Friday, August 01, 2008

We are entering 'Birthday Season' around here!

Happy August 1st! We have birthdays coming up around here! Cameron turns nine on Sunday (my original first baby will be starting his last year in his single digits, and Carly turns six on the 19th of August (she was born on her brothers original due date, but he surprised us all and came early!) and then September 8th we have Cliff's birthday, and then the very next day we have Catie's 4th birthday!

I really love the birthdays around here, and I look forward to the TSBM aka Top Secret Birthday Missions with the kids who buy a present for the birthday person. And I just look forward to spending individual time with the birthday kids. Hmmmm maybe I can get some time alone with Cliff for his!

As I telling a friend, I would be wise to learn how to make and decorate cakes, but I also happen to know fabulous baker or two...and that my friends is a good thing! I was also telling my friend that I love to bake, but it is all of the extra 'helpers' in the kitchen that making staying 'on task' difficult. Sometimes that is good, and sometimes that is bad. But when time is of the essence, well sometimes we just leave the baking to the pros. But hey cake really tastes good at anytime.

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Shawna said...

Tomorrow night - do you want to do a cake date in my kitchen?

I would find pure joy in helping you out!

Let me know ;)