Thursday, May 31, 2007

May 31st

Today was a wonderful day. I took my 3rd baby (well almost 5 year old) to her Kindergarten Orientation at school today for a half hour. Smack dab in the middle of the day! From one until one thirty. We met in the library, we were introduced to the staff and the principal spoke. Then, the new kindergarten kids to be we escorted down the hall to the kindergarten class. Carly was the first child in line, followed by about 20 or more kids. I was so proud of her.

When the kindergarten teacher came back, I was looking for Carly and she did not come back with the group. So, I asked the teacher and she said she still must be in the class. So, we took a walk. And, in the classroom sat Carly with the current afternoon kindergarten class. She fit so well in there. The teacher Carly will most likely get is the teacher that Claire has, so she feels very good with her. I felt so happy to see her, my Carly, my big girl sitting there! Working away. She is so excited for September.

There is talk of a split class, which means Carly and Claire could be in a K/1 split together. I said I would let the teachers decide what is right for the girls and I trust them to make a good judgement call. I know Carly could handle an afternoon class 4 days a week, and then on the Friday an all day Class. We will know come September in the first week of school. Whatever teacher and class Carly gets, I am confident that she will thrive there. She is so ready. I am so happy for her. This is my third child to enter the school system. I think it gets easier each time lol.

There is also an outbreak of lice in Cameron's classroom. Lovely. So far, so good. We keep checking. There have been 3 cases so far. Let's hope they go away! Far FAR away.

I was at the doctor's today, visiting on Claire's behalf. She is having some tummy problems and so we are trying to fix her up. Today, she had mineral oil mixed with fruit juice. We did not tell her about the oil in the juice, and she did not notice it! Thank goodness. SCORE one for us! And we will try this for two more nights to see if she will be feeling less pain. Here is to hoping. I will give my doctor an update at my next prenatal appointment. *fingers crossed*

Caroline, well she is teething really hard, and is all snotty again. Darn it. She is currently working on 4 more teeth at the same time. Today I have not breastfed her at all! Could this be the day? We will see tomorrow.

Catie, well my little Catie-kins. She is growing up so nicely. I cannot believe that in September she is off to preschool and will be three years old. She is talking a lot, she sings, she dances and is a very happy and content little lady. She LOVES to wear dresses and skirts and jumps with glee when I pull an outfit out of her closet! So cute. Many people tell me she is my look-alike. All of the others definitely look like Cliff!

Well, as for myself, I am all stuffed up again. I don't think it is a cold, just pregnancy related stuffiness. Yup.

After the doctors appointment, I whipped over to Safeway for some quick stuff, order the cake and then came home made dinner. I then headed to Costco with my MIL to shop for party supplies and a few other items on the list. Everything is almost set for the weekend. I am excited to have family and friends over for a BBQ and celebrate Caroline turning one last month.

Tomorrow is already June 1st. Wow another month is here! Six months left until my due date of December 1st.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

fyi - Anniversary Gifts

I always forget to look at the different anniversary "gifts" that couples should receive on their special anniversary days. I should have received pottery this year. April, well you should have received leather. And, Mom and Dad...Ruby . Dad...oh Dad...better get that Birk's card have a big one coming up!

Customary anniversary gifts and my interpretation of the gifts in brackets:

1st Wedding Anniversary -- paper (received a medical book on my first anniversary)
2nd Wedding Anniversary -- cotton (ummmm, not. Do cotton balls count that I use to block out Cliff's snoring?)
3rd Wedding Anniversary -- leather (what about fruit leather? does that count)
4th Wedding Anniversary -- flowers or fruit (I get flowers every day from Carlyflower and fruit is in abundance in our house...what about the fruit of Cliff's loins? I get pregnant so easily lol)
5th Wedding Anniversary -- wood (to knock somebody over the head with when they snore lol)
6th Wedding Anniversary -- candy (I went through a candy phase, but not for my anniversary that is for sure)
7th Wedding Anniversary -- wool (does feeling sheep's wool count?)
8th Wedding Anniversary -- bronze (can't say I have anything that is bronze except the bronzer I use everyday to look like the day I got married!)
9th Wedding Anniversary -- pottery (Well, so far no pottery and we are in our 9th year!)
10th Wedding Anniversary -- tin (look what I have to look forward to! Maybe somebody will make me a tin can phone?!)
11th Wedding Anniversary -- steel
12th Wedding Anniversary -- linen or silk
13th Wedding Anniversary -- lace
14th Wedding Anniversary -- agate
15th Wedding Anniversary -- crystal
16th Wedding Anniversary -- silver hollowware, peridot
17th Wedding Anniversary -- furniture, watches
18th Wedding Anniversary -- porcelain, cat’s-eye
19th Wedding Anniversary -- bronze, aquamarine
20th Wedding Anniversary -- china
21st Wedding Anniversary -- brass or nickel
22nd Wedding Anniversary -- copper
23rd Wedding Anniversary -- silver plate
24th Wedding Anniversary -- musical instruments
25th Wedding Anniversary -- silver
26th Wedding Anniversary -- original pictures
27th Wedding Anniversary -- sculpture
28th Wedding Anniversary -- orchids
29th Wedding Anniversary -- new furniture
30th Wedding Anniversary -- pearl
31st Wedding Anniversary -- timepieces
32nd Wedding Anniversary --conveyances (including automobiles)
33rd Wedding Anniversary -- amethyst
34th Wedding Anniversary -- opal
35th Wedding Anniversary -- coral or jade
36th Wedding Anniversary -- bone china
37th Wedding Anniversary -- alabaster
38th Wedding Anniversary -- beryl and tourmaline
39th Wedding Anniversary -- lace
40th Wedding Anniversary -- ruby or garnet
41st Wedding Anniversary -- land
42nd Wedding Anniversary -- improved real estate
43rd Wedding Anniversary -- trips
44th Wedding Anniversary -- (info not available on any list)
45th Wedding Anniversary -- sapphire
50th Wedding Anniversary -- gold
55th Wedding Anniversary -- emerald or turquoise
60th Wedding Anniversary -- diamond
65th Wedding Anniversary -- diamond
70th Wedding Anniversary -- platinum
75th Wedding Anniversary -- diamond

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Besth Blog

The Besth Blog: "Baby Alive "

Have a look at Claire's dolly. You may need to cover your eyes and run

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Large Family Article

Living Large: How Many Children

This is from the June 2007 issue of Today's Parent. It is a good read.
  • I am left handed
  • I am not a true blonde, but I act like one. People who know me would consider me a real blonde and like me better that way
  • Our family was on the first season of Crash Test Mommy when I was pregnant with my "final baby" Catie
  • I love clocks
  • I hardly own any pairs of shoes, and I do not like wearing socks. I mostly wear flip-flops
  • I have terrible varicose veins and I am on the wait list for surgery
  • I used to drive a red two seater Honda Del Sol, and I cried when I sold it before I gave birth to Cameron
  • I love to wear dresses and skirts
  • I rarely wear sweats, and I prefer to dress up and look good during the day even if I don't go anywhere
  • I love to write cards, and Hallmark is my standard (or homemade if there is time)
  • I want to continue on with learning how to watercolour paint
  • Spring is my favourite season because it is when all of the flowers and my world comes to life
  • I would love to move to California or Hawaii when the weather is grey and blah.
  • I am the only one in my family with blue eyes. Cliff and the kids all have dark eyes!
  • I am the eldest of three girls
  • My Dad taught me high school art. I did well in art in high school and I was not a "teachers pet"
  • I love roller coaster rides! I love a thrill!
  • I failed grade 10 math, and ended up in summer school. I failed that, and had to take consumer math!
  • I love to laugh, and I would often get in trouble with it!
  • I have a SUPER LOUD SNEEZE that makes my in-laws and husband jump lol! My kids do not jump when I sneeze.
  • I was a cheerleader in high school and I LOVED doing cheers and cartwheels
  • I can still do the splits!

Weekend Summary

I cannot believe the weekend is over already. That is really a bummer. It wasn't the most interesting of weekends. But, it was very productive that is for sure.

Friday night. What did we do Friday night? Well Cliff rented a movie for us called The Holiday I watched some of it, and then I fell asleep. Cliff woke me, and I climbed up to bed exhausted and slept like a log.

Saturday. Whole family woke up around 7:30 a.m. which is almost unheard of here! But nice, and I am not going to complain OK! Good is good! Cliff went to work for four hours (time and a half--YES!!) and then I left the kids with the in-laws for a pedicure appointment, and a little waxing. I was home around 2 pm. Then we decided to order Chinese food for dinner and share with the in-laws. It tasted really good this time! YAY! We gave the kids there baths, and showers, brushed teeth and off to bed. Cliff rented another movie for us, this time The Illusionist. I saw maybe a half hour, and guess who fell asleep? Yes, it was me. Cliff woke me up at around midnight and I got to bed. And I was wide awake. Don't you love I ended up going to bed around 1:00 am because our bedroom was WAY TOO HOT!

That leaves us with today. Our only family day together. Yes, we all slept in till almost 8 this morning! We had breakfast, we played in the yard. There was lots of laundry to do, and clean up, vacuuming, and window cleaning. Then, we packed up the kids to run errands. We did London Drugs, Old Navy for some clothing for some of the kids and I got some great deals. We also did Home Outfitters for a new butter bell as ours smashed on the tile floor (another reason why I don't like tiles!). We also headed to Turkeys Party Makers to purchase items for Caroline's big 1st Birthday Bash we are throwing on Saturday! I purchased stuff is crisp white, and a lovely lime green. We then we all came home and had left over Chinese food. Today, it did not agree with me, and I spit some back on my plate. Yuck. The kids played hard, they did some artwork in the backyard at their table. They cleaned, they gardened. We had a lovely day. Then, we packed up the troops again and we drove to IKEA. I took the three big kids into the store, and the two little gals stayed in the van and slept. I bought two brown slipcovers (white is getting hard with dirty summer feet in the family room) a plastic stool for the powder room, a garbage can for the powder room. Ummm. What else. Some wonderful magazine holders for in the kitchen. And one for the office. And 4 more big white/metal boxes for my office. Then, we used a coupon and I cashed in a nice gift card from my cousin Andrea for Linens n Things! I bought 2 rugs for the kitchen (tile floors hurt underfoot), 2 lovely decorative pillows (to sit on my new slipcovers) and some brand new white towels!! Yay for new white towels!

We came home, the kids had grilled cheese and watermelon. Cliff took 4 kids to the front yard to do some edging and gardening till dusk. I stayed inside and organized the rest of my filing cabinet which is finally totally organized and I feel so much better about that! And, I worked at organizing my shelf. But, there is STILL more organizing and putting away to do. I would say I am 90% done. That is good. We did our night routine, and then got the kids in bed around 8:30 pm. (much later than normal) and then Cliff picked up Subway and we watched Iron Chef America - Pork. I feel sick again. What else is new.

I want to go to bed, but I still need to put the clean sheets back on the bed. Figures. And, I went to go visit my favourite site, and the forum is down...hopefully it will be back up tomorrow.

Still need to get lunches, snacks and mailbags put together. And, fold 2 loads of laundry...I think I will still be in bed before midnight.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

What to blog about?

Anybody have any ideas for me? Want to know something about me? Secrets? Dreams? Wishes?

Let me know...maybe that will kickstart my blog again.

What have you been up to lately?

More like, what have you done for me lately?

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I just haven't been in a blogging mood. I read all of these other thought-provoking, interesting, well written posts by fellow Bloggers and I kinda go...I suck at blogging. Maybe I shouldn't blog. I guess I have really been keeping to myself these days. I really don't have the energy that I had before this pregnancy. So, I have just been going through the paces and trying to just do my job as mom and get to bed, only to get up and do it all again. Thanks for letting me whine a bit. Usually I do not whine but these days I cannot stop. Must be these wonderful hormones!

I have been busy (what else is new) not much to report really. Just that I am doing fine, but just spending time with my family.

I just have to say, I don't like taking care of white tiles. They sure get dirty fast, and that bugs me. I am also tired of cleaning toilets, and sinks and tubs and really just the general maintenance of our home. I just don't feel like doing it all. Maybe I need to hire a housekeeper...hmmm. This pregnancy is making me so tired this go around.

So, there is where I am at. Cliff is at work, and I am at home doing what I do the best! lol.

Have a super weekend everybody!

Township Play Day for Preschool!

Carly attended a big "play day" put on by our township yesterday! It was so well done, and the kids had so much fun! After snack, they all did parachute. Well done, and I think it is a great program! Way to go!

Carly does a mean crabwalk! Wow! She hussled!

oops! down she goes!

Foam block between the knees around some cones, and back again!

May Day Parade - Last Monday

May Day, May Day...everybody please look at Mommy taking the picture!!
Here are my Fab Five last weekend waiting for the parade to start. It was fun to watch, and interesting to watch people stare, and count the kids. Imagine what people will do when my belly is way out there...
It certainly is hard to get a good shot of the whole group...oh well. It is a memory right?!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Caroline - Update

Caroline is getting her 5th tooth (FINALLY!) and today she stood up without assistance, once she realized she was standing down she went! So exciting.

To get around she shuffles around on her knees like she is walking! Then, that gets too slow and she crawls.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Why I love my Hubby...

The other day, I got a voicemail from Cliff. And, basically he called to tell me that he stopped traffic (with his lights and flashers on and everything) for a family of get this: Ducks and ducklings. He said he made sure that the Mom, the 4 babies and the Dad made it across the crosswalk safely. How can you tell this man has kids!

I thought it was the sweetest message to hear that my hubby did that. Made me fall in love with him all over again.

Can you help me find a word/words from both sets of letters please!

Here are the letters for both groups:

E A A L M N (bonus words N and E)


E A A L M C (bonus words N and E)

In a perfect world I would love to use ALL of the letters...I am interested to see what you all can come up with. I am stumped.



Thursday, May 17, 2007

Here is Carly and I

These were taken by Kristy! (thank you Kristy!!) at the preschool Mother's Day Tea. It was a lovely day together!


My Carly, who is will be 5 this August...she is my little Carlyflower. She is so sweet. I can count on her to bring me "flowers" each and every day. I love that about her. I get out a little glass wine glass (from my Gran) and we fill it up with water and we put the blooms in it. Yesterday I received a little bloom of lily of the valley, some purple "flowers" and then a geranium stalk with pink blooms. Each day I wonder which flower she will bring me. When I am having a bad moment, I can look on my window ledge in the kitchen and see my flowers.

Today she brought me 2 purple "flowers."

Carly has decided that she wants to become a COWBOY! I ask her, and she says she is going to milk cows and bring the milk to me. She also tells me she wants to marry me, or her Daddy. I told her she will find a wonderful man one day. Just like her Daddy.

free day yesterday

Yesterday was the first time I haven't breastfeed Caroline in just over a year. I thought to myself, this could be it?! But nope. Today is a different day. I guess I will have to go out more often...Cliff got her to take her cup at night. I went to the mall and out for dinner with my Mom-in-Law. Hhhmmm. Maybe more shopping is in order.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

My Mom and Me

Cliff and his Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

I tried to find a photo of my Mom and I, and photo of Cliff and his Mom and these were the only two photos I could come up with. I think as a Mom, we are always the busy ones. Often behind the lens of the camera, and rarely in a photo with our kids. I know that is how it goes in our place. I am finding that sometimes it is just better to capture the memory in my heart, than through the camera lens.

But, to look at the photos above, all I can see is love. Love, Love and more LOVE.

A mother's love is universal. Nobody can make you feel as good as a Mom. See how our Mom's cradled us over and over in our arms, well I carry my babies the exact same way. To be cared for and adored. To be loved and cherished by your Mom is something beyond words.

Before I was a Mom, I didn't realize everything that goes into becoming a Mom. I didn't see or remember all of the stuff that is behind the scenes so to speak. The often thankless job of being a Mom. I remember asking my Mom when I was a kid why there isn't a "Kid's Day" and my Mom told me because every day is Kid's Day. And Mom, you are absolutely right!!

Moms, running around doing a million things at once, or "multitasking" or just simply just trying to make it through the day. Some days I wish that I could stay in bed forever, and never come out. Or, there are days like today, when your 4th child in her crib in the next room over says "Good Morning Mommy" and then again in the happiest tone of voice. I could not sleep in, I had to go to this sweet little lady and pick her up! How could I resist. And, then I changed 2 diapers. And got them dressed.

This morning I was given 2/5 gifts for Mother's Day. Claire gave me a card which had a butterfly on it made by putting paint on her palms and it was so beautiful! She wrote Happy Mother's Day in it, and Love, Claire. And, she also painted a little blue and purple circular box with glued on jewels. It was beautiful. Cameron, well he made me raisin toast with butter and honey. And dear Claire, tipped the plate and one piece landed flat down on the carpet. Why do things land sticky side down? And, he made a kiln fired heart in green with dried branches and flowers with a red string to hang it with. It had a tiny little carved heart on the front that was just for me. And, a lovely booklet stating all of the nice things I do for him, and a card with coupons such as 10 hugs and 10 kisses, I will vacuum the house, I will dust the whole house. Tomorrow, is a special Mother's Day tea at school with Carly when I will receive my "gifts" and I cannot wait to spend that time with her at her school.

I cannot believe that at some point in my life I will receive 6 gifts for Mother's Day. And this is coming from a girl who originally did not want any kids or to get married. But, truly I have 5 gifts, and another on the way! I feel that I don't even need gifts because they are my treasures. I have so much to be thankful for this Mother's Day.

Mom, I am thankful to you, because I have learned so much from you. You are my teacher, and I hope that I am doing the same wonderful things with my own kids. I hope that I can become 1/2 the woman that you are. You don't complain, you are cheerful, giving and supportive. Thank you Mom for being a wonderful support and Mom to me. And, Grannie to my kids.

Mom (in-law) I am thankful to you because you gave birth to a wonderful son Cliff who became my wonderful husband of 9 years. You raised him to be strong, caring, loving and a giver. I admire your strength and love, and I am so glad you are the Nona to our kids. I am very thankful for the love and support you give to Cliff and myself.

April, my sister: Happy Mother's Day. Abby sure got a wonderful Mom to nurture her, feed and care for her. I am so proud of you, and all that you do. You are raising a wonderful baby girl and to see you as a Mom makes my heart proud. I am so excited for you. Your first Mother's Day! Enjoy the time, and I hope you get 4 hours (at least) to yourself to do as you please. You deserve so much Sis. I love you, and thank you for being a wonderful support to me too.

Amy, my sister: I know what your heart desires, and I truly hope that ALL of your dreams will come true. I just want to put my props out to the Aunty who truly is a marvel! I love the way the kids get so excited when they hear your name, for the trips to the pool, the fun times, and surprises up your sleeves. You are a WONDERFUL sister and Aunty. And I just wanted to say thanks. I know you are doing a wonderful job with Kayla too. She is very lucky to have you Amy. I love you!

Andrea, my cousin: I hear your Mother's Day is really busy today, and your life is very hectic. But, I hope you get the time to nurture yourself today too. You are doing such a fabulous job with Matthew! I know life can get very stressful, but you handle everything which such ease. I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Cynthia, my friend: Happy Monster Day to you. I feel the most for you today. I know your Mom is not with you, and I am so sorry. I know you miss her, but I am sure your Mom is looking down on you today. You are a super Mom, balancing a lot with work and home and raising a wonderful little boy Ben! You are a marvel, and full of talent! I am so glad that we became friends! Love you!!

To my Blogger Pals: Happy Mother's Day. I am so excited each day to check in with you all, and read with admiration about your tales of raising your kids! You all amaze me! Especially you Irma, with your gorgeous 8 kids!! Thank you for your support and advice.

To my Grandmother's Grannie and Oma: Thank you for giving birth to my Mom, and to my Dad. Thank you for doing such and amazing job with them! I have so much to learn from you both. I love you both so much.

To the Mom's to be: Wishing you all happy and healthy pregnancies and births!

For the Mom's who have just had babies! Congratulations! Especially you Alyson! Having a sweet boy on Mother's Day! Wow.

To the Mom's who are trying to get pregnant: I am sending all of my baby dust to you! Tummy rubs!

I wish you all the very best today, and enjoy your day with your families. This is what being a mother is all about!

I know when I look around my house today, I am thankful for my little blessings which are my kids. My life just would not be as full, fun or fabulous without them all. My life is truly crazy and chaotic at times, but I would never change it!

Enjoy your day today!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

7 little-known facts about myself

I got tagged by Laura to come up with 7 little-known facts about myself. So here you go Laura. I hope I can think of 7!?

  1. When I was younger in high school and in my early 20's I never ever wanted to get married, or have kids. But, I met Cliff and obviously my feelings have changed a little bit on that topic!
  2. I never thought I would live in a township, as I always thought I would be a city girl, with the high powered sales career and the hot red sports car.
  3. My right ring finger was broken in a fight between grade 10 and 11. I was standing up to this sporty jock, and she broke my finger on a diagonal. It still doesn't bend properly, and I cannot fit a ring over my finger. In the fall and winter it aches.
  4. I came in 3rd place in a duathlon when I was 17 in the Kokanee Prestige Series. It was 5k run, 30k cycle, and then a 5k run! I wanted to win, but I didn't. I like to WIN!!!
  5. I want to run a marathon before I turn 40 (so I have 5 years!!!) and like Laura, I don't like the first 10 minutes of my run either! The furthest distance I have run in my adult life is 14K. And, that was one of my best runs to-date.
  6. I have white couches, chairs, bedding and towels throughout my home! And, they stay pretty clean with 5 kids!
  7. If I could do anything right now with my life, I would still choose motherhood over fame and fortune.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Guess who got a new bed?!

Old Bed

Happy 9th Anniversary to us!
Our New Bed

Cliff and I decided, that it was time to move up to a king size bed. So, off we went to the local Sleep Country Canada and purchased ourselves a fine new matrimonial bed.

With 5 kids, and another wee one on the way...our bed has seen better days. Last night was our first sleep in it, and I had no troubles drifting off to lala land.

And, I only woke up once to go pee around 3 am. Darn pregnancy!

We are used to a queen size, and when we got married my parents ordered us a brand new bed, and a beautiful headboard, that was 9 years ago. Our bed was well loved.

Our Anniversary

Here is the lemon cake my mom brought over to share with us! We had a nice dinner together with my in-laws, my parents and our kids. We made tacos, and we had lemonaide! Anybody who knows us, know how significant lemons are to Cliff and I!
We had an impromtu lovely party!
Here is a self portrait of both of us 9 years later...

Carly, Claire and Catie (note her new do)

Cameron was at school and Caroline in bed when I took this photo!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

9 on the 9th

Today, Cliff and I have been married for 9 years.
Here are a few shots of us from that glorious day.

At the church, just after we were married at 3 o'clock.

Cliff and I having fun during the formal picture session.

Here we are entering into our reception hall, which was one fantastic evening that went by way too quickly! But, it is forever in our hearts. It was marvelous!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Caroline 12 month update

Cliff took Caroline for her 12 months shots yesterday. My doctor was amazed as she didn't cry. Especially for the 2nd out of 3rd shot which was supposed to sting and really hurt. Not a peep. She reminds me so much of her brother Cameron. He was much the same way. I am so proud of my little gal. And, for the 3rd shot she just was loud, and then she was fine!

I asked Cliff about her weight and height, and he really couldn't remember lol.

12 month stats (approx)

Weight: 20 lbs and a "few" ounces I think lol
Height: 21"??? That is what she was a birth, well maybe 30"?
I don't know, ask at you next prenatal appointment. Gotta love that lol.

Anyways, she is doing well! Yay Caroline. We have no concerns for her.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

This photo was taken today around 4 pm. Catie is zonked on my chest, and Caroline was feeding and fell asleep on my chest. These are the moments when being a Mom mean the most.
These are the cherished moments of motherhood!

Sweet Chariot!

Sweet ride, for sweet kids! I got an early Mothers Day present!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

You should always have a pirate at your party!!

Too bad Catie wouldn't do it for the camera. She now puts on the pirate hat and makes her pirate face! Here she is running away!

some more from Caroline's birthday yesterday

when you have family, there is always a party!

Caroline's First Birthday

The Case of the Missing Toothpaste

Yes, last night...finally after a long day Cliff and I are in our bathroom and he discovers that our whole tube of toothpaste is missing. First thought...Catie took it. We look in drawers, cupboards etc. It is not there.

Cliff goes into Claire's room and low and behold. The tube of toothpaste is under her pillow. Yes. You read that right. Under her pillow.

Why? Why? Why?????

Nothing like warm toothpaste on your toothbrush before you go to bed.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day May Day

Here are a couple of photos of Caroline taken on Mothers Day 2006
(May 14th 2006 - Caroline was 12 days old)

Well, I survived a rough day. One I do not wish to repeat. I am thankful to have another day to try again. My sweet Mom-in-Law brought me over Lily of the Valley. A little posey to put beside my bedside table. Instantly reminded me of our wedding, and our wedding flowers. My friend and my two sisters carried Lily of the Valley posies. Wow, do they ever smell beautiful. She made my evening! Thank you Mom.
Seeing the flowers also reminded me of Caroline's birth...and she became my lily of the valley. Claire, my tulip, Carly my sunflower, Catie my garden rose and sweet Caroline. Cameron is my strong branch, and another blossom of some sort will join our family at the end of the year.
As Caroline slumbers tonight as a baby, she will awake in the morning a one year old. What a fast year.

a snapshot of my day today

  • Two older girls dumped/used 3/4's of a brand new body wash that was for their baby sister. They were trying to wash their dirty bums, and failed. Poop was all on the clean bathmats and on the floor and of course in their underwear...yuck
  • Two older girls did their own laundry and folding of the laundry aka Poo Poo load yuck.
  • Washed white slipcovers as dirty backyard feet got onto them
  • Washed, folded and put away 3 large loads of laundry (and then of course the "bonus" laundry lol)
  • Cleaned glass doors and windows
  • Bleached out the new (to us) kitchen sink and it looks so much better
  • dusted main level of the home
  • Two older girls got into my make up brushes, licked them/sucked on them and they were my nice brushes (MAC) and we spent the whole evening looking for them and they are still not found. (April two of the brushes from you, boo hoo)
  • Catie got into my office and dumped my thank you cards all over and locked herself in the office
  • Two older girls got locked into our walk-in closet and on the floor I found nail clippers that belong in my make up drawer along with the brushes that are still missing
  • Broke my toenail down very low on the vacuum hose (ouch) but still did the whole home.
  • Just ordered a birthday cake this evening for the birthday girl tomorrow!
  • Spent a lot of today feeling very angry at my girls, and then felt bad for feeling angry at them
  • Talked with the bank
  • Older girls went to bed right after dinner
  • Older girls took hairspray and water to their dollies *how did I forget that one?!
  • Didn't kiss my 11 month old tonight or breastfeed her. She went to bed with a cup of milk and she survived and so did I! I will kiss her goodnight for the last time as a baby! Tomorrow she is officially a toddler! Wow!
  • Went grocery shopping for stuff for tomorrow's birthday dinner! Pasta with salad and garlic bread!
  • Going to watch American Idol now...good night