Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Baby Girl {Coco}

I have been neglecting my blog, and going through my image folders, I decided to post a few images that I love. They are not technically perfect, or going to win any awards, but I love them. These are of my baby! I am ashamed to say, I cannot even remember how old Courntey is here, but she still has the same sucky fingers, and the same eyes. Next, I will post a couple from February.

I don't really even pull out my camera to take photos of my own family, and I hope they will forgive me when they see how lame their albums really are. Cameron of course, has the most. Courtney has about a quarter of a book. Boo, bad Momma I know. However, both Caroline and Courtney have complete blogs of my pregnancies of each of them! Oh how the times have changed!

I wish digital would have been there when Cameron was born in '99. I wish I would have blogged each and EVERY pregnancy and birth. However, the other four have total baby books. So, do Caroline and Courtney, but not as complete as I would like.

Having six kids, all of the memories and 'important details' begin to fade into a big old blog which is my brain these days!

All I know, is that my 'baby' is going to be three this Novemeber, and I cannot believe it! She is so fun and we enjoy everything more because she is the last.


Beth said...

Three??? Oh my goodness--where does time go. I could have sworn she would be turning two. She is adorable--just like all of your kids! It's funny how she looks a little bit like all of them.

Nikki said...

I love the idea of blogging the pregnancies. I'm currently working on Marcus' baby book, trying to get all the notes and details done so that I can just add photos...