Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Rag Doll

A long long time ago, back when we had an 'average' size family my sister Amy bought either Claire or Carly a pair of wooden clogs. Well, as we were packing up and sorting through boxes etc. We came across the clogs again. Coco really likes them. I love seeing something get another use again!

P.S. Coco used the toilet again tonight to go pee. 4th time now!! Go Coco GO!

Growing Girl

We had a really great week last week. Things are changing around here! The kids are growing up, and we are liking all that is happening to our family! We are having a lot of fun together that is for sure. For many Sunday's in a row, my parents have been taking all of the other five kids to Sunday school. They of course leave little Coco behind to spend a quiet morning with us. It has been highly enjoyable for all of us. This past Sunday Cliff, Coco and I went IHOP for pancakes. It is certainly easier heading out with one little one. And as you can see from the photos she is full of life!

If you are wondering how the images look like that? It is an app for my iPhone called "Hipstamatic" and I absolutely love it! It is fun just to take photos of the kids just because. I need to do more of that.

We are down to a mere two weeks before we move. Still need to figure out a blog name for us. I hope to blog more about our life as a family of eight.

Still a lot to do! We are breaking it down in chunks to get it all done. I am glad that we did a lot of prep work before we listed our place.

New adventures on the horizon! We are so excited!


This is what I love most about sisters, and their sisterly love!
They were sleeping together. I guess the day wore them out.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Girl Now?

Coco went pee in the toilet again tonight! You should have seen the excitement around here!

She did it her first pee last week ! (I missed the first one!) This is her second time!

Could this be the end of diapers? I won't get too excited just yet.

Happy Friday!

Friday Five!

Me and my two sisters who I adore and love. Their support and laughter keeps me going on the days when I feel like giving up! I love that we are all Mom's now!

The original family! This was taken on Mother's Day. We all snuck into the corner for a photo. Rare!

We have a long weekend coming up this weekend! It is good, because we have a lot of packing to do! Yes, we are moving! Our move will bring us to a brand new town, and we cannot be more excited! Life is changing and we are all looking forward to brand new adventures together!

Thank you for the great suggestions for new blogs for me to check out! Much appreciated!

I have a LOT of packing to do. A LOT! Feels like we just got in here, however we were here for over three years! So many changes in those three little years.

I need to figure out a new blog name, if I decide to keep blogging. Still thinking on that! Maybe I can get some help on this! I may blog just to keep our family up-to-date on the goings on with our family! Not sure if I can keep up with it all.

I gave away all of my little girls stuff, and I got rid of Cameron's crib today. It has been a bittersweet week for sure. Not willing to pack it all and not use it. The items are best being used by babies who need it!

Had a nice hug from an old high school friend. The one who took the crib! Love her and miss her! It has been too long!

I am not running at all. Just taking it easy as we adjust to all of the new stuff happening around us!

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Interesting Blogs

Which is your 'go-to' blog each day? I have my blogs along the side that I love.

I am looking for some new/different/fresh blogs to read. Maybe about photography, maybe a Mom with six kids. Maybe beautiful art or home decorating.

Anyways, if you know of a goodie! Please let me know if the comments please!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

cathy [pieces of me]

A self portrait.
Something I hope to do more of in the future. I just used my photobooth, and then edited to my liking in photoshop. I just love the wash of sunlight in this photo. Sunshine makes me happy!

I also made some changes to my blog.

My Mother's Day and more...

Oh here is me with my sweet little nephew Colby. I got few minutes of cuddle time.

Me and my sweet little Caroline.

A photo with me and my hubby. We started with the two of us back in 1998, and 12 years later...

A full round of 8. Instant party :D

A stellar family photo!!

(Thank you to my Mom who is the family photographer these days! xo)

Monday, May 17, 2010

delish* magazine

You need to check out this most beautiful magazine called delish* which was unveiled today! Three of my friend/blogger/online friends created it, along with many other talents inside! I also spied Laura in there. She'd better get flipping! My photography is in there too! See if you can find it :D

Please spread the word about delish! Congratulations Tamara, Cynthia and Emma!

Mother's Day and our Anniversary Day

Here is one photo that 'sort of' worked out LOL. This was AFTER a long and busy day and we were all worn out. I am so thankful and grateful for my beautiful kids.

Nice photo. Thanks Cameron! Happy 12 years honey!

Thanks Claire!

Thanks Carly! (They all wanted to take a photo of us! We gave up after this beauty LOL)

I love my six pack! xo

Our Anniversary [12]

We were able to get out for dinner the evening before our real anniversary. Thank you to Cliff's Mom for helping us to get out by ourselves the night before our 12th Anniversary. (which was also Mother's Day.)

We headed out to Milestones. I tried a new wine (Talus, Pinot Grigio from California) very smooth and a touch of sweetness. Loved it. Loved the time alone with my husband more. The gift of time together is a real gift these days! I wore a brand new maxi dress, and had my toes done. I heart spring! So many beautiful days and moments in the merry, merry month of May. We didn't even get a photo of us both LOL.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Caroline [4]

My in our household is always a busy time. Add is some major life changes and whammo. Life is crazier than before! I am attempting to catch up this blog!

Our sweet little Caroline Mae had her birthday back in the beginning of May! I think you can tell from the photos that she turned FOUR!

We had a nice lunch with Nanny and Pappa and of course our family. We had cake too. Chocolate cake (Carolines choice) and we also had cupcakes.

Caroline really wanted a "puutar" so she got one. A purple guitar. Caroline loves music, and loves to sing.

Caroline, we love you. xo

Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 x 5 = 50

My girls and their pink painted toenails.




Caroline (check out how rough her feet are!)


Having one boy and five girls is awesome. I have really been enjoying watching the kids grow lately! With our "baby" turning three this November. I am finding it easier to do things. And go places. Less struggle than when we had a newborn in the house. I do miss newborns however. I am thankful to my two younger sisters for having babies so I can cuddle and give them back.

With five girls, there are cute clothes, cute shoes. Fun hair and lots of fingernails and toenails. I finally went out and bought the brightest pink I could find. I painted fifty little itty bitty toenails. It was fun. I can see some of the kids have my feet and toes. Poor girls. I cannot wait to do it again with them! It is also a good time to connect with each of them. One on one. And of course for some quiet time as they are banned to the sofa.

While you were working!

Lemon Meringue on the window ledge.

I think the pieces are oranges. Or maybe pie pieces. My kids like knives. They ALL have gone for the serrated knives over the years. Starting with Cameron. In fact, he used to suck his fingers. Until he cut his finger. He never sucked his fingers again. Now, history repeats with the knives, and the finger sucking. Courtney and Cameron were/are the only ones to suck their fingers. Not bad out of six kids! No more injuries by knife thank goodness. Only myself when trying to cook!

I think this was another 2 litre of milk. They tried to clean it up :D

I work a lot. I am running my family, running my business. Sometimes I get caught up (well a lot of the time) I get caught up on tasks. And things happen while I am working. Here are a few randoms I remember to snap as the days go by!

Remember, it is all my fault! I was not paying attention when this happened. And no kids were hurt either.

I didn't take photos of the last 'incident' which were frozen blueberries. Again, all my fault. I had deadline to meet. Was stuck in my office. And Caroline and Coco got into the big blues. It was a mess. I chose not to photograph. Ugggh. I had to cancel a get together with my Granny. Sorry Granny! It was a BAD moment!!


We took a trip to our local IKEA awhile back. Family trips in the van are always a lot of fun! We pick up some Tim Horton's and they get a couple of Timbits each.

This particular trip was last minute. I cannot even remember what we bought! Hmmm I have to keep thinking on that. My memory is so bad now that I am so old :D

Anyways, we arrived and the sign above them was perfect! We told them to make a grumpy pouty face and that is what they did. The photos are better on Cliff's camera. LOL.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A home movie.

Claire had to prepare and read a speech in her grade three class earlier this year. She choose to write about her family. Cliff started taping her without anybody knowing. This video is a sneak peek into the life of our family. I love it! Always loud, but there is always love. And some crazy moments. Very crazy moments.

Like when Dora the Explorer got into the peanut butter and cream cheese. Right Caroline!!? Totally random, and a whole other day with many more stories and images just like this one!

A walk along the river.

My Catie Girl.

My sweet Caroline!

My six. In the golden sunlight.

Favourite iPhone Photos

Cameron, Claire and Carly in DT Vancouver during the Olympics!

P.S. The colour on here is the lighting on the sculpture. I love the effects!

and one, two three JUMP!

I am finally downloading my images off of my phone. I hope to post some more photos today! I am playing catch up online! :D