Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer Gone - 2008

Ahhh...the last days of summer! The kids playing together, and in the background two fig trees planted by their dear departed Grandpa. I know if he were alive he would be helping Cliff build the playhouse. I know Cliff is sad about that too.

Who knew a platform (for their playhouse) would bring so much joy, fun and laughter!

I will miss the sounds of the kids' laughter, and voices from the backyard drifting into my open windows. The summer shadows, the heat of the pavement and the dirty bare feet.

Courtney in the 'baby swing' which will see no more use with our babies anymore. Perhaps a cousin will use in the future...I hope so.

Another two year old will turn three in the spring, and in all probability learn to potty train within the next months! Leaving us with only one little little one and only one more two year old to live through, and only one more baby in diapers. I can only imagine what it will be like not to buy diapers anymore.


A few memories left of a most difficult summer of 2008. We tried to keep it happy and light for the kids, and I hope we did OK with everything that went down. The hardest part of summer was losing Cliff's Father to cancer on the very first day of summer holidays. We did lots of fun stuff, and tried to keep everything light hearted for the sake of the whole family. I am most thankful that the bright cheerful sunshine was around to keep our moods lighter than say if he had died on a day like today. A day filled with damp cold. Not so bright and cheerful outside. It is our year of firsts, and so far we are surviving. I would say surviving. Just surviving.

As you can see from the photos above, Cliff has started building the kids' playhouse and it will be a version of my sisters and I playhouse that my own Dad built for us back in the 'olden days!'

Anyways, the kids have been enjoying the 'platform' and their stage and that has been fun for us. Bye bye Summer 2008. I hope and pray for a beautiful 2009 the hopes and prayers we will make it through even more 'firsts' of the season coming up, like Thanksgiving, my in-laws would be 37th anniversary, and of course the biggie that would be Christmas...and then of course that dreaded winter and February when we received the bad news, and then two days later losing our dear cat Albert. I know there will be goodness, and great days throughout the year, but I hope for a bit more HAPPY, than sadness.

Next year, a wedding to celebrate, a brand new playhouse for the kids that their Daddy is building for them, just like their Pappa did for us! Oh the sweet, delicious memories of childhood. My hope and prayer for my children is that their memories will be as wonderful as mine were.

Now, it is time to cozy up our home, and prepare for the fall. Burn some candles, enjoy the fireplace, drink more hot chocolate, and play in the fall leaves. I wish you all a season of wonderful fall memories.


Shawna said...

I'm standing with you in prayer, trusting that you WILL have a better filled with great memories.

Growing up sucks, eh?

Kerry said...

I love the photos with the playhouse platform... Who needs a full blown house when the base is so entertaining!

Alyson said...

I'm sure the playhouse will be amazing!! I love how kids find joy in the simplest of new things like a platform. so funny.
they always find the joy in the mundane.

LauraC said...

I am still so sorry you had such a rough summer. I hope fall has a lot in store for you, including more time for you and Cliff.

Laura said...

You brought tears to my is not going to be easy is it? I too think of all those darn firsts that we are going to have. I just know that our papas are here with us...
I know that you both made this a summer for the children to remember. The house will be fantastic! Cliff is going to build it with the same love your daddy did...and with the same love his daddy gave him.
I pray that all the firsts go as well as possible...and I know you will make it through...I just always try to think...our special angels are always with us :)
Love you all...

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

New days bring new changes.... You have a great attitude about life :)