Monday, September 14, 2009

Long time, no blog.

First day of school for four out of six. Time to lose the big stoller, and find a single just for Courtney.

The happy birthday poster the kids made for Cliff for his birthday.

A quiet little birthday party for Cliff.

Cupcakes for Carly's birthday. She picked each kind for each guest.

Carly is 7!

Hello again, since I last blogged we have been away on holidays, and celebrated a few birthdays. The kids are back in school. We have one in grade 5, 3,2 and K. So far, so good.

I sliced my finger open on a tuna can, and required a couple of stitches. And, last night we had stuff stolen out of our van. Not only our van, but many vehicles in our area. Last count I heard 13! So sad this is happening in our own backyard. Reminder to all: Keep your vehicles locked, and don't keep your valuables inside!
I still need to download Catie's birthday photos to share! Plus photos from our holidays!

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