Thursday, May 20, 2010

Interesting Blogs

Which is your 'go-to' blog each day? I have my blogs along the side that I love.

I am looking for some new/different/fresh blogs to read. Maybe about photography, maybe a Mom with six kids. Maybe beautiful art or home decorating.

Anyways, if you know of a goodie! Please let me know if the comments please!



bari said...

Design Mom is a great blog I read, and she just had her 6th! A bit of design, decor, diy, stuff to do with 6 kids.

Frankie said...

well even though im a big fan of yours i also follow

good luck!

LauraC said...

I think you will love this one Cathy! This woman Love has four girls and they adopted a boy from Africa. She has such a refreshing look at life:

Of course Pioneer Woman cooking and Pioneer Woman photography. She has monthly photography contests you can enter to win prizes.

I read all mine via google reader. Here are some others I like that you might find interesting.

And the pictures on today's wedding post are PHENOM here:

(Tonya photographs my friend Erin's family. Small southern cali photography world since DrewB is friends with Julie from Joy's Hope who is friends with Erin as well. I just started following that whole set of photography blogs, including Mom*Tog.)

Michelle said...

Well Cathy here is my list


Friend in real life

the rest are on my about page ;)