Friday, September 04, 2009

I shouldn't make dinner anymore

I was making a tuna casserole last night, and I sliced my finger open on the can as I was using a fork to get the tuna out of the can. I had two stitches put into my finger. I also had a tetanus shot. It made me think back to sewing class in Grade 9, when I had my last tetanus shot. I remember the ache. But, the finger hurts more so it all balances out LOL.


Shawna said...

I agree you definitely should not make dinner anymore!

Anonymous said...

That is not good!! hope it feels better soon...we too had stitches and shots in our house-2 weeks ago with our oldest..

Robin said...

Maybe somebody was trying to tell you something about Tuna casserole!

Anonymous said...

Oh cuz. How awful! Hope it mends really quickly as I know how impeding it must be! Good thing you're left handed! (I did a number on my thumb and finger making Xmas dinner last year; cutting onions for the stuffing and the knife slipped off!) How was that casserole anyway??? LOL.
xo Andrea xo

Laurie said...

Hey Cathy my name is Laurie. I am Irmas sister in law. By the way I love reading your blog. Quick question since you are into this kind of thing...Canon or Nikon camera? Dont know alot about them but just want something that will take nice pictures of the kids.

Cathy said...

Hi Laurie. So nice to meet you!

Thanks for stopping in, and introducing yourself! Love that!

I LOVE my Canon! But that is not to say Nikon is no good.

I started with my Canon Rebel XTi. Loved that camera.

I say go and hold some camera's in your price range in your hand, and you will 'feel' which camera is yours!!

Take lots, and have fun! Good luck with your choice!