Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Rag Doll

A long long time ago, back when we had an 'average' size family my sister Amy bought either Claire or Carly a pair of wooden clogs. Well, as we were packing up and sorting through boxes etc. We came across the clogs again. Coco really likes them. I love seeing something get another use again!

P.S. Coco used the toilet again tonight to go pee. 4th time now!! Go Coco GO!


love said...

just read through some of your nice to meet you! i love meeting moms with more kids than we have!! [for now] =)
your family is precious!

Anonymous said...

Ok I love that Coco loves the clogs! I think they were bought for Claire - roadside on the way home from a girls trip to Osoyoos. :-)

Also, I have cell phone video footage of Uncle Tyler doing the same rag doll move on Coco - when Coco was just a baby!

xo Aunty A.