Thursday, February 28, 2008

Welcome Home Amy and Tyler

Oh how we missed you both! Welcome back! Yesterday we took all of the kids to the airport to greet Aunty and Uncle! I was so proud of how well the kids behaved! Good job kids!!

Aunty brought us some chocolate bars called, get this: Super 8's! and there are 8 in a package! Cameron got a cool bracelet from Brazil, Claire and Carly got cute little money pouches with a Brazil coin each. Catie and Caroline got cute little sporty t-shirts and I got a cool tank top that fits small (I requested small!!) Thank you Amy/Aunty Amy! We love everything!

My Mom has posted some photos on her blog of yesterday if you want to go have a peek!

Happy Thursday!!


Anonymous said...

No Thank You! I'm so thrilled you could be there. What a great surprise - It really meant alot to us. It was the perfect homecoming (missing Ape & Nick & Abby of course).

xo Aunty A.

PS: You are the Super 8's!

MurrayvilleMom said...

Yes, too bad the B family could not make it yesterday...I hope they are feeling better!

How did you sleep Amy??

Anonymous said...

Pretty good, thanks. About 7 hours. 11-6am (11am Chile time!).


MurrayvilleMom said...

Hey you got a sleep in lol!

PS I changed my blog photo to one with the 3 of us back in July!

I think we need Jillian to take some updated family photos eh!!


The Hoegler Family said...

Hi Cathy. On the picture outside the airport I thought for a second that you had almost shaved your head. But then later on I saw that you were wearing a pony tail. I think you would have looked great with really short hair too after seeing that picture.

Have a good weekend!
Love from Hege

ticblog said...

I saw the pics on Mom's blog the other day already - looks like a very happy reunion. I LOVED the welcome home sign!