Monday, May 31, 2010

Growing Girl

We had a really great week last week. Things are changing around here! The kids are growing up, and we are liking all that is happening to our family! We are having a lot of fun together that is for sure. For many Sunday's in a row, my parents have been taking all of the other five kids to Sunday school. They of course leave little Coco behind to spend a quiet morning with us. It has been highly enjoyable for all of us. This past Sunday Cliff, Coco and I went IHOP for pancakes. It is certainly easier heading out with one little one. And as you can see from the photos she is full of life!

If you are wondering how the images look like that? It is an app for my iPhone called "Hipstamatic" and I absolutely love it! It is fun just to take photos of the kids just because. I need to do more of that.

We are down to a mere two weeks before we move. Still need to figure out a blog name for us. I hope to blog more about our life as a family of eight.

Still a lot to do! We are breaking it down in chunks to get it all done. I am glad that we did a lot of prep work before we listed our place.

New adventures on the horizon! We are so excited!

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Teresa said...

Yay - so exciting and overwhelming, isn't it? You're going to love it here and we can't wait to have you :)