Thursday, February 28, 2008

Welcome Home Amy and Tyler

Oh how we missed you both! Welcome back! Yesterday we took all of the kids to the airport to greet Aunty and Uncle! I was so proud of how well the kids behaved! Good job kids!!

Aunty brought us some chocolate bars called, get this: Super 8's! and there are 8 in a package! Cameron got a cool bracelet from Brazil, Claire and Carly got cute little money pouches with a Brazil coin each. Catie and Caroline got cute little sporty t-shirts and I got a cool tank top that fits small (I requested small!!) Thank you Amy/Aunty Amy! We love everything!

My Mom has posted some photos on her blog of yesterday if you want to go have a peek!

Happy Thursday!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A day in the life of a birthday girl

Here are SOME friends...they didn't want to be in pictures lol!

Here comes the cake

Claire is 7!

A brand new outfit and an umbrella!

New cool girl glasses from Nannie.

A gift card to Chapters from Aunty and Uncle and Abby and $$ from Oma to get her ears pierced!

Opening gifts with girlfriends

My first little girl aka my second child turned 7 yesterday. To celebrate we took her to get her ears pierced. She did great and couldn't be happier! We also had 8 girls to a good old fashioned birthday party at our place.
The weather couldn't have been more perfect! Sunny, sunny sunny just like the day she was born. How did 7 years go by just like that?!

From Yesterday

It's my birthday today! I am 7!

I am still 5...and when I turn 6 I am going to get my ears pierced like Claire!

Caroline on Daddy's comfy shoulder

A trip to the park last weekend

Claire is a tree hugger

Catie on the move

Climbing trees with boys

Cameron with Claire in a big tall tree

Photos from the weeks past

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I don't like February...

Why are Februarys so hard?! Why do we always get bad news in February? Why does my MIL and my dear Claire have to have birthday's in February?

Tomorrow my darling little Claire turns 7! SEVEN!! I cannot believe how fast those years have flown by. We did our TSBM for Claire last night! We got some cute clothes for her, and so did my Mom and my MIL! She will be well dressed this week lol. We are having an "old fashioned" birthday party for her tomorrow with her and about 8 girls. She is so excited.

Claire wants to get her ears pierced this year, and we will take her this weekend! I was in Grade 1 when I got mine done too! I wonder if she will always wear earrings? I sure don't...I don't even know if I could get earrings in anymore! I am not into jewels...

Lots to do today as we have a house to clean, laundry to wash and some beds to wash and change. I am giving Cliff a much needed sleep in today! He practically gives me every weekend to sleep in and I wanted to return the favour today (and Coco is sleeping in nicely this am too)

3 kids are fed (3 are still sleeping!) Cameron fed Catie and Caroline their breakfast for me this morning! He is such a big help around here! (Thanks Cameron!!)

Oh, and I am off to get a pedicure FINALLY!! Yay for me.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Elephant in the Room

My father in law was diagnosed with secondary bone cancer today, which means the original cancer came back and has spread to his bones. He is stage 4 which means he is palliative and will receive meds, radiation and possibly chemo for pain relief only. The goal of palliative care is to help him as pain free as possible.

Next week he should start his radiation treatments (for 1 week, 1 treatment a day), keep him on the morphine and he is on the list for a pain control clinic. Hopefully he gets in there in the next couple of weeks. He has enough meds for now until he gets to that weekly session.

We of course are extremely sad, and feel worst of course for the kids. They are all very close to their grandpa.

We just want him to remain pain free, and hope that the meds and treatments will help him acheive that. We know he was in a great deal of pain and we don't want him to hurt anymore.

It was a long, long day. But, thankfully all of our questions were answered today and has helped us to take all of this in.

We are tired, I am tired.

I hope we get some sleep tonight.

Lay Lady Lay

Here is a link to the lyrics and to the original video that I cannot get to work from youtube.

Lay Lady Lay ~ Magnet with Gemma Hayes

Thursday, February 14, 2008

12 years ago today

Some of the many cookies the kids baked with Nonna for us, and for their classmates and for their teachers. Carly carried the above to us and said Happy Valentines Day and presented this plate to us. Notice the 2 big cookies and the six little cookies representing each member of our family...

All of the Valentines on the mantel this morning! So festive!

The popcorn ready to be popped for Carly's classroom party. And and container of heart-shaped cookies for each classroom.

2/7 Valentines all ready to party today!


I guess I could say that I *heart* Valentines Day. In the past, there were some OK Valentines Days, some boring ones. Some that were spent single with my sisters. The one that stands out the most to me was going to a movie in a mega snow fall with my sister Amy,and then doing donuts in the old cul-de-sac in the snow for fun. Oh to be young and carefree again.

But, I have to go back to 12 years ago and 1 day when Cliff and I had our very first date together. We went to see Sense and Sensibility! That was February 13th. The very next day we has our very first Valentines Day together (our second date) at the Flying Beaver at a singles party there. The very next day we had our third date! I was in love with this man from the first date I would say. And, the rest is history we say.

Hard to believe that we have had 12 Valentines days together already! And now, when I look around the house I as so blessed to have 6 more little beautiful valentines to love each and every day. Valentines Day now is more about the kids we created together out of our love that started those 12 years and 1 day ago.

Today, all of the kids had cookies for breakfast and we prepare to get the kids to all of their parties wearing their festive colours for the day!

I *heart* Valentines Day

(have a heart-filled day and love and enjoy each other today, and always...)

Happy Valentines Day to all of my family and friends and all who are dear to us.

We love you all


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday What?!

Well, this morning it was Claire's turn to get sick. She threw up this morning on the floor. So, she stayed home. This is the first time EVER we have kept a child home from school due to sickness if you can believe that one! It is true.

Anyways...short and sweet. Cliff is home with a cold today. And now, Courtney is crying out for me! Got to go feed.


Monday, February 11, 2008


The crime scene on my white bath mat...3 shades of Lancome eyeshadows

The scene on the mirror...that would be cream and eyeshadows mixed together

The make up that is no longer


I am remembering back to when I first started having babies. Babies that became toddlers. Toddlers that like to explore and get into my make up drawer. You think I would have learned the first time Cameron got into my things about 8 years ago. Then Claire, then Carly. They followed in his footsteps.

And, now Catie and her partner in crime Caroline have followed suit! This is the scene I walked into last week. It bothered me so much I couldn't post this until today. I am over it now lol.

The good news we have survived five exploring children and now we only have Courtney to go!!

Diapers: Another hot topic of our weekend. We figure we have about two more years left of two kids in diapers (Caroline and Courtney) and about three more years left in diapers total! This is good! We have been changing diapers for 8 years straight (with many years where we had two kids in diapers at the same time like we do today!) We can get through three more years!!

Monday Madness!

This is our newest addition to the family! Hard to open pantry locks! (Doesn't it look like a little face lol)
And, the door lock that makes Catie cry because she cannot get into the laundry room anymore!


It is Monday already?! Waaaaah...

Well, the weekend was to be as per my usual Groundhog day. A few bumps and bruises and a bit of puking.

We got our errands done over the weekend. But, we had to travel with a puke bucket aka the empty ice cream bucket in the van. Poor Cameron got sick this weekend. He had a rough one. But, by last night he wanted pancakes for dinner and felt a bit better. He is off to school today.

Last night, JUST before bed. Catie and Claire were playing. By accident, Claire bumped Catie's nose with a hardcover book and made her nose bleed. Poor gal. Claire apologized right away thank goodness.

And, the best part of the weekend: I purchased finally, pantry and door locks. All I can say is that our little pantry breaker inners cry at the doorways now. And in front of the pantry because THEY cannot get in lol! And Cliff and I can hardly get into them either! EeEK! One or two problems solved...for now.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Pantry sneaks part 2

This morning, it was the pantry in the garage. Those little bugs got the keys to the lock (which we switched around to keep the kids out of the garage a couple of weeks back) and opened the garage door to the pantry. They even figured out which key to use. Remember the case of the missing keys last week!! Well, today our eldest daughter had a trail of fruit snacks wrappers from the laundry area, and all over her bedroom floor. And, and unopened pack in her pockets. Can you say BUSTED!! So, I had to take the pack away, and give it to Carly. Because Big C ate Carly's right out of her lunch kit. I cannot hide the lunch kits too?! What to do.

As I got back in the door from dropping the 3 big kids to school...I noticed Catie girl hiding SOMETHING under the couch in the family room. She scurried away like a little mouse when she saw me as did Caroline. I left it for a bit. After, we cleaned up the 100 piece puzzle off of the floor together, I walked over and peeked my head under the couch. What did I find under there?

A lid to the honey.

Now, my immediate next thought was...where is the CONTAINER!?!?!? SCARY!!! An open honey container SOMEWHERE in this house. Oh please Catie may it not be all over. So, I calmly asked her to find it. She went easily and I spied on her lol. She went immediately to the the living room. I heard her lift the lid of one of my crock. She took it out carefully and replaced the lid. She gave me the container. Most of it gone of course! What a feast lol. I asked Catie to next time tell me she is hungry instead of taking the food out of the upper cupboards. What a little monkey!

The next quest to find out how both Catie and Caroline found my my. Never a dull moment around here I tell ya!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pantry sneaks

This morning our lovely children were up at 5 am. 5 am. Why? To get into the locked pantry and get the semi sweet baking squares. I bet they were really good lol. Less temptation for me lol. Just kidding. Cameron found one square left under the TV armoire. He put it back in the cupboard. The thing with having so many kids, you never get the true story. I could ask all the kids until I am BLUE in the face who ate the chocolates. I will never hear the truth lol. So, instead I just let it go. Let it go. So what right!? I guess they were hungry.

We actually got into bed at 11:30 last night. I was up several times with Cocobean. She was a bit fussy last night. Oh well. Cannot complain. She is a great baby.

Today is Nonna's 59th bday. We are going to make dinner for her tonight and have an angel food cake with her! Got to keep the food in check...even on birthdays.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday Update

It has been crazy around here the last coupla days. But, we had a good day today. For the FIRST time in a long time.

First of all, there is NOT a toothbrush in the toilet. Our eldest child fessed up today, and we thanked him for being so honest. He accidentally dropped a piece of printer paper in the toilet and flushed it. He earned a certificate today for a new book from the book store.

Today, I did a puzzle 100 piece puzzle with Catie who LOVES puzzles. It took us 45 minutes. She LOVED doing the puzzle. I enjoyed spending the time with her. I personally do not like puzzle building. She is good at them that is for sure.

I painted Catie and Carly's toenails and fingernails a happy pink colour today. The love that! So cute. I love having all of these daughters to do girly stuff with.

Carly has been helping us out so much, so she earned a certificate yesterday AND today. She was so happy to receive them. She cashed in on whatever treat you want ALL day. So, she had 3 cookies and she also was the only one to have a bowl of frozen yogurt! The other kids were JEALOUS lol.

So, hopefully Claire will earn a certificate soon. We worked really hard on her popper words tonight. She is struggling in her reading and we have to work with her at home to get up 5 more levels from home. We also had another problem with pee today. I don't know what to do about this issue. She is turning 7 at the end of the month! Very disturbing to say the very least...

Caroline, she is so funny and she looks SO much like Cameron when he was 21 months. Crazy. She is stringing together words to form sentences and she is SOOOOOO loud. She is a loud talker! Wow. Hurts our ears at time. And she eats BIG!! She is always EATING!!

Courtney, well she is doing well. She is starting to drool already. We wonder if her teeth will be in early like Cameron?! He was the only one of our kids to get teeth by 4 months. She is very alert, strong head and smiles up a storm for me! I love it! So rewarding. She will be 3 months old on the 16th already. Time is flying by too quickly. She has the best dimples! She and Caroline have dimples like Cliff. LOVE that. She coos and goos right now and is starting to really find her hands and sometimes her thumbs! She is in 6 months clothes and size 2 diapers! She has given me only 3 sleeps alone in my bed (her in the bassinet) in these last almost 12 weeks. I wonder when I will get my portion of the bed back? Feels like never at this point and time. Oh well. They are only little once. I HAVE to enjoy it!! lol.

As for the house...we lock the bathroom upstairs now. Toilet of course is not functioning...Cliff will be working on that this weekend. *fingers crossed* that the paper clears out!! And, now we brought all of the tooth brushes and paste onto the top of the fridge (oh joy a REAL eyesore to me) and that seems to be working out way better than doing this task daily. More control.

I have also been trying to do new things at home. Playing more with the kids after school. It is hard to do that with a nursing baby I have found. This transistion to six has been the MOST challenging to me. I am seriously PUSHED to my limits. To my max. I often find myself stressed and anxious over all of the details etc. I have to remember on a daily basis. I am trying my best to work with ALL of the kids and give them all I can. But that burns me out!!

After school now, we talk more. Laugh more. And then I take them all into the living room and we play. I give them instructions and they follow them. Stuff like jump on one foot, make a fan around the table (ie run around the table with sharp corners and then reverse lol) Take 4 groovy girls each and throw them into their bucket. To clean up lego...throw them into the bin etc. Simon says type activities. I have done this for 2 days now, and so far so good. I have had positive results. I will do this again tomorrow and see if they like it again lol! I will do ANYTHING to keep them out of the toilets, toothbrushes, make up etc.

Well duty calls. We haven't been keeping our New Years Resolutions of getting into bed by 10...that happened ONCE. We still are burning the midnight oil every night until 12 midnight...tiring, especially because I am still feeding 2-3 times a night. And then up at 6:15 am.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday and maybe a Toothbrush down the Toilet?!

Today, Tuesday. The kids' bathroom toilet is not flushing. Even after a good plunging by Cliff this morning. Remember I said there is a toothbrush missing?! And we looked EVERYWHERE. My guess is that the toothbrush is clogging the toilet.I woke up and thought of that when I heard the complaints and grumblings of my hubby and the sound of the plunger going lol.

Remember there was another toothbrush in the toilet last week...that was Carly's. But Caroline's toothbrush is still missing. I betcha Caroline's Strawberry Shortcake toothbrush is in the drink. EWWWWHHHH.

So, Cliff has turned the water off in the bathroom for now. Looks like we add taking toilet off and trying to see what is jamming up the plumbing this weekend to the weekend list. Oh JOY!

I have locked the bathroom today, as I did that yesterday too. The kids are only allowed to use the powder room downstairs now.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Immunizations x 2

Today was an interesting day. Both Caroline and Courtney had their immunizations today FINALLY at the same appointment. I took Cliff along for the double set today! Caroline is 3 months behind hers from a cold. And so FINALLY her 18 month shots are done at 21 months. Courtney had her first shots (2 months) a bit late ALSO due to a cold.

Caroline weighs in at a wonderful 27 pounds (my little tank!!) only a pound less than our Catie Girl. She is in the 95th percentile for weight. She receieved 2 needles and two more to go in 2 months and then we are done until Kindergarten! YES!! Caroline didn't like the needles. The first one no tears, the second one she cried. She was happy when she got her gummies though. We gave her Tylenol when we got home as she said OWwH, and Hurt. My leg hurt. She went to bed really well.

Courtney, our dear little baby (well not so little anymore) she weighed in at 13lbs 14oz. So close to 14 pounds!(She was 7lbs 8oz at birth)She is in the 90th percentile for weight and is doing well. She received 4 needles today (two in each leg) We go back in 2 more months for the next round of 4. She wasn't a happy camper after, but has done fine tonight.

So, in two months we have a quadruple appointment. Cliff needs his Twinrix for work, Caroline her 2 more shots, Courtney her follow up 4 at 4 months. Me, my check up (first postpartum exam) and then we are good until Courtney is just over six months for more shots.

It was a really LONG appointment, and we did not get home though the door until almost 6 pm. Then it was a push to get the dinner on the table, books read (two kids) read the notices for school, and bathe and teeth brushed and then into bed. Thankfully all of the 6 are in bed right now.

Now, it is time for a cup of tea, and make lunches and get into bed HOPEFULLY before midnight tonight. We seem to be burning the midnight oil these days just trying to 'get it all done'

Monday - no madness?

Well, the new week is here. I am feeling better about everything today. SO far, and just remember it is only 9:19 in the morning lol. The kids got out the door really well this morning without any issue. So that was nice!

Catie got into her sisters lunch kit and ate the pudding and cookies (of course) in the laundry room closet this morning. Can that girl ever hide! She is so silent and light that we REALLLLLY have to search her out. And, one of the kids found the binoculars. So those were put away. I am still missing one of Catie's shoes. Where do they go? I do not know. This bugs me because I am organized and all of these items have a home. Also, I found two toothbrushes on the carpet this morning --in Catie and Caroline's bedroom. Hhhhhhm. Little sneaks!!

Irma: Our house is hard to gate off...I am going to have to think on that one...thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I will gate off the downstairs and find a gate to go across the bottom of the stairs. I am also going to get those door thingys so that Caroline cannot open some of the doors. My problem is mostly when I am sitting down to feed Courtney...then all heck breaks loose. Once the breastfeeding is done, life will be (dare I say it) a little bit easier.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

How was your Week Cathy!?

Well, only Claire ended up sick. Cameron complained of a sore tummy this week, as did Carly. But nobody got ill. So that is good.

I can tell you it has been a week from you know where. SO bad and that is why I haven't been blogging. This week seems like a total write off. I cannot BELIEVE all of the crazy things that happened in our house. At one point this week I was ready to just pack up and walk away from it all. Seriously. That kind of bad week. I know you all have them, and I usually don't like to complain and grumble. But the week really wore me down. Wore on my patience level that is for sure.

Lets see:

*Another missing toothbrush

*Toothbrush in the toilet (one that obviously is not missing)

*Poop on a T-Shirt, Poop in 4 pairs of undies, and 1 pair totally soaked in pee, hidden in the laundry basket.

*Dirty undies in a drawer, dirty undies under the bed.

*Dirty undies under the dresser.

*Finger prints on EVERY window in the house

*A hiding child, who takes off all of her clothing and refuses to put back on

*A diaper off in the crib, and poop all over the carpet

*A child who took the vanity bench, took out a drawer and climbed into the linen closet to get toothpaste (did I tell you I cannot leave ANYTHING in the bathroom)

*A house key taken off the key ring and hidden in the office, and a child in the pantry in the garage at 5 in the morning looking for food to eat (I SWEAR WE FEED OUR KIDS LOL)

*Second day, the OTHER (Second) house key taken off of the key ring and hidden in the house. SAME child!

*Somebody climbed into the 'treat' cabinet and ate 2 - 100 cal pack of chocolate and threw the wrappers in the bathroom garbage (find a better spot next time kids)

*A big girl who decided to pee standing up (and peed all over the bathroom floor in the process)

*Kids who are constantly escaping and getting into the garage and putting on boots

*Stealing my shoes and wearing them all throughout the house

*Leaking diapers into pants

*Leaking diapers into sleepers

*Rat poop in the shed...yuck. Big rat? Big rats? I don't know.

*Special arm pit cream (for Coco) hidden and found behind our chair in or Master Bedroom with wipes. Most of the tube gone.

*A handful of wipes under the dining room table

*A star carved into the window ledge in the living room

*Permanent pen marks in window ledge of the family room

*Kids climbing on the tables

*Furniture with smears of dirt on them

*Pencils and pens on everything EXCEPT the paper

*Fresh laundry dumped on the floor

*Missing my 3 pairs of socks and finding them in a wardrobe!

*Countless break intos the pantry to get food! (seriously! I feed the kids LOTS!)

*Many poo poo accidents

*A child who wore 6 pairs of panties in one day and they were all CLEAN

*A child who decided to get into Mommy's make up (The good stuff) and ruin 3 pots of Lancome. And started in on the h cream.

*A child who wants to be on the computer to see the 'snowman' on and then starts the printer over and over

*Somebody opened a brand new peanut butter, when there was one in the fridge...grhhh.

Those are some of the 'highlights' of my week/our week. Feels good to let them all go here. You know, that feeling when it is just such a crappy day and you just want it to be over...but it never ends. And you wish for a brand new day to have a fresh start. And then that day turns sour, that is how the whole week has gone down. I swore I would not let the kids get the best of me, but I think they 'won' this week. And Cliff and I lost it. Seriously lost it.

I was excited for the weekend, but yesterday was Groundhog Day. And truly, most of my life feels like Groundhog Day. I live the same day (different issues) but the same day each and every day. I felt really bored and frustrated all week.

Today, has been OK. I am SOOOOO glad the sun is out. That makes thing a lot better.

I know my Groundhog Day starts again tomorrow. Different day, same grind. I need to mix things up. I need to find solutions to some of the many issues I face on a daily basis. I am just not sure what to do?!

You know that "If you give a Mom a Muffin" thing? Well, if you give me a muffin in the morning on a plate, I will have to eat it after the kids have eaten.

And when I finally go to take a bite, somebody upstairs will need toothpaste re-applied because somebody sucked off the toothpaste. When I find the toothpaste, because it was hidden under somebodies pillow. I will then notice the dust bunnies hiding under the bed, along with 4 pairs of dirty pants, and undies. I will pick up the clothing and put it in the hamper. I will make a mental note to vacuum upstairs today. And in the hamper will be toys that belong to my son, and one to my youngest daughter. So,I put those back into their respective rooms.

I then hear my name MOM being called once again because somebody is into the pantry downstairs and the Cheerios are all over, so I go back downstairs, and get the vacuuum out. And then I hear the garage door open because I have to go check on that. Kids are escaping when I am upstairs putting out yet another fire. I close the door finally, and I scurry the kids out, and now the Cheerios have spread down the hallway and all over the carpet. And the little girls have now pulled out the plastic bowls to put their Cheerios into. There is a colourful trail of bowls lining the hallway. I am just glad one didn't end up in the toilet today.

Meanwhile upstairs I hear rustling, and the closet doors are banging, and there is a child in there climbing up the closet shelves. I get her down, and finally get the Cheerios cleaned up. I get the vacuum put away. And, then I see that the recycling has been pulled out. I put that away. Right, my muffin. I thought I left it on the counter way back towards the wall. The plate is now hanging off the edge of the counter. I push it back to where I left it. Now, the chair is there, and I need to put it back at the table. And then I notice the dried on food on the table, so I grab the cloth and start wiping it, as that is where I am going to sit. The kids get out the brand new roll of paper towels I just bought at 11 pm last night at the grocery store. And now, the new roll is rolled out down the hallway like the 'red carpet.' Except I don't feel very much like a movie star. I roll the paper towel up. I head back for my muffin. And my muffin has the top removed. While I was busy, the kids ate my muffin top.

I grab a chair and sit down to finally eat the bottom of my muffin, and then I suddenly have 5 kids swarming around me, wanting my muffin. I notice the crumbs on their faces, I wipe them down and their sticky hands. You already had muffin, and you also ate breakfast! This is my breakfast. On my plate is a small bite sized piece left. I sit back down and take that one bite. Just as I sit down to bite the muffin, the baby is crying and her diaper has leaked through. I pop the piece of muffin into my mouth, grab the baby and go change the baby. And spray that outfit right away so that the stain doesn't set in the clothes. I plop it in the laundry room and realize the the laundry needs to be switched. SO I switch it, and then I start a baby load. Now, it is a good I froze some muffins. Maybe at lunch I can have a muffin all to myself? Not a chance!!

Groundhog Day. Yes, my life is just like I actually do not eat muffins all that much, but you can pretty much change it out to an apple or whatever...but seriously. This is how my life is on a daily basis.

Just thought I would put it out there...this week I wondered WHY we had kids in the first place...but they are great when they are sleeping!