Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday Update

It has been crazy around here the last coupla days. But, we had a good day today. For the FIRST time in a long time.

First of all, there is NOT a toothbrush in the toilet. Our eldest child fessed up today, and we thanked him for being so honest. He accidentally dropped a piece of printer paper in the toilet and flushed it. He earned a certificate today for a new book from the book store.

Today, I did a puzzle 100 piece puzzle with Catie who LOVES puzzles. It took us 45 minutes. She LOVED doing the puzzle. I enjoyed spending the time with her. I personally do not like puzzle building. She is good at them that is for sure.

I painted Catie and Carly's toenails and fingernails a happy pink colour today. The love that! So cute. I love having all of these daughters to do girly stuff with.

Carly has been helping us out so much, so she earned a certificate yesterday AND today. She was so happy to receive them. She cashed in on whatever treat you want ALL day. So, she had 3 cookies and she also was the only one to have a bowl of frozen yogurt! The other kids were JEALOUS lol.

So, hopefully Claire will earn a certificate soon. We worked really hard on her popper words tonight. She is struggling in her reading and we have to work with her at home to get up 5 more levels from home. We also had another problem with pee today. I don't know what to do about this issue. She is turning 7 at the end of the month! Very disturbing to say the very least...

Caroline, she is so funny and she looks SO much like Cameron when he was 21 months. Crazy. She is stringing together words to form sentences and she is SOOOOOO loud. She is a loud talker! Wow. Hurts our ears at time. And she eats BIG!! She is always EATING!!

Courtney, well she is doing well. She is starting to drool already. We wonder if her teeth will be in early like Cameron?! He was the only one of our kids to get teeth by 4 months. She is very alert, strong head and smiles up a storm for me! I love it! So rewarding. She will be 3 months old on the 16th already. Time is flying by too quickly. She has the best dimples! She and Caroline have dimples like Cliff. LOVE that. She coos and goos right now and is starting to really find her hands and sometimes her thumbs! She is in 6 months clothes and size 2 diapers! She has given me only 3 sleeps alone in my bed (her in the bassinet) in these last almost 12 weeks. I wonder when I will get my portion of the bed back? Feels like never at this point and time. Oh well. They are only little once. I HAVE to enjoy it!! lol.

As for the house...we lock the bathroom upstairs now. Toilet of course is not functioning...Cliff will be working on that this weekend. *fingers crossed* that the paper clears out!! And, now we brought all of the tooth brushes and paste onto the top of the fridge (oh joy a REAL eyesore to me) and that seems to be working out way better than doing this task daily. More control.

I have also been trying to do new things at home. Playing more with the kids after school. It is hard to do that with a nursing baby I have found. This transistion to six has been the MOST challenging to me. I am seriously PUSHED to my limits. To my max. I often find myself stressed and anxious over all of the details etc. I have to remember on a daily basis. I am trying my best to work with ALL of the kids and give them all I can. But that burns me out!!

After school now, we talk more. Laugh more. And then I take them all into the living room and we play. I give them instructions and they follow them. Stuff like jump on one foot, make a fan around the table (ie run around the table with sharp corners and then reverse lol) Take 4 groovy girls each and throw them into their bucket. To clean up lego...throw them into the bin etc. Simon says type activities. I have done this for 2 days now, and so far so good. I have had positive results. I will do this again tomorrow and see if they like it again lol! I will do ANYTHING to keep them out of the toilets, toothbrushes, make up etc.

Well duty calls. We haven't been keeping our New Years Resolutions of getting into bed by 10...that happened ONCE. We still are burning the midnight oil every night until 12 midnight...tiring, especially because I am still feeding 2-3 times a night. And then up at 6:15 am.


Kerry said...

If only every house came with a GIANT craft/activity room that you could make a mess in (and keep it in there) and just close the door at the end of the day. Wait...I think that might overload your super-organizing gene, LOL!

Glad to hear it was a better day!

ticblog said...

I get tired READING your posts. And then I remember that I have 4 kids, and a photography business, and a day job, and a husband, and some guinea pigs, and and and... retirement can't come soon enough... lol

I find my kids are WAY easier to keep in check even if I spend just 5 minutes one-on-one with each of them every day. Even then, on many days I feel like I don't have enough of me to go around.