Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Catie's first wiggly tooth

The finger doing the pointing, is Claire's finger. She helped us find it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Sisters {Best Friends Love Each Other}

{Caroline, who walks around telling ups that best friends love each other, and Coco}


Caroline's shirt says LOVE.

Courtney wearing her big sister's boots. She doesn't mind that they are too big!

And Courtney, the baby. Ha ha.

I love the way the two of these girls gets along. I know Caroline is a great big sister, to her little sister Coco. They help each other out. Courtney helps her make her sister's bed. Caroline lets me know when her sister needs her diaper changed. Or, that she is hungry LOL.

I love the relationship that they both have. It is really neat to watch them grow up together, and I am happy I can watch this daily! I totally enjoy my morning when the four big kids are at school, and then it is just time for the three of of us together. I cherish this, because after the next school year, Caroline will move to full time K, and then the year right after that, she will too.

I will be alone in the house. In two more school years.

That will be weird for me.

My Baby Girl {Coco}

I have been neglecting my blog, and going through my image folders, I decided to post a few images that I love. They are not technically perfect, or going to win any awards, but I love them. These are of my baby! I am ashamed to say, I cannot even remember how old Courntey is here, but she still has the same sucky fingers, and the same eyes. Next, I will post a couple from February.

I don't really even pull out my camera to take photos of my own family, and I hope they will forgive me when they see how lame their albums really are. Cameron of course, has the most. Courtney has about a quarter of a book. Boo, bad Momma I know. However, both Caroline and Courtney have complete blogs of my pregnancies of each of them! Oh how the times have changed!

I wish digital would have been there when Cameron was born in '99. I wish I would have blogged each and EVERY pregnancy and birth. However, the other four have total baby books. So, do Caroline and Courtney, but not as complete as I would like.

Having six kids, all of the memories and 'important details' begin to fade into a big old blog which is my brain these days!

All I know, is that my 'baby' is going to be three this Novemeber, and I cannot believe it! She is so fun and we enjoy everything more because she is the last.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olympic Fever!

Well, on Day 102 (Monday) the torch rolled into our town of Langley, BC Canada. We live an hour away from the City of Vancouver (Host to the Winter Olympics 2010) The last leg of the torch arrives in Vancouver tomorrow, and then the Opening Ceremonies. I also like to see that VAN2010 is a trending topic on Twitter! Yay!

Anyways, we watched the torch at the Langley Events Centre, and one of my daughters (our eldest) Claire sang as part of the official ceremony amongst other grade 3 classes in the area. Carly went with her class, and Cameron when to a different location and did the same thing. Cliff took the day off work to experience this (probably) once-in-a-lifetime experience together. I know our three little girls loved the excitement too! We all wore our official Hudson's Bay CANADA t-shirts. Cliff in black, me yellow. Kids all in the red.

I took photos and videos on my iphone, but I am not sure how to upload to Boring posts sans photos!

Here is a beautiful song sung by a local 15 year old! I Think she is pretty darn amazing!

Cheers! One more day to go! I am excited to see who lights the cauldron on the very last leg of the Olympics. I also wished I could see Jann Arden and Michael Buble run the leg of the race today I believe!

Here is one more song that I love too (and shows the sort of branding of the 2010 Olympics) And, I hope we get some snow on Cypress!! It is like Spring here this year!

Vancouver's wonderful well-known Sarah McLachlan. A beautiful song!