Sunday, March 25, 2007

Am I in my 60's?

This statue caught my eye in Science World, , because I looked at her, and I saw my own body right there starting back at me in bronze. Seriously, I asked Cliff to take my photo because this is who I see staring back at me in the mirror these days.

Nature's Candy

I don't know if you call raisins "Nature's Candy?" But in our house we have always had that joke with our kids. Most of the kids will not even eat a raisin anymore. They prefer real candies now.

So, we continue with this theme of nature. Now we have:
  • Nature's Car wash: Rain falls on the van, and the kids tell us nature is giving our van a car wash
  • Nature's Hand wash: When we leave a shopping centre and we have touched a cart, or handle etc. we say to the kids use the rain drops to wash your hands in the rain!

I just wanted to record this because Cliff and I always get such a laugh about this!

Spring Break 2007: A Trip to Science World

We took the three eldest kids to Science World on Saturday. We took the kids on their first SKYTRAIN trip too. I think they like the Skytrain ride the most!

Science World was fun for the kids, as they had a Purdys Chocolate exhibit going too. That was our exciting spring break adventure. The little babes got to go to Nannie and Pappa's for the day.

Well, now it is Sunday night and we are back to the grind of school and preschool and activities.

I am just so thankful for the sunshine that came out today.

That was very refreshing and lightened all of our moods!

Spring Break 2007: Fun with Shaving Cream

This art session: Welcome Spring

Friday, March 23, 2007

rain rain go away

Are we sure this is Spring? Are we sure this is Spring Break? I look out the window and I swear it is November. I am so tired of this wet weather. It is so mega depressing to me. The kids are cooped up. I am constantly keeping the kids out of trouble. It is STILL raining!!

Let me sum up my week for you all:
  • Catie getting into every cupboard in sight, eating cereal, sesame seeds, more cereal, cheese and butter
  • Kids climbing on the counters and taking scissors, cutting up my note pad
  • drainage problem in the crawlspace, there for no subject removal YET *fingers crossed* it goes tomorrow
  • shaving cream play
  • chalkboard art
  • writing our names out on paper with pen
  • computer time
  • whiny Caillou videos that drove me nuts (Catie LOVES him)
  • apples dipped in peanut butter
  • cheese shmears of the slipcovers
  • washed all my white slipcovers as they got quite dirty for some reason...maybe because my kids would not stay at the kitchen table!!
  • driving around in the van listening to music to get out of the house
  • throw up in Carly's bed, wash extra set of sheets
  • coughing kids
  • "bored" kids. I thought bored is a state of mind?
  • kids who wouldn't listen
  • not enough computer time to blog lol
  • painting, and more painting
  • eating cheese and cracker packets with the little stick (this is the first time we have EVER bought these for them)
  • Hot chocolates to warm us all up from this rain
  • swing set taken down to get ready for the move
  • 2 visits by the drain tile experts and possibly one more visit to satisfy buyers
  • Got out for only 1 walk in the evening, and went to feed 3 cows grass and carrots
  • eating oatmeal for dinner
  • talked on the phone a lot, making appointments, changing services, adding services, talking to Realtors, talking to my family
  • planning stuff
  • organizing stuff
  • making lists for the big move
  • eating and more eating
  • poopy diapers galore
  • play date today
  • saw Cliff in his work truck
  • danced around and were silly
  • eating more
  • as a family with in laws included we ate 2 flats of Krispy Kreme donuts (thank you Jodi)
  • diaper rash on Caroline (poor baby)

And more poop. In fact, this was my afternoon. Really crappy. Catie took diaper off, Caroline found diaper because Carly left bathroom door open. Poop trail down the bathroom floor, down the hall onto the carpet, then down the other hall. I cleaned it up, did two batches of bleach water to sanitize. The worst part is Caroline got poop all over her hands. That made me bawl. I just lost it then. Poor baby girl. I bathed her, and her hands still smelled. So we dipped her hands in bit of lime juice, and then a bit of vinegar to cut the smell. But, nope she still stinks. We get her down to bed, and then she wakes up crying SOOOO hard because she made a poop and then I had to wash her bum because it was so red and raw.

So, there is a summary of my week. I probably forgot to add some stuff. Like many loads of laundry etc. It has been really busy!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Spring!

Well, my favourite season is here! Although from the weather outside you would never know it. I have been plagued with a loss of voice going on now for 9 days. It is getting better, but now I have developed an annoying cough.

Lots going on to do with our move, and just trying to get organized and prepared. It is going to be challenging to move 7 people! But, I know we will manage.

This week is "Spring Break" and really it hasn't been that exciting. We have a play date tomorrow, then we have Science World on the weekend. That will be fun. Other than that, I am just trying to rest up so I can get my voice back. It is really hard to have this because I talk ALL day long.

This morning Caroline actually let go of me and stood for I would think 3-4 seconds. That was really exciting. It is hard to believe that she will be a year old soon. This first year has been so exciting with her in it! We are so happy that she is in our lives and we love her happy smile. Our mini Cliff. (she has his dimple on the same cheek which we just think is the best!)

Other than that, I have just spent too much time on the phone this past week, probably more reason for my voice troubles. Oh well.

That is my update. Last night we spent 2 hours shopping! Not for fun stuff either. Things like diapers, food, toilet paper. You know, the stuff that runs out way too often lol.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Catie, Claire and Carly

(and not the white animals are NOT Albert)

my two artists and their lovely creation!

Claire and Carly have really been enjoying painting, and here is their creation made today!

darn it, I broke my stone wear

Darn it...I LOVED that pan, and I was just getting it so nice and seasoned. When it broke, it was very sad. I was rushing about trying to get garlic bread done, and I left the element on. I rested the stonewear on in and it started to smoke and it popped...that was the result.

yes, we have a cat...

This is our fat Albert...he has lived with us for our whole married life! Look how dirty our cat is!! Look at his big fur collar!! I know a lot of people do not believe us that we actually have a cat. So, there you go!

Pappa and his little grandkids

Thursday, March 15, 2007

the things kids say

This morning as we were clearing up breakfast. Cameron twirls around in his blue shirt and says I am the sky! And, then Claire says I am the sun (she was wearing a bright orange t shirt) and then they said to Carly, you are the flowers! (she was wearing a light purple shirt) I thought that was pretty cute. Just wanted record this.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Blinkie

Here is a blinkie for you! A little birdie asked me to ask you to spread the word about One Organized Chick!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Smile Caroline!

And this is what we got!! She was so happy!!
Hands up. Baby Hands up!

It's my potty!!

For the past few months we have been talking about picking out a new potty. And, talking about where the pee pee and poop goes. And, recently Catie has been removing her diaper and taking underwear out of her sister's drawer. She is ready!
So flash foward to a trip to the local Wal*Mart. We pick out a potty and brand new panties just for Catie. And of course we bought the biggest box of size 5 diapers we could buy!! hmmm.
Cliff and I whip down to the video store, and what did Catie do? She went pee ALL by herself! They saved her first pee, and I had the honours of taking the pot to the toilet, and we said good bye pee pee and Catie flushed the toilet! Then we high fived and cheered for her! It was a family affair!
And then she did it again! Thus the thumbs up.
Tonight Catie sat on her potty before bed, and nothing. She did NOT want a diaper on before bed, so a towel and mat went into her bed. And tomorrow we will sit her on there as soon as she gets up!
She was SO excited, and I think the photos speak for themselves. Today, Catie is 30 months old or 2.5 years old!
Yay Catie!!
We are now at 4/5 kids trained! How exciting! Only one child in diapers!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bathtime for Baby

Caroline sure loves her bathtime!

Crafty Kidlets

Well, crafts are a big part of our life in our house. We do crafts when the two youngest kids are down to nap after school usually. Notice the chair decorations made lovingly by Cameron and Claire. We had glue sticks, scissors, glitter glue. You name it, it was on EVERYTHING. Thank goodness for washable stuff!!
They had fun, and it kept them out of trouble! enough said.

Dancing Naked!

Today, I Cathy aka MurrayvilleMom did just that!

I danced naked!

Not for anybody, or in front of anybody. But, I heard (Get Down Tonight - KC and the Sunshine Band) ONE of my FAVOURITE songs playing on the clock radio. I turned it up loud! And in that moment I just decided I would dance for a few minutes and watch myself in the mirror. FULL ON NAKED. I chose to myself for who I am today! Well let me tell you, those few moments were so much fun, and the few moments turned into almost the whole song! I was getting my groove on in my bedroom naked. Smiling and laughing at myself! Door was closed. Alarm clock radio on full blast! I was swinging my arms, dipping and loving every moment of it!

Now, I know you are all laughing at me, but do you have the guts to do that? Or perhaps you do dance naked in front of your mirror! (What you do in your spare time is not up to me lol.) But, I would highly suggest you try this!

But who really talks about that right.

Well I am.

I am on a quest to love my body NO matter what size, shape or form. So, I danced. Naked. Why should I not dance just because I don't think that I should do that because I am not at my IDEAL weight or look. I decided I would dance, and watch and see the good parts, and the bad parts. I realized I still can have fun and live my life even if I am not at my goal weight.

It made me feel good, I watched everything jiggle, jaggle and waddle. My arms kept dancing after I stopped as did my hips, stomach and bum. But, whatever. I have the power to just be me! Just be present in the moment!

That felt so good to me!

Cliff and I used to go out dancing every weekend, and sometimes more! Those were some good times. I may not LOOK the same, but I can still get my groove on!

My mood sure picked up! I took a few moments to myself too!!!

I am so glad that nobody was watching, and the blinds were closed because they would have said "That Cathy chick has gone CRAZY!!" lol

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why Weight?

Carol has come up with a brilliant title for a new blog called Why Weight?

This posting stems from this posting discussion.

Would you be interested in co-authoring a new blog to help others!?

We could all start instead of waiting for the "perfect time" to start losing weight.

Who wants in?? Are we READY to start making changes today?

*knock knock* housekeeping!

I have done some rearranging today! Call it spring cleaning! Call it getting organized!

I have enjoyed helping you all in this blog, and now I am getting more and more questions to do with organzing, so I have decided to start a brand new organizing blog. If you need to get organized, I am One Organized Chick!

I have removed some of my older blogs (clearing the clutter/decluttering) to make way for a new blog and website! These changes have been made on my side bar.

Please say goodbye to the following blogs: Ask MurrayvilleMom, Things My Kids Broke, Clothes for Cathy, How Many Pieces and Monopoly for Property!

I thank my fellow Boggers for posting the above links on your own blogs! I am kindly asking for your support and ask you to please add these new links in support and remove the old ones! Be sure to keep this one though!

My organizing new blog is

and my new website is *website development in progress- keep checking back!*

My MurrayvilleMom blog will just basically have everything to do with my family, and any organizing posts will go into my organizing blog.

Keep the questions coming!

Thank you!

aka One Organized Chick

International Women's Day 2007

Well, today is a day for women across the world!

What are you going to do for YOURSELF today? Even if you take 5 minutes to close the bathroom door and let the kids scream outside the door for you while you sit and flip through a magazine, or pluck your eyebrows!!

Seriously, you better do SOMETHING nicer than that!

Can you treat yourself today? What about giving yourself a pat on your back! I KNOW you want to! You know what WE DESERVE THAT!

Have a happy day! Post what you are going to do just for you in the comments section!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Too many?

Larger families are near and dear to my heart. And with saying that, I would have to say that I could not go "there" myself to go and have 5 more kids or even 1 more.

With my 5 kids that are 7 and under (7,6, 4,2, and 10 months) I spread myself thin on most days, as does my hubby. But, I would not change my experiences for the world. I know I have become a less selfish and loving person to all of my family. I think my priorities were off when I was a DINK with my hubby. Having this family (Circus) has changed me forever.

The thought of having another often is in my mind. My husband definately is at his limit. He doesn't want any more. The thing that stops me is when I get back to reality and think of my OTHER 5 kids and wonder what the implications would be to increase our family to 6 kids (or maybe 7 if we had twins). And how that baby (as MUCH as they/we would love her or him) would make THEIR lives a lot harder. That would mean a new van, and by that I would mean an 11 or 15 passenger van, a WAY larger home, and just meaning our kids would have WAY less. And having them adjust to more family changes.

The kids ask us when we are having another and we just tell them that we are not having any more. I just LOVE the fact that our kids would be so OPEN to having a 6th. Even if they all had to share a room or whatever. That makes my heart sing.

IF we had a 6th baby it would be for my selfish reasons more than anything else. I just love new babies and I love to see all of my kids together and loving each other (well maybe more like beating each other up lol) Today for example I walked my 2 eldest kids to school. (and then I had my double stroller with the 2 littlest kids in there) And my other daughter came a long too. So, all 5 kids lol. I pick up 2 other school age kids and take them to their classrooms to help out their Mom who just had a baby (a premie) I find it difficult to keep my eyes on the 7 kids...and 2 are strapped into the double stroller. I manage but could not GO there full time.

My hat goes off to families that can go that distance like the Duggars with their 16 and 1 on the way. I just know my limitations and I am pleasantly happy with my 5.

And, I am tired of being stared at, and having people drop their jaws in front of us and count outloud while pointing at all of the kids. Rude don't you think. I have also had people ask me "Don't you know what causes that?" etc. My family, my choice. Our family is well taken care of, and we do not require assistance.

We just have made a choice to do the best for our family. I have decided that lifestyles are expensive and not having kids. We do just fine! I am just happy that our kids have each other, and I *hope* that they will remain close.

Monday, March 05, 2007

If I purged my clothing

I seriously would have nothing left. I was looking in my closet, and it is seriously sad. And basically the rule of thumb for purging clothing is that if you have not worn something in your closet for the last 6 months to 1 year to get rid or donate that article of clothing. The experts say it is OK to keep a piece or two of your "dream" size but get rid of the rest. Well, if I did that I seriously would have zip left. Just think, over the past 8 years, I have been pregnant 6 times. 5 full term pregnancies, 5 postpartum wardrobes, in between wardrobes, different sized bras for different occasions. Different kinds of underwear for different reasons. I would say most of my wardrobe would be too small. Hardly any of it is "just right." because I refuse to stay in this wardrobe for very long (even though it has been almost 8 months in it)

I already gave away my larger sizes. But, I am hoping to fit back into my smaller wardrobe. I love that wardrobe. It is more like me, not the yuck reflection that stares back in the mirror on a daily basis. I don't like that size and I don't like my reflection.

I am in serious need of a clothing overhaul. comes that BUT. That word always gets in the way for me. I DON'T want to spend money on a wardrobe to just lose weight and have to give those clothes away too. I cannot justify that loss of money. But, do I have to walk around like a slobby housewife? I want to feel good at the same time. Recently as you all know, I bought a new bra (an expensive one at that) and then 4 pairs of nice underwear. Do I want to lose weight and then have them all fall off of me? Then I have to buy more.

I am tired of feeling all flabby though. I am tired of looking at photographs of myself and going, ewhhhhh. Who is that person staring back at me? That is not the person that I was 8 years ago. Where did all of that flab come from? I love my kids, but I don't love my body. Even when I get "smaller" I am scared of all of the loose skin that will be hanging in my midsection. I cannot afford to get new clothing let alone plastic surgery to get a tummy tuck, or a breast lift. But, how good would those surgeries make me feel? Probably really good if I could just get the motivation. I am on a wait list to get my varicose veins taken care of. That surgery is going to change my view on my body image. I will be able to wear a skirt, or pants or nice shoes without the veins interfering on my femininity. I always refer to my leg as my "Dad" leg. I love my Dad, but I don't love my veins. I cannot wait to have that taken care of. Soon, very soon. Maybe that will be the start to my weigh loss journey. Those veins make me feel very self conscience.

So really, I have a problem with losing the weight. Why? Because I feel that IF I get to where I really want to be, I will not have the means to get the items I want done. And so I say to myself. Why bother. Why bother.

But I have 6 people in my life that depend on me, and I want to be there for them all. So, why can I not do it? Why do I feel so blah and ho hum about it all? I am in a rut I guess.

I guess I have to do it for myself. And I have to be the one to set the wheels in motion. Am I not worth it? Yes, I am. Do I have the time? Well, if I could wake up early enough I could. But...there is that but again. Caroline is usually up 1-2 times per night. So, I am usually feeding her when I could be on the treadmill. I could go and exercise when all of the kids are in bed. But, that is my ONLY time with another adult, and that person also happens to be my husband. We need "our" time too. It sure is hard to find that balance. What is a busy Mom supposed to do?

So, simply purging a closet is the easy part, deeper problems are the issue. Not the clothing. Usually purging is that way. There are usually issues behind the clutter.

So, what can I gain from getting to where I want to be? What am I so afraid of?

How do I title this post?

One of my blogging friends got me onto this website. And, on this website there is an article about being a fat or should I say an overweight Mom. And really, I know this is how I feel. I need to get the baby weight off. NO excuses.

Read the article here.

I swear I am the ONLY one of my friends and family that struggle with this issue. I think the majority of my family and friends lose the weight like a super model. Here I am, 10 months later and in the same spot (well a BIT lighter) as I was when I had Caroline. I swear with each birth, and each year I age, the harder it is for ME to lose the weight. Breastfeeding makes me hungry. And so, I eat. period. I know when I am done nursing, the weight will come off. And, spring will have sprung already. Much easier to get motivated!

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Number 5

I think about the number of kids we have a lot. The number 5, our Fab 5. Our 5 kids. That is a lot of kids! I always look at a group of 5, and think...I have that many kids! Sometimes I say to Cliff, why did we have SO many kids? But seriously, who could we give back? Not a one. We love them ALL to much lol.

If you look at TV shows there are many successful TV shows that have 5 kids in it! I can name 3 right now, and I like all of the shows!

For 1, there was Party of Five and that was one of my ALL time favourite shows (well besides 91210 and Melrose Place that is) and then there is still 7th Heaven (well they started out with 5 kids and ended up with 7) and I still LOVE to watch that show every Sunday night. Then, my new favourite, and a favourite of the kids...Hi-5! Such an upbeat group of kids!! Much like my own...I told the kids that they could have their own band too!

I don't know what it is about the number 5.

I guess in decorating, odd numbers look best in groupings. Usually you would group items in 3,5,7 and 9's for greatest impact. So, I guess now in photographs (if I can get all 5 kids in there) the are looking all grouped together nicely! And when all 7 of us get in a photo (which hasn't happened since Caroline's Baptism) we must be grouped together quite nicely!

I couldn't see us any other way!

sippy cup - yup!

Caroline just took her first sip of water out of her sister Catie's sippy cup. I clapped and said "yay" and she did the same thing! I can see that my plan of "no bottles" for our 5th child is probably going to WORK!

Yay Caroline!!

Gill Deacon show had my organizing hero on!

Thanks April for calling me and letting me know that Hellen Buttigieg would be on the Gill Deacon show today! I really enjoyed watching her expertise in action.

Did you know that I have a Home Management Binder. And, in my binder is a take out section? (just like Hellen!)
Did you know that I do not have a junk drawer?
Did you know that organizing rocks!

See more information here!

bathroom before and after

Hard for me to believe that was the same bathroom. This redo was under $75.00!

How I did it:
Fresh coat of paint (new can of paint was $25.00 and the painter was free!!), new shower curtain ($20.00) and a free picture/frame from a friend (Cynthia) and I borrowed items from other areas of my home to make this bathroom a knockout! We are pleased with the results!


A little ABC list to help you get to know me better.

A-Available or Taken: Taken
B-Best Friend: I don't have a best friend
C-Cake or Pie: Cake
D-Drink of Choice: Water
E-Essential Item You Use Everyday: concealer
F-Favorite Color: Pink
G-Gummy Bears or Worms: gummy bears
H-Hometown: Richmond, BC
I-Indulgence: nachos
J-January or February: February because it has Valentines right in there!
K-Kids and Names: Well, I obviously love the letter C because all 5 of my kids have the same first initial!
L-Life is Incomplete Without: family
M-Marriage Date: May 9, 1998
N-Number of Siblings: two wonderful sisters!
O-Oranges or Apples: apples
P-Phobias or Fears: big fish and sea creatures
Q-Favorite Quote: "a place for everything, and everthing in its place"
R-Reason to Smile: my kids
S-Season: spring
T-Tag 3 or 4 people: Beth, Cynthia, Amber and April
Unknown fact about me: I want to learn how to play the drums and rock out!
V-Vegetable you don't like: green peppers
W-Worst Habit: eating late at night
X-Xrays: when a girl in highschool broke my wrist
Y-Your fave food: mexican food
Z-Zodiac: Libra (it is all about finding balance!!)

my answer to Beth's meme yesterday!

Thanks for the tag Beth! Happy Friday!

What would constitute a perfect evening for you?

Well, I like Beth would have a completely different answer before I had kids. Now, with having our fabulous five...I am more than content to plop myself in front of the TV with Cliff and eat nachos and catch up on old videos and tv shows we have taped. That is rather boring right? Well, to me that is perfect. The kids are all in bed, the house is clean, organized and QUIET! I get my husband to myself and we can enjoy a meal together and get the chance to talk without "interruptions" from anybody. The perfect cap to the day? Cookies and milk. And get to bed and get a full night of sleep to be ready for tomorrow!

double digits?!

Well our SWEET CAROLINE is 10 months today!
Imagine that!
You can wave hello and goodbye, happy clap, feed yourself, eat egg yolks, laugh, push, grab, "talk" say Mom once in awhile, Dadda. You can crawl so fast on all 4's, you want to walk!! (remember you are not allowed you are still my baby girl ;D)
In so many ways I am thrilled to watch you grow up and hit all of your milestones, but in the same breath it is sad to see this stage of your life go by too quickly! Everyday is so exciting!
The past 10 months have been some of the best days of my life.
Somebody has to be our last, and our forever baby. And you Caroline, you are the one! We are ending on SUCH a great note! How could we ask for anything better! We are so thrilled with you! You keep us laughing, you are strong and you are loved by so many.
2 more months until we celebrate your 1st birthday with family and friends...just let me say this. It is going to be SWEET!!

Here we go luby lou...

here we go luby we go luby lou, all on a Saturday night. What does that mean? All I know is that darn song is STUCK in my head!! And it is driving me insane. I asked the kids what it meant and they didn't have an answer either.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

memories...thanks for the memories

Well, you think you cannot purge any more, and whammo. 4 more bags out of ONE gigantic blue bin that held my "memories" which consisted of cards, and more cards, old letters, phone numbers from cute boys (most of which were not very memorable) my journals, and sad poems, and sad letters and happy letters. Photos from college, pins and badges from Girl Guides, and Pathfinders, obituaries, thank you cards, old calendars, work stuff, letters of thanks, photos from me at work, newspaper clippings, name it it was there. Old tapes, and even packets of sugar and salt. Graduation stuff. Pamphlets. All which I thought were memories. I decided today would be the day. I don't know why, but the sun was shining in our room. The kids were doing well today. So, out came the big blue container.

The kids helped me. Cameron got the yellow recycling bag, the kids looked at old cards, we found some "treasures" for them to keep. Stamps, old stickers, some cards that they had made and received. We made it fun! They also kept all of my concert tickets to play with! I never imagined back then, that I would have kids that would use these stubs! How cool! What fun! Better than sitting in a plastic box!

Come on Kids...mommy is purging!! (again!!)

Well, what you see above is what I got rid of. Yes, got rid of. But you know what. I didn't get rid of the memories...I have those in my mind's eye. I just got rid of the paper part of the memory. That is not really the memory. Going through this stuff was way easier than I expected. I feel about 10 pounds lighter. Getting rid of some not so good memories. Stories of broken hearts, cards expressing sorrow and pain. It felt GREAT to let that all go! A weight has FINALLY been lifted.

Several weeks back I shredded high school papers and stuff from College. Marked papers that were not that great. WHY should I hold onto that memory??? WHY? So I can remember that I failed miserably at subjects at college? No thanks. I will cherish the times that were happy in my minds eye! That makes me HAPPY!!

I had fun reading letters and cards from my family! All of my family. I felt sad when I read my cards from special people that have passed on. That made me sad. I let those go too! Because the WONDERFUL memories are forever etched right into my heart!! A piece of paper will not capture that!

What did I keep? Way less than I imagined. I kept postcards that I will find a nice container to place by my phone, so I will be able to flip through them instead of hiding those great memories away. I can "visit" Paris, London, Camrose, Osoyoos and Barkerville in my spare time.

I also kept Thank You cards that were especially moving for me. To remind me that I am a valuable and productive person still!

I also grouped like with like. I put all family history like newspaper clippings, obituaries, and articles together.

I put all of my journals and calendars together. I am going to find a nice box to house them all so I can access them easy in my new office! What great reading. Tonight I called up my parents and read to them something from May 2nd 1986 on the first day of Expo 86! That was fun. They haven't responded...hmmm!!

I also kept some nice cards that Cliff and I gave to each other. That is our love right there...I got rid of a lot, but kept the significant ones.

I also put extra photos into my family photo box!

I am happy with my progress. I can probably use this bin for something else now! It is that empty!

Next, I will be tackling a big bag of stuff from my childhood. When my parents moved, they gave me a WONDERFUL bag full of my baby/childhood memories. I promised myself I would go through that when I had the time to enjoy going through it! Well, that will be in the next month or so! I cannot wait. I will keep the most important things, and let go of some as well. I am looking forward to it. I am greatful to my parents for saving these items for me. But, with 5 kids of my own. I have to make some decisions.

What are these decisions. Well, how much stuff do I want to save for my kids? How much space do I have to devote to this? Will the kids even WANT this stuff? What will be important to save, and what to toss. Right now, each of my kids have a card box, a big bin with stuff, a baby book and an baby calendar. Is that too much? Will I burden them with too many "things" or will they be happy with the memories in their minds eye?

I have decided I will save stuff for them until they are 16. When they are 16 I will give them their stuff. They can keep it, or get rid of it. I will NOT be hurt. I just want them to be happy. I hope by then I will have given them the tools to make proper purging decisions.

Will they REALLY want to keep all of the cards from the past 16 years? Will they be interested? I ask this because the cards I had from when I was 11, 12, 16 etc. They were OK to see. But, after awhile I just threw them directly into the recycling bin. I have my memories, and the paper ones well they were not important to me as I thought when I tucked them away many moons ago!

Another failure of a photo...I tried SOOOO hard.

all da ladyz in da house...

Happy March 1st!! Boy, did I try hard to get a good photo and it did not work out!

PS Mom...thanks for the cute shirt for Caroline! We love it!