significantly! 

Courtney, she is teething and has been very fussy lately. She is up during the night, biting me when I feed her (ouch!) and we see teeth buds under the skin. She climbs the stairs, and holds onto the bars to freak us out! She just smiles at us. She is a gal on the move who is now over 10 months old. Wow.

As for Cliff and I, well we are doing OK. I would say OK. Life hasn't been most pleasant for us these past months, and most recently the past week.  Oh the trials and tribulations of life. This too shall pass.

I have been doing a lot of photography lately, and working on my boudoir style of photography.  I am very passionate about this! It is great to make women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

So, there is my update...nothing too super, but it has been OK!

We are all OK. We are trudging through the muck. LOL.

Enjoy the last day of summer...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time for a bit of this...

Having 'only' three at home is like having a bit of a holiday...well sometimes! We took some photobooths of the four of us at home on this gorgeous sun-filled September day. Oh how I enjoy the time with my little ones underfoot. I know this time will be gone in 4 or 5 years when my youngest enters kindergarten so I am going to enjoy these moments as much as possible!

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Have a good one!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

@6:10 pm

Four years ago, on September 9th, 2004. The day after your Daddy I remember him REALLY wanting you to come out on his birthday so you both could share a day. That didn't happen, but you were worth the wait. You, our fourth child was born, after a quick labour a sweet little girl Catrina was born into our family. We worried through all of her pregnancy as I had an early miscarriage prior to her pregnancy. So, when she came out pink, beautiful and healthy we were relieved.

Catie as we call our beautiful little girl, is full of laughter, has legs of steel, can jump, she can climb up cupboards with her toes (like a monkey) her favourite colour is YELLOW, and everything to do with yellow. In fact, she says everything that is yellow belongs to her, well so she thinks anyways!

This Catie of ours, is the only one of any of our six children that look like me (well when I was younger LOL) and she has a great laugh, she gives great haircuts (remember the mullet-cut of July 2007!) and she has a big love for Mickey Mouse.

This girl can balance, she is a bundle of energy, and sleeps on three pillows every night, and of course under a knitted baby blanket that is...of course pale yellow.

She is small, but she is a powerhouse. I love watching how quickly and lightly you move about. You are silent, and you fit under your bed, the closet and other areas of the house. You can be so silent when you want to be, and so LOUD at other times. She is strong and stubborn and we just love her to pieces.

Catie, my darling little gal! How we love you and we hope you enjoyed your cake with four yellow roses (how fitting because I wanted to call you Caitlin Rose) and yellow writing. And of course four yellow candles on top.

We have really enjoyed watching you bloom and grow these past four years. I cannot believe how quickly you have grown. I cannot wait to see what wonderful things you do this year in your four year!

Love you babes xo

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Night before the first real week of school

It has been a lovely weekend. So much warmth with the sun out in full force. It has made the weekend go by too quickly I'd say. 

Tomorrow the kids finally get their teachers and their classrooms. I am happy with 2/3 placements, and I may have to go talk to the principal of the school if one of the kids' day does not go well. I will have to be very proactive with this year. Our school/school district has had too many negative changes made. So, I will really have to be on top of things this year.

So we are back to the busy part of the year, but enjoyable because the routine is back. Anyways, it is off to make lunches for us.

Tomorrow is Cliff's birthday, and the day after is Catie's 4th. Busy busy!

Monday, September 01, 2008

September 1st

Wow, tomorrow is the first day back to school. More like the first 1.5 hours back to school. I spent most of my day switching out the summer clothing, to the fall clothing. I purged, packed away tiny little sundresses, and dresses, and clothing that will not be worn again by any of MY kids. It was a strange feeling in deed. But, it is done. And next year, new clothing for Courtney. There is not much left when you pass down girls clothing for the 5th and final time (and a loan to a sister/cuz.)
We did back to school shoe shopping today, we took 5/6 kids (we left Carly with Nonna today) and we did the Bogo sale. And got about 8 pairs of shoes today. And, also I bought some much needed fall clothing at Old Navy for Courtney. As I was saying she doesn't really have any hand-me-downs so she got new. I also bought a couple of cotton sundresses for next summer for the three little gals, and I also got a couple of cute short sleeved shirts for Catie and Caroline to wear around the house, and under warm hoodies. Oh how I love layers.

We are ready!