Thursday, May 06, 2010

What to say?

I am what? I am feeling how? I feel like? I don't feel like. I am not sure. I am tired. I need a holiday. I need a break.

I cannot believe Caroline turned 4. I cannot believe I have so many photos to develop that I am overwhelmed at how absolutely empty the photo albums are. Especially Coco's. Too much time to get it all together. However feeling that MEGA guilt of not getting it done. I think I should hire somebody to get those done for me. I think I need to outsource that part of my life!

My new little Nephew was born one week ago! Welcome to the world Colby Thomas! How we adore you. I am insanely proud of my warrior sister Amy who endured so much! SOOOO proud of you, and the Mom you have become in the last week. So amazing! I took some photos of the little sweetie. I am waiting for the birth announcement before I share any photos. All I know is that he is wonderful!

This weekend, Cliff and I celebrate 12 married years. Yes, our anniversary is on Sunday. Also on Mothers Day. That was poorly planned ;D

That is a lot of years together, and I wish we could celebrate it. However, it will be pretty lame as per usual. Hopefully the 20th anniversary will make up for it LOL. We really haven't made that big a deal of the married years. I think we celebrate enough. Maybe just not on the day. But we often talk about our life together. Life is good to us!

And, well. We are making a move. A big move. I will blog more about that later. Let me just say, I will not be MurrayvilleMom anymore. Remember the big stuff I was talking about early. Yah. I may create a brand new blog, with a fresh feel, or I may not blog anymore. Well, except for my work blog.


Christina B said...

very excited to hear about the big changes to come! hope you're happy about them...i'm not happy at the thought that you may not be blogging anymore...but i get it!! and don't habour guilt about things left're too busy living a great life with your great kids! i'm "all ears" for the upcoming post!!

LauraC said...

Cathy I am dying to know more!! Where are you moving? I guess I will just wait until the big announcement.

Teresa said...


Anonymous said...

well cuz, as far as i'm concerned you HAVE to keep on blogging... how else will i keep track of you and the family??? lol. i would be sad if you didn't blog anymore but get just how very busy you are... i'll still love you lots and lots.
andrea xo

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, I don't get all i want done either with my 6. You do a great job! I will miss your blogs if you stop but understand.

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy. :D

Beth said...

Such a tease! Can't wait to hear more, and if you don't blog, I'll miss you. But But when it stops working for you, it's time to let go. Thinking of you!