Thursday, August 14, 2008

Playdoh? Doh!?!

Who knew that four of my girls (the eldest four) could sit for well over 3 hours in the backyard at their table and make 'cookies' with Playdoh. They had a blast! I have photos to prove it (just need to get them off of my camera)

Ummmm. Why didn't I think of this before?! Yes, I had 3 hours of QUIET with my baby Courtney this afternoon. Peaceful, fun and calm. Oh, will this trick work tomorrow?

I will update you all tomorrow.

PS I took MANY photos today at the Garden. We all took a walk there tonight after a drive out to go get Slurpee's for the kids. Our sunflowers are at least 7 feet high, and they are the talk of the community garden. Our kids also got to see a garter snake that Cliff dug out of the piles of wood. There were actually four really fat snakes (ewwwhhh) and the big kids got to learn all about a working bee hive! So cool. The man we spoke too actually used to own the land, and the barn that is used was his. I love our little garden. I am so excited to try the tomatoes! This season we have had zoo sticks, deep friend zucchini flowers, carrots, beans and flowers to put in our vases.  (I took a whole whack of photos there tonight too!) So many photo ops tonight. 

It has been a great day! These are the days that are the best! 


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness so funny! I despise playdoh but let mine play with it in the backyard yesterday and they had a blast! I finally had to drag them in a couple hours later:) We should get all our kids together and have a big playdoh party!!

Kerry said...

Mmmm..playdoh, just the smell of it would keep me occupied for 3 hours!

Can't wait to see the garden pics!

The Besth Blog said...

Love the new look on your blog, Cath! Did you design that?
Playdoh fun for hours on end. Hope it works again day two. Let us know please! Abby just played with an apricot and a pit for 10 minutes so I swept the floors! haha
Lots of love to all, April