Monday, September 14, 2009

Osoyoos August 2009

Caroline on the dock. The other kids fishing at the end of the dock.

Cameron got to try kneeboarding with his new friend Z! Very exciting for him. Almost all of our kids got a ride in the boat. Maybe next August Courtney!

Courtney and I hanging on the dock.

Cameron and Z getting ready to go kneeboarding.

Sleep little bubba sleep. And she did, with her hands wrapped around my neck.

A few of the many sand toys we had! So much fun!

It looks like Cliff is in pain or something, but he was not. He was just rubbing his face LOL. A rare shot of 7 of the family together.

Courtney trying on the mask.

Cameron loved his air mattress. He loves the water!

Playing in the water as a family of eight.

Made new friends! Z and A.

Tried fishing (a lot!) A couple of fish got away!

Goofing off in town!

My shadow. Look at that gorgeous lake water!
We have been fortunate to have had three visits to the Okanagan this summer. At the beginning, near the end of August for a week. And this past weekend.
Things that I love about this summer:
The kids are awesome travellers.
We can have a lot of fun, for not much $$. Being together is amazing.
I love to watch the kids grow up, and help each other out.
We could survive in a two bedroom, two bathroom place and still be happy together.
Love goes a long way.
In fact, I think this has been our best summer EVER! Making up for all of the years without a vacation of any sort. Last time we went away was when Catie as 10 months old. And Cameron was going into Kindergarten. This time, Catie heading into Kindergarten. Cameron into grade five.
I am actually sad that summer is over this year. It was amazing!
Until next year! We cannot wait to get back.

Long time, no blog.

First day of school for four out of six. Time to lose the big stoller, and find a single just for Courtney.

The happy birthday poster the kids made for Cliff for his birthday.

A quiet little birthday party for Cliff.

Cupcakes for Carly's birthday. She picked each kind for each guest.

Carly is 7!

Hello again, since I last blogged we have been away on holidays, and celebrated a few birthdays. The kids are back in school. We have one in grade 5, 3,2 and K. So far, so good.

I sliced my finger open on a tuna can, and required a couple of stitches. And, last night we had stuff stolen out of our van. Not only our van, but many vehicles in our area. Last count I heard 13! So sad this is happening in our own backyard. Reminder to all: Keep your vehicles locked, and don't keep your valuables inside!
I still need to download Catie's birthday photos to share! Plus photos from our holidays!

Friday, September 04, 2009

I shouldn't make dinner anymore

I was making a tuna casserole last night, and I sliced my finger open on the can as I was using a fork to get the tuna out of the can. I had two stitches put into my finger. I also had a tetanus shot. It made me think back to sewing class in Grade 9, when I had my last tetanus shot. I remember the ache. But, the finger hurts more so it all balances out LOL.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A few for now...

This is a cup full of dirt, that I dropped in the house. Don't ask. I was trying to bring it to the kitchen, and I dropped it. Mud went from floor to the ceiling. This is mid summer.

This is from last week. We were in Osoyoos for a week. You can just see Caroline and Catie. And I think Cameron at the edge of the dock. We love it there!

Another view of the lake. Cameron did some knee boarding behind the white and red boat. (More photos to come--these are only off my camera phone)

And this has to be my fave of the summer. Courtney, sleeping on the bench.

More to come. Like Carly's TWO birthday parties. Her first one was very quiet and lonely. So, we had another one last night. I have photos from both on my new point and shoot. Need to take them off my camera.

And, we have Cliff's birthday coming up in less than a week, and Catie's turning 5 in one week. On her very first day of Kindergarten. Exciting times!