Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Working on Weaning

Since this whole thrush stuff has come about, I am finding it very painful to breastfeed our daughter. And so I have decided to start weaning her so I can be free from nursing at the end of September, first week of October. I feel that I am ready to let this part go too. I have been breastfeeding for over nine months, and by the time we are finished a solid 10 + months. Pretty good. So, the process has begun, I have eliminated a morning feed. I will do that for few days/week and go down from there. IF I am not where I want to be in a few weeks my doc says he can give me meds to cut down my still ample supply. Then I basically go cold turkey with her. I am sure she will not like EITHER way, but hey...I am ready to get my body back FOR GOOD. And move on from this thing called babyhood. Sad but true. 

Weaning will give me freedom, and that is a good thing. I have spent MANY years in total breastfeeding. Around five years, closer to six JUST breastfeeding. Oh yes! Can you see why I want my body back!

And if I wean, I am off to my race! And, I am sure the balance of my weight will come off better too. My doc says that happens. So...

I have seven weeks until my half marathon! Woo!

Thrush, oh yes.

Sorry, I haven't blogged in quite some time, it just has been rather busy around here. Last week before school and all. It always seems like such a busy time of year. This time of year makes me feel sad. As busy as it it with my six kids, I always enjoy having the kids around and enjoying everything about them. Now, next week I will be 'down three' kids. Including Carly who will now be in full day school as she is in Grade One. That leaves me with Catie (who heads to K NEXT September) and Caroline, and of course Courtney. It is like the 'second generation' left at home to me. Because my 'first generation' are all in school. Kind of neat to have a 'second chance' at this. IT will will be very quiet around here that is for sure!

I look forward to doing tasks that have been set aside until this time of year. 

In the health department, well Courtney and I have developed thrush. And it is not very fun when breastfeeding. So, I have cream to put on twice a day, and Courtney has oral liquid medication that I swish around her mouth and then she swallows it four times a day. I hope it goes away for both of us. It is sad to see Courtney's mouth all covered in sores. I heard about five days.

I also told the doc how I was feeling lately, and so he sent me for blood work, which I did today. I went for some blood work this morning, to check my thyroid, my iron levels etc. I have been really tired, sluggish, cold fingers and toes, hair dry and falling out. So, I should hear back if there is a problem in a couple of days. Hopefully nothing, but good to check out for sure.

Catie got her hair cut, and the three eldest go this afternoon after day camp. These are their back to school hair cuts. We have been ready for back to school since July. I love to be prepared. And, this day camp is daily all day this week. They have fun, we slowly get back into our sleep and wake up routine so that back to school runs smoothly. I cannot believe I have been going back and forth to our school for 5 years now! Since Cameron started Kindergarten. Time flies. 

Not much more to report, just a quick update. I am sure I will have more time to blog next week! So stay tuned. I know I have posts lined up (saved in bloggerland) regarding Carly getting her ears pierced for her 6th birthday present, and the day trip we took to the Chilliwack Corn Maze for her birthday! Lots of fun! I highly recommend!


Carly, Claire and the Corn Maze

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh my Carly Darling...

.Six Years Old.

Happy Birthday Carly! I find it hard to believe that you are six today, and that you are heading into Grade One in a couple of weeks. Where did those years go my dear? They went by way too quickly. Especially when you are the third born!

You were my first baby to be born in a different town, different hospital than your brother and sister, and a different doctor. We had MANY people in the delivery room waiting for you to be born. Mommy, Daddy, Pappa, Nanny, Nonna, Aunty April, Aunty Amy, Aunty Kim and cousin Nicole. Plus all of the staff and of course our doctor. You were fabulous easy labour and birth, and you continue to be this way! I remember smiling and laughing throughout my labour with you. The nursing staff were talking about me at the desk. You were the first labour to give me contractions (very mild) FIRST, and a tiny water leak. Born on your brother Cameron's original due date. We thought that was neat. You are our second summer baby :D
The day before I said as I rubbed my belly, I wish you would be born tomorrow! And you listened, and you gave me a great birthing experience. You used to bounce around in my belly when we watched 'American Idol' and today you have a beautiful singing voice. We love how you sing!
You were supposed to be our 'last' baby, but of course you are not. But you are a fabulous big sister, to your sisters and you are very complimentary. We love that you are kind to others, your 'Carly hugs' are amazing and we love your big brown eyes, and your cheerful smile. You bring joy to so many of us. I love the way you my 'Carlyflower' pick me flowers still, and you even get the vase out fill it up and bring them to me.
You ask brilliant questions, you stand your ground, you live your life with gusto! Something we all can learn from you.
Six years Carly my dear. They have been six of the most wonderful! Life became more beautiful the day you were born.
We love you Carly. Happy birthday honey.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

.my technicolour world.

Another perpective on beautiful sunflowers

Caroline in the 'golden light!'

Carly-flower...strike a pose!

My little Catie, truckin' her way back home from the garden!

Caroline, and her wavy, beautiful blonde hair

.caroline and the sunflower.

Just a cute one of Caroline and one of the many sunflowers at the garden.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

.my baby is nine months old today.

It is hard to believe that a mere nine months ago today I was in labour, patiently waiting our final baby to be born.
I cherish you baby girl.

Happy nine months Courtney! Happy un-pregnancy to me!

.from the garden.

Blackberries fresh from the bush...Cameron picked these for me.

Our patient 8 month old waiting and waiting for us all to be done.

See, we didn't lie! These beauties stand over 7 feet tall! Aren't they just so beautiful!

The whole family searching for snakes!!

And the big 'ol snake charmer found one to pick up (boy did they stink!! LOL) and there were about three others in that old pig pen!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Playdoh? Doh!?!

Who knew that four of my girls (the eldest four) could sit for well over 3 hours in the backyard at their table and make 'cookies' with Playdoh. They had a blast! I have photos to prove it (just need to get them off of my camera)

Ummmm. Why didn't I think of this before?! Yes, I had 3 hours of QUIET with my baby Courtney this afternoon. Peaceful, fun and calm. Oh, will this trick work tomorrow?

I will update you all tomorrow.

PS I took MANY photos today at the Garden. We all took a walk there tonight after a drive out to go get Slurpee's for the kids. Our sunflowers are at least 7 feet high, and they are the talk of the community garden. Our kids also got to see a garter snake that Cliff dug out of the piles of wood. There were actually four really fat snakes (ewwwhhh) and the big kids got to learn all about a working bee hive! So cool. The man we spoke too actually used to own the land, and the barn that is used was his. I love our little garden. I am so excited to try the tomatoes! This season we have had zoo sticks, deep friend zucchini flowers, carrots, beans and flowers to put in our vases.  (I took a whole whack of photos there tonight too!) So many photo ops tonight. 

It has been a great day! These are the days that are the best! 

2 days from now

You would think life just goes along, and it gets easier with time. Well, I haven't found that to be the case lately. I find it is getting harder. I am thinking in two days from now, I will have a baby who will be nine months old. What is the significance of this you ask? Well, for the past 9 years, at this stage of the game I would be pregnant again.

This time, I am not. Nor will I ever be again. That is a hard pill for me to swallow.

Not that I am not happy with my family size. I certainly am, it is just that I am feeling like I am missing that part of my life already. Mourning the loss of something that is not really even there. Weird, but true.

Anyways, I am just thinking back to the most wonderful 10 years of my life. Filled with love for my husband, love for the six children we have, and thinking of the baby we lost five years ago. That baby would be starting Kindergarten this year. Oh, how I miss what life would have been like with that baby. Oh, how I am so glad we tried again and had Catie, who will start kindergarten next September. And then went on to finish our family with two more beauties.

Small things really, but they are very big. So big, that my heart bursts with love for my family. Big bursts of love and happiness for the best that could EVER happen to me. I know my heart is full of love. But, today it aches. I never expected I would feel that way. But I do.

Life moves on, and I will go with the flow of it all. I have many things to look forward to, but I will always remember this part of my life as THEE very best. I am just so glad to have had this experience more than the family that has a 'regular' sized family.

I also feel like this because I will be ending my breastfeeding phase of my life within the next couple of months. Which will completely end this phase of babyhood decade. I look forward though to moving forward. We are getting sleep, a first birthday to celebrate. But it won't ever be like it was before. Like my Mom always has told me, SOMEBODY has to be the last. And Courtney you are the last.

I thought this moment would be just an easy transition. But it has not been.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Courtney gets around

I knew she would be soon, as she was pretty much doing this for quite some time, she crawled across our bed weeks ago, but she actually got up and crawled full force just moments ago.

Wow, my baby girl is growing up. She is 3 days from 9 months old.

Time flies! 

It has been awhile

...since I have updated my blog. I have been working on top secret things, that have to do with a very important part of my life. I am moving that important part of my life to the forefront. 

I am not sure how much longer I will be keeping this blog active. But all I can say is that I am really happy with the way my life is heading! I feel so much opportunity is right on my doorstep. I am going to go with the momentum! It has been so positive!

You can tell by my header that things are changing right?! (Thank you to Cynthia for the new header!!) I just love it!

As you all know, I have lost a huge amount of weight in the last 8-ish months, and for now feel I am right where I should be, so I am no longer writing on my Finding Cathy blog (well maybe I will update around my half race in October). If you don't read that other blog of mine, I should let you all know I  am currently training for my first half marathon (21.1 kms) in October. I am really excited for that day! I cannot wait!

I have a lot on the go! AND we are weeks left until school is back in session for the year.

Anyways, things are a changing! I will keep you all posted as things change around here!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Cameron and his Birthday Cake

Here is the cake that Shawna did, with a titch of help from me LOL! Isn't she the best!!

It is hard to believe that we have a nine year old...

The cake was lemon and delish! Cameron has loved lemons since he was about 1 year old. He would suck on the lemons from our water glass. He never puckered his face, but would ask for more LOL!

The happy birthday boy!

Friday, August 08, 2008

what adventures come our way

I took the six kids up to Cultas Lake to meet my sis yesterday for some fun at the lake! Cliff was working, so I took advantage of a beautiful day and we packed up and went! See they are packed in like sardines in a can in our eight seater van! Not much room left for 'stuff' that is much needed on a day trip! They were so happy to go on this road trip with me!

How I managed to get all six on a blanket at one time?! Not too sure, but yay for me! LOL!
We had a lunch there, and then played in the lake for a few hours!

Four of them enjoyed the water! Caroline, not too sure about the 'pool!' as she called it. She went in for a few minutes and that was it. Courtney, well she hung back in the shade of a big beautiful tree. She really enjoyed eating the sand...and other delights like vanilla yogurt! mmmmm

Heading back home...they all slept!

Well, for the most part anyways!

The best part of the day was driving around the camp to find the campsite my sis was staying at and as I was driving around looking for her site, I actually found a blogger friend or two that I had not yet met in real life! So, I got to meet my friend Irma (whose blog is closed to outside readers, but she is expecting her 9th baby, and she is one of my heros!) and she lead me to Yvonne who was also camping there! And I met some other family members who recognized me from MY blog! How exciting! I love how fun adventures can be! It sure is a small world isn't it!! It was great to meet you both, and your beautiful families! Wow!

I look forward to camping next year with the whole family! The kids LOVED being there, and were so well behaved!

The Van - Update

That van, was sold. Darn it, the dealership never got our email.

Anyways, we are still looking, and there is another 15 passenger van on the horizon. We took a look at it last night, and just need to arrange for a drive with it, and make sure the seatbelt situation will work with all of our carseats/booster seat issues. We have one now out of booster seats, and 5 other kids that have seats!

It is looking very possible, that this van will be good. If not, there is a van sale going on through GM, and we could get in on that this weekend. Stay tuned.

Monday, August 04, 2008

My day with the guys in my life!

Waiting to get into the waterpark! Get there early!

A 9 year old boy and the waterpark awaits!

Heading home

Every birthday child gets a day out with Mom and Dad. Today, we took Cameron to the Cultas Lake Waterpark. And boy oh boy did we have so much fun! We did every slide (well Cameron and Cliff would not do the Freefall, but I sure did :D) They did go on the speed slide two times each! The most favourite of the day had to be the Colossal Canyon! Cameron and I screamed the whole way, and Cliff just laughed at us. The craziest ride had to be the Valley of Fear. We did that all together and it hurt my bum...next time I will remember to lift it up!!!
We spent a solid two hours going up and down, around, up down...splash. Laugh. Play! At noon we decided we had had enough and we went to White Spot for lunch. Then we came home, and we played here. Thank you to Mom and Dad for watching our other five so we could have on one two time with Cameron.

Later in the day, we had yummy cake for dinner. Then, we decided it was time for ice cream. Gotta love a holiday! So, we packed up all of the kids and we headed for the McD drive thru for a sundae and a play at the local park.

We also gave (new to him from Nonna) Cameron a big ol' bookshelf to show off his impressive book collection. It looks really great, and it is starting to look more like a big boy room. Yay!

It was a wonderful day! We look forward to doing it again next year. Next birthday will be Carly's! We cannot wait for our adventure we have planned out for her! 15 more days! We love birthday season!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

9 how can he be 9?

Cameron is nine! It is hard to believe that my original baby boy is turning nine. I remember turning nine and wanting to be in the double digits, and here is my boy at that same stage.

This evening, Shawna (cake maker supreme!) made a beautiful cake for Cameron, (I helped just a little...) and I will take photos and add them into this post. It is absolutely perfect and I know he will love it, and I know he will love the taste. LEMON for him.

So, our original and only son. Happy Birthday, we love you so much!

You are a fine young guy, with so many great ideas, great energy and just full of love. We are so proud of you Cameron. We look forward to our outing tomorrow with you! It is going to be so fun! We look forward to watching you grow this coming year! You are just a sweet boy.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Pimp my Ride

or maybe more like Mom my Ride ...and to think she only had three kids. Now, imagine six!

Isn't she a beauty!?! Is that really coming out of my mouth?! I think motherhood HAS changed me, because if you told me 11/12 years ago that when I was in my 30's, I would have six kids, live in the 'country' and drive a 15 passenger van I would have shot you a look like 'Are you freakin' crazy?!' LOL.

I cannot believe that I am so excited about this van. It is a 15 passenger, and we are moving forth with it, as long as the price is good. My friend (with the same family exactly) has one that she bought last week but hers seats 12, and I had MEGA van envy. So, we contacted the same dealership and we were contacted yesterday about this van.

Can you just see me now! I remember I never wanted to be a mini van mom, but I got used to it. Cliff and I (and our friends and family I am sure) have always joked about us having a school bus, but I think this is way more of a sweet ride. Sure, you can all laugh now, but hey when we want to go somewhere on the 'fun bus' I know you all will be phoning and asking us for a ride! You know you will!!

So, how can I pimp my ride? I am just thankful that it is not church van white. We made a special request for any colour except church van white. We didn't want to get mistaken for a youth group or something when the kids grow up a bit ;D

Anyways, it will mean freedom for the family, less fighting (I hope) and just a good drives with the kids. And, room for seven more ;D

The next 'lil purchase will be a car for Cliff, but the car has to be fun...with a sunroof, and preferably only 4 seats maximum. For those trips with only a couple of the kids...or maybe just for a fun date night out! So we can feel cool after driving in the big van LOL.

We are entering 'Birthday Season' around here!

Happy August 1st! We have birthdays coming up around here! Cameron turns nine on Sunday (my original first baby will be starting his last year in his single digits, and Carly turns six on the 19th of August (she was born on her brothers original due date, but he surprised us all and came early!) and then September 8th we have Cliff's birthday, and then the very next day we have Catie's 4th birthday!

I really love the birthdays around here, and I look forward to the TSBM aka Top Secret Birthday Missions with the kids who buy a present for the birthday person. And I just look forward to spending individual time with the birthday kids. Hmmmm maybe I can get some time alone with Cliff for his!

As I telling a friend, I would be wise to learn how to make and decorate cakes, but I also happen to know fabulous baker or two...and that my friends is a good thing! I was also telling my friend that I love to bake, but it is all of the extra 'helpers' in the kitchen that making staying 'on task' difficult. Sometimes that is good, and sometimes that is bad. But when time is of the essence, well sometimes we just leave the baking to the pros. But hey cake really tastes good at anytime.

Something about Caroline

She is only two, but we can have a nice conversation together. She is much like her big brother Cameron in that regard. He was a big talker back then, and she is proving to be just like that!

She likes to talk so much! She asks a lot of questions, she is the loudest child of all six. She likes to be heard, like this morning in her crib. So loud we practically need earplugs. But I do try to listen to what she tells me, even if I am up to my eyeballs in questions from everybody. I try my best to hear all of the kids. Hard to do at times when six voices are all speaking at the same time. But like I say, I try. I can only try.

Lately when she talks, she copies me. She will tell me 'I found it on floor, there Coco' and then a giggle and I said to her 'Oh yeah?!' and then she always as the same thing, but in Caroline-speak it comes out as 'Oh wahhhh' so matter-of-factly. 'Oh wahhh.' I ask her questions just so I can hear that.

And I have to say, she is very helpful. She puts bowls and spoons into the sink, she picks up food off the floor for me, wants to dust and wants to help me with the laundry. She also helps me unload the dishwasher. She also tries to help with Courtney, and tells me what Courtney needs. Coco crying Mommy. Coco hungry Mommy.

I just think, wow! You are only two but at times you do a better job than all of your big siblings combined. I love how she takes an interest in something and does it with GUSTO!

I also like the way she says Uh huh. It is not a quiet one, it is LOUD and all knowing! UH HUH. Uuhh huh.

Caroline just told me 'Coco hungry' I'd better be going!