Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Madness!

This is our newest addition to the family! Hard to open pantry locks! (Doesn't it look like a little face lol)
And, the door lock that makes Catie cry because she cannot get into the laundry room anymore!


It is Monday already?! Waaaaah...

Well, the weekend was to be as per my usual Groundhog day. A few bumps and bruises and a bit of puking.

We got our errands done over the weekend. But, we had to travel with a puke bucket aka the empty ice cream bucket in the van. Poor Cameron got sick this weekend. He had a rough one. But, by last night he wanted pancakes for dinner and felt a bit better. He is off to school today.

Last night, JUST before bed. Catie and Claire were playing. By accident, Claire bumped Catie's nose with a hardcover book and made her nose bleed. Poor gal. Claire apologized right away thank goodness.

And, the best part of the weekend: I purchased finally, pantry and door locks. All I can say is that our little pantry breaker inners cry at the doorways now. And in front of the pantry because THEY cannot get in lol! And Cliff and I can hardly get into them either! EeEK! One or two problems solved...for now.


Kerry said... more runs to the pantry to satisfy those honey and baking chocolate cravings...

Mrs. Merriman said...

a) I can't believe you have just had to go get those locks (I think we have had them since Ben was crawling!)

and b) that Catie can't open the door with that lock! Keep Ben away from showing her the trick! He had that mastered at 13 months LOL!

FunkyMomma said...

We have a master of those door locks too. Watch Kylie stick her finger in the hole and turn the knob. Watch Mommy and Daddy's surprised look on her face when she does it to our room. Good thing she wasn't a few minutes earlier..... ;o)

Yvonne said...

Hey at least it will give YOU time to think too at something you may or may not want to eat ....

Door locks for you are like my gates ... you'll love them in the end!