Saturday, February 23, 2008

I don't like February...

Why are Februarys so hard?! Why do we always get bad news in February? Why does my MIL and my dear Claire have to have birthday's in February?

Tomorrow my darling little Claire turns 7! SEVEN!! I cannot believe how fast those years have flown by. We did our TSBM for Claire last night! We got some cute clothes for her, and so did my Mom and my MIL! She will be well dressed this week lol. We are having an "old fashioned" birthday party for her tomorrow with her and about 8 girls. She is so excited.

Claire wants to get her ears pierced this year, and we will take her this weekend! I was in Grade 1 when I got mine done too! I wonder if she will always wear earrings? I sure don't...I don't even know if I could get earrings in anymore! I am not into jewels...

Lots to do today as we have a house to clean, laundry to wash and some beds to wash and change. I am giving Cliff a much needed sleep in today! He practically gives me every weekend to sleep in and I wanted to return the favour today (and Coco is sleeping in nicely this am too)

3 kids are fed (3 are still sleeping!) Cameron fed Catie and Caroline their breakfast for me this morning! He is such a big help around here! (Thanks Cameron!!)

Oh, and I am off to get a pedicure FINALLY!! Yay for me.


ticblog said...

Did you ever get your pedicure? I meant to ask and totally forgot.

MurrayvilleMom said...

I did go for a pedicure and some waxing...but still no facial!! Soon very soon!

My feet look nice again, and they deserve it lol!!