Sunday, August 17, 2008

.my technicolour world.

Another perpective on beautiful sunflowers

Caroline in the 'golden light!'

Carly-flower...strike a pose!

My little Catie, truckin' her way back home from the garden!

Caroline, and her wavy, beautiful blonde hair


Denn said...

Pretty pictures!

Kerry said...

That sunflower almost looks silky...nice!

Octamom said...

So glad you dropped by my blog--I am so enjoying my visit to yours!! Your pics are great--particularly love the one at the top of this post of the sunflowers and love the 'caroline and the sunflower' pic! Just beautiful!

Your children are just darling--we thought we were 'complete' at six--and then thought 'well, maybe 7'--and '7' ended up being twins! It's a joy to see another big family!

I am also a runner--and am so impressed with your training--many congrats!! I've not run a formal 1/2 marathon--I'll look forward to seeing your posts after you achieve this milestone.


Cathy said...

Thank you everybody!