Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday - no madness?

Well, the new week is here. I am feeling better about everything today. SO far, and just remember it is only 9:19 in the morning lol. The kids got out the door really well this morning without any issue. So that was nice!

Catie got into her sisters lunch kit and ate the pudding and cookies (of course) in the laundry room closet this morning. Can that girl ever hide! She is so silent and light that we REALLLLLY have to search her out. And, one of the kids found the binoculars. So those were put away. I am still missing one of Catie's shoes. Where do they go? I do not know. This bugs me because I am organized and all of these items have a home. Also, I found two toothbrushes on the carpet this morning --in Catie and Caroline's bedroom. Hhhhhhm. Little sneaks!!

Irma: Our house is hard to gate off...I am going to have to think on that one...thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I will gate off the downstairs and find a gate to go across the bottom of the stairs. I am also going to get those door thingys so that Caroline cannot open some of the doors. My problem is mostly when I am sitting down to feed Courtney...then all heck breaks loose. Once the breastfeeding is done, life will be (dare I say it) a little bit easier.


Kerry said...

Well, at least this week is off on the right foot! (Or is that the calm before the storm??)

LauraC said...

I'm sorry to hear you had a week from hell, but wow you made it through another 7 days with 6 kids and a newborn. Too bad they haven't invented a way to grow eyes in the back of your head.

ticblog said...

Oh, perhaps you daren't... right about the time you're finished nursing is right about the time Caroline will be able to pull al the Catie's... MUAH hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa