Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Almost 2009!

Well, this year is winding down quickly. 2008 is almost over, and we anticipate what 2009 holds in store for us all. 

I am quite honestly ready to put the year behind me. It was such a good year, and such a bad year all at the same time. So many highs, and then so many lows.

I look forward every year to a 'fresh start' and I step forward into 2009 with great intentions! 

So, tonight as I ring in the new year with my husband (and friends and family!) I will wish all you a happy new year too!

Make it a beautiful year!

Cathy xo

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goals 2009 - Family

We have some goals for 2009:

  • No Starbucks for 6 months/at that point perhaps we will introduce in or not.
  • Try to buy more second hand clothing for the kids from the VV.
  • Check Craigslist more often for items we require.
  • Get to bed (Cliff and I before 10:30 pm)
  • No eating after 9 pm (Cliff and I)
  • Try to buy everything on sale (and try not to buy full price for items--groceries we will try also)
  • Keep the kids active/exercise daily (hopefully one hour a day)
  • Use cash instead of debit cards

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day!

I love boxing day. I love Christmas too, but there is something to be said for packing up, and cleaning up and getting a chance at a fresh start. Especially with all of this snow we have been getting!

We are stuck at home. I haven't been out of the house since my pathetic run around the mall on Tuesday evening. Our road is too bad for us to get out. I am feeling rather bloated, house bound and ready to get a start on my Happy New Year that is for sure! 

This year was not a great one for us, and I look forward to greeting 2009 with a sense of rebirth and a way to start over! I will not be birthing any kids in 2009, I will not be pregnant in 2009. It appears that I still will be breastfeeding in 2009. (OK Coco enough is enough LOL) and I truly just want a fresh start! 

We usually take everything down on Boxing Day (we go for the literal use of the term!!) and bring our house back to neutral. BUT, we have family coming over on the 28th to do our annual appy and gift exchange. I look forward to that. SO, we will leave up the tree and put away most of the decor. 

Cliff is outside shovelling our drive way AGAIN. I am sore from shovelling snow. I wonder when I will be able to get out and get stuff done. 

Last night my BIL (to be) my sis Amy, and parents came over with a complete turkey dinner! As I have said we have been house-bound. So, thankfully Tyler has a 4wd in his truck. After their shifts they drove from Vancouver to get my parents and all of the food, and drove them and the food to our place. LOVELY, unplanned and fun! We just hosted (we were prepared to have turkey tacos) and we had a really late night dinner around 9 pm and it was just a lovely low key Christmas. My MIL joined us and it was much better than what we had pictured in our heads.

Well, time to start some of that clean up! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

OK, so this may not be 'the best' Christmas we have had . I haven't taken any photos, I haven't done any Christmas cards. I didn't do any baking this year. Thankfully though, we have each other. That is what I am going to focus on this Christmas.

Enjoy your families and friends! 

Cathy xo

PS If we get snowed in for tomorrow we are going to have turkey tacos. Sounds pretty good right :D and we will have our fun breakfast tomorrow like we have done for the past 12 years together except "Dad" Earl will not be with us.  That makes us sad. We are looking forward to seeing the excitement of the kids tomorrow. 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas DYK

DYK or Did You Know:

  • We cannot put presents under our tree until Christmas Eve after the kids are all sleeping.
  • We only have stockings hung up (also Christmas Eve) for the six kids.
  • We bring home a live tree instead of a fake. We had a fake tree the first Christmas we celebrated, when Cameron was born we then decided to go fresh green tree.
  • Our tree has white lights and all decorations made by our kids.
  • Our good decorations are packed up until we know they will be safe!
  • I have never cooked a turkey dinner
  • I spoiled my own Christmas when I was a kid, I found all of the presents hidden for us kids. Since that moment I have never cheated like that ever again. 
  • This is our twelfth Christmas together.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

White Christmas?

I think we are going to have a white Christmas this year!  How exciting!

I just wished I had bought those snow pants for my kids a couple of days ago. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Tooth Fairy FORGOT!!

How did the Tooth Fairy forget to do a pick up last night?! Poor Claire. She lost her tooth yesterday after school. Was so excited, went to bed easily. Woke up and found her TOOTH. She was so disappointed. You could see it written on her face.

So, we took her tooth back and told the tooth fairy must have had troubles with all of the snow! We told her to go look out the window. She was like wow! So, I said to her Daddy why don't you give her some money today, and the tooth fairy can bring her something special tonight.


PS The tooth fairy had a reminder from me last night before bed!! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Into chunks

I am feeling a tad (well make that very overwhelmed these days) overwhelmed. I am having to break down everything into manageable chunks because my list of 'to-do's' has grown to three pages. I have to say I am a very organized person, and for me to feel this overwhelmed and admit is saying something. I actually have an eye twitch (that has been twitching on and off for several months), and I am having stress issues that are manifesting in my throat. Even my running is not allowing me to get rid of the stress. I run, I feel less stress I stop running and all of it comes to the forefront of my brain. Same when I actually go to bed and sleep. I am tired, but my brain is not stopping. Lists, thoughts, fears all swimming around in there keeping me awake. 

I haven't been sleeping well. In fact, I have been sleeping on 'Mr. Couch' on most night because I get too tired and I cannot physically move myself up to bed until the wee hours of the morning. Like at 2:30 or 4:30, or 5:30 am. I finally head up the stairs only to have the alarm go off at 6:15 am. I get up and I do it all over again.

I know if I was not taking care of myself life would look a lot worse. And, I think that Fall and Winter take their toll on me too. I expect things to happen. Like wind storms, power outages, and sickness, and even death. It is like I wait for the big bomb to drop. I dread the winter, the rain the cold.  I guess because there has been a lot of losses both physical and emotionally around me in the last few years. Always thinking 'what next' when really I should be thinking of all of the great things that are happening around me. Six healthy kids, a warm house to sleep in. A loving and caring husband. You know, the simple and good things about life. I have to learn to just live in the moment. The past has gone, and tomorrow is not here yet. So why stress right?! But I do. I know I come from a line of worry warts and I am trying to change that. But still, worry is there. 

I certainly feel the pressure of the season, school stuff with the kids, the parties, all of the stuff that goes a long with life. And all of the curve balls life throws our way.

 And, then I am running around the house doing stuff. Lots of stuff. Too much to even type out. Doing this, doing that. Get it done. Get it done. Pick up that, move that. Dust that. Arrange that. Get off the shelf, pick up your shoes, tidy up your room. Please brush your teeth. Please put away your laundry. Clean that again. Blah blah blah. You catch my drift. It is like I just run around in circles. Over and over and over. I want a vacation. Add in Cliff doing some extra work for the neighbour, and a call out on our only day to Christmas shop and it is really enough to make my head explode. How do you fit it all in? Thus the stress of the season!

I want to get away. I really want to run away. I have been waking up these days dreading the busy day ahead. Yes dreading the day ahead. I said that. I am usually a very positive person, and I am a morning person. But I guess even the most positive of people feel the stress and get down a bit. I was wishing and hoping that my husband could call in sick so that we could tackle some of that large looming list together. That never happens. All of his holiday time this year was taken when his Dad was dying. Every last sick day and holiday.  I guess that is on my mind too. The loss of Cliff's Dad has hit us all hard. And just really sits at the front of all of our minds during the holiday season. The loss of a wonderful man. There is certainly an empty hole in my heart when I begin to remember him and all of his goodness.

I also think of the loss my sister experienced, and then I think back to my own loss. I also think of the extreme happiness of my other sister's impending wedding. I also think that possibly in the next year or two maybe I will become an Aunty again. Maybe twice over! Those are all happy thoughts! I look forward to happy things. Those exact thoughts keep me moving forward! I also love having my photography. It is certainly the right outlet for me!

Then I think of how much I miss having a newborn in my house. The sweet baby smells. The sweet little baby. I think of the innocence of babies, and then I think about the terrible two's and all of the diapers. The puke patrol, the flu and the runny noses. The scars, the owies.  Then I go back to feeling jealous of pregnant women. Then I think about the sleepless nights, the colic, the postpartum stage and then I think why would I ever want to go back there. And truly I do not, I just feel that closing this decade of babies has been a very difficult transition for me. Way more difficult than I thought this would be. So, I console myself with cookies, and more running :D

We continue to do well. But not SUPER. I want things to be super! 

And, I wish I had more time to devote to the people I hardly talk to on a regular basis. Like my Granny, my Oma. My sisters. My parents. My neglected friends and family. Oh, and that man I call my husband! This year I will actively work toward spending more time with the man that is more like a roomie to me these days. I need to show him more love, respect and appreciation for all that he does for our family. Poor man has been neglected, worked to the bone. As have I. Something has to go when you have a lot going on. I am sorry that it has been mostly our relationship that has suffered. So, next year he won't know what hit him LOL. Hopefully he notices :D

I know my family and friends understand how crazy our life is with the kids. Yes, I know that this time with young kids is fleeting too. Our life in five years will be a way different picture. No diapers?! Just the thought of no diapers makes me giddy, or a family trip somewhere!!! OR a family outing to say a mountain so we can all ski?! Wow. Will my eldest even want to go and be seen with us LOL. Cameron will be 14, Claire, 12, Carly, 11, Catie, 9 (like Cameron is today!) Caroline, 7 (like Claire is today) and our baby girl will be 6 (like Carly is today!) I think we'd better get another bathroom! Maybe even a new bedroom!  And a great therapist! I am going to need one I think! 

I have probably bored you all, but this is what is floating around in my head. Add in the regular home maintenance, the stuff that will require fixing, the time it will take to get it all done. I will as I say take it all in chunks.

I am heading out for a run tonight, and I hope that endorphin rush can help me to re-evaluate my list in time to atleast get my Christmas stuff ready!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Broken jar of salsa

Yes, as we were about to leave I was grabbing stuff out of the fridge for the kids and I was moving a jar of salsa from the top shelf into the door. Well, in my big rush I dropped it. Red salsa, and glass combo all over the white tile floors and cabinets. This is the day we were to be at school a bit 'earlier' for a field trip that Claire is going on today with her classmates. 

So, we got the mess cleaned up. Thanks to the help of the kids. One to keep Coco away, one to grab the vacuum, one to plug it in. Thanks to my kids we had the mess cleaned up in about 5 minutes. 

It is unusually cold around here. We have record lows. Minus 6, maybe more for this time of year. So we all bundled up. Maybe not in the most efficient way. I think I am going to have to give some more lessons on how to dress appropriately for the weather. Cameron went to school in a his hoodie. The girls took off their gloves. I didn't have time to put on my own gloves or even eat breakfast this morning.  So, I will have to make sure we take care of winter dressing 101. Why they cannot remember this info for the last five years makes me crazy LOL

Anyways. Lots on the go. We had 4 hours of Christmas shopping last night which was great. Only one more trip and we will be done with the shopping. Then the wrapping etc. begins. This year we are going to use some home made fabric draw string bags that we can re-use. My Mom did this for us years before it was even a 'green' thing to do. My MIL sewed a whole bunch more. So, that will be good.  I think it is so great that the kids are using the same bags I used way back when I was a kid. And now adding to the collection. Hopefully the kids will still be using them for their kids. :D (you know my future grandchildren!!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas' Past

I believe this to be Christmas 2002 - That would be Cameron, Claire and Carly (her first Christmas) when we first moved to Cloverdale. 

This was the very last photo we had taken with Santa in 2003. Carly was about 16 months here (too bad that scanner image didn't work, but I don't have the time to try to dig up the original...who knows where I placed it?!)

This is Christmas 2004. It will be one I never forget. You see, the water colour I am holding in my hand was a surprise gift from my lovely Father-In-Law Earl who passed away June 27th of this year. He went and bought this from me from a local Langley art gallery after my water colour lesson with Marilyn Timms in the Stanley Park Rose Garden during our family's stint on Crash Test Mommy (Season 1, Episode 4 that was filmed in July 2004 when we only had 3 kids, and I was pregnant with Catie who was born in September of 2004) on Life Network aka Slice today. This gift had to be one of the best gifts I have ever received. Catie was about 3 months old during this Christmas. Earl is missed so much at this time especially.

Oh, and of course I have to add in a pregnancy photo because seriously, I have been preggers for so many months of the past 10 years! This was Christmas 2005. About half way pregnant with Caroline. We had a very hard pregnancy this go around. With kidney issues for her. I would repeat this part of my life in a heartbeat. I would for all of them. I have to say I still miss being pregnant. If I could have a secret wish it would be to be pregnant until I could not be pregnant anymore. I loved my pregnancies over all. I really miss this phase of my life already. 

And that is all I could find on this computer. 

I hope I will take some good ones this year :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not Ready

We are not ready for Christmas. I have to say, we are not really in the mood for it all. But we go along with it for the kids. We really could care less if we trimmed a tree, or even buy presents. We are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the season this year. With the loss of Cliff's Dad in June, well it still hurts and we just don't feel all of that celebratory. If I could just skim over Christmas, I think it would be better. BUT, with kids we have to keep moving forward.

We have barely started our Christmas shopping. We are going to try to get it all done on Sunday. I have a list to write still, and well we hope to get a tree this weekend as well. 

Today, our three big kids have their annual Christmas Concert at school. They have three one hour performances. That last one being 7:15 makes for a late evening. The video camera is being charged up for the big event. They are usually very heart warming. I know the kids cannot wait to sing and do all of the actions that go along with their songs.

I am in the middle of hill training tonight and I cannot miss, so I get to miss out this year unfortunately. I will watch the tape. This will be my 5th year of concerts and being a part of this school with the kids. Time flies that is for sure! Next year I will have 4 kids in the 'system' which I find hard to believe, because the first year of Kindergarten for Cameron I was VERY pregnant with Catie, and I had her on what would have been Cameron's meet and greet the teacher (I had to reschedule that one LOL) and now Catie is entering K in September. That will leave me with only two little ones at home. How very strange and sad.

Well, I have to run! Plenty of activity today!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Getting out tonight

I was all set to go for an extra run this evening, I even arranged this with my running group yesterday. ONLY to look on my desk at home and remember that I am going to see Robin Williams TONIGHT with Cliff and another couple. Good thing i checked. I cannot wait to get out tonight! So, I will run extra hard this week and add on a run on Friday. 

It has been very busy around here. Two Christmas parades, bits of Christmas shopping. SOOOOOOO not done, unlike last year where we online shopped and were done before Courtney was born! So hopefully a tree on the weekend. 

Tonight will mark night two of no nursing for Coconut. She is not happy about that, but hey she sure is enjoying her sippy cup full of milk. She has figured it out folks. There is hope that this nursing will be finished in time for my sisters wedding at the end of January!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

2005 and 2008

From today...2008 

Christmas 2005

Courtney wearing Catie's old dress and shoes from 2005

Catie is wearing Claire's dress and tights from 2005, Caroline is wearing Carly's. Coco is in Catie's. I love having so many girls to dress up! Cameron chose white.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally Friday!

Well, we had a visit from the exterminator yesterday. Our house was walked through, mouse dropping looked for, mirrors to look around the exterior of our house. Some chicken wire placed where needed. We are baited, and trapped. I could sleep last night, but Cliff could not. I think he really hated to kill that mouse. Thankfully he did it, because I have never seen a mouse jump that high! Wow. They can sure jump.

As for today, report cards came out. I am happy with their progress, we see a bit of improvement with Claire which was nice to read. So, they got some 'Hugs' after a pizza dinner tonight. They deserved a treat! Cameron is out with his 'girlfriend' at a school movie tonight. LOL. He sure loves her! 

As for this weekend, it is going to very busy. But that is the way of a household of eight. I was very thankful today for my van. It was well used today, and no troubles with herding the kids in and out. I LOVE that, as for many years I struggled with the small van. 

We have diorama to complete, outfits for Sunday brunch with Santa to find. Outfits for the school Christmas concert for the three kids. (Why do they make us get different outfits EVERY year...why could they not have a 'uniform' look for the kids and just by accessories every year.) Who knows. What else to do: Put up a shelf, take photos of my living room that is done! Develop some photos for in the frames I have purchased. Soon a 'family' wall will begin! Whoo hoo. Rent a tux, and a suit for my sisters wedding in January. And of course shopping. 

Speaking of shopping I haven't even done a list for Christmas. I am so not in a Christmas way. I know on the other side of the family they are not celebrating this year. We feel the same way, but we have to move on and continue with our traditions with the kids. 

Yes, so I need to write up my list and get on it! I am booked with many photo sessions (I am thankful to be able to provide a bit extra this year!!) so that is amazing! I am actually booked every weekend pretty much until mid March '09. 

So much to do. So little time. I have to make my master list and SHOP until I drop LOL. It will all get done, but I know it is going to be an exhausting month ahead. 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Where to begin?

What a week we have had. A crazy week.

First there is a head lice outburst in Claire's class. So now we have to check her hair (so far so good) and then this morning, I am up...I am sitting on the toilet going pee. I discover that my cycle has come back (nice timing) and what runs right in front of me but a little mouse. A speedy mouse. I yell A MOOOOUUUSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Really loud. I am jumping off the toilet. Cliff runs into the bathroom  slams the door shut to the bathroom leaving the mouse and I together. He bolts and the mouse runs UNDER the door into the bedroom. Freaky morning.

What happened to the mouse. Well, it decided to run under the two fabric cubes in our room. We grab my reflectors, a Lego box. Some towels and we block it off. This was an exercise in TEAMWORK. Practically all of the kids helped. We blocked him off. We had to get it (by that I mean Cliff my HERO killed it) My arms were a shaking. I was naked at that point LOL. CRAZY morning. What a morning. What a sight!! CRAZY! When do I fit Christmas stuff in?

I made my husband stay home today as I have the creeps. I am scared now. He is calling an mouse guy to help us out. 

Hopefully this is an isolated incident, and HOW did the mouse get UPSTAIRS and from where. EEK! We had mice in the garage months back. Yuck.

As for my cycle that has returned...I haven't had one since February 24th 2007. That is just over 21 months (a record for sure) That was my LMP when I was pregnant with Coco. So, today is bittersweet. Yesterday in 1998 we conceived our first child Cameron. Funny how these things go.

Well, off to do the rest of the day. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Growing Pains (mine)

Courtney is walking a lot these days, and at times she still crawls. She smiles a lot, and we hear a lot of Mama, Ba ba ba. (The kids tell me they taught her that LOL) and Da Da. And babble. When her two fingers are out of her mouth. She is LOVES her fingers. She also likes to bite! She has 8 teeth (and counting) and I am still nursing her. That will be done with soon I hope. I am ready to let that go. She is not :D

Courtney, now sticks her feet in the air when we dress her. We say FEET, and voila...the feet are right there. I think she says Poo Poo too. But, hey she does a lot of that LOL. We talk about EVERYTHING in our house! LOL.

Oh, I say kiss...and pucker up and make a kiss sound and she does it back with a lean in. OOohhh and she also hugs when I say hug. Got to love a one year old! They sure grow up so quickly!

We try to give words, even if they do not yet have them. The other day I was showing her the light switch in the garage. We would push on and say light on, and then push switch off, and say light off. She LOVED that! 

Anyways. I wanted to remember these days, so I am going to record stuff like this when the opportunity strikes.

I have been feeling rather sad over this whole not going to have any more kids business. Suck it up sista right!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"The Cathy"

OK, not the best photo...but hey. I blogged a bit LOL. It has been a busy weekend, but I managed to get a wax, pedi and a fresh hair do!

Another peek...

Here is a bit of the family room...not really ready, but getting there. A couple more things to take care of...

Here is part of the living room...I love black and white!!

Sneak Peek - Living Room

We are getting there...a couple of adjustments and I will blog about the room!

From Coco's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday! Courtney inspecting her coconut cake and cupcake.

Some of the party guests awaiting their cupcakes.

Still waiting LOL

Courtney with her Poot and Boogie dolly made custom for her (and earth friendly!!) She loves it! Ooh how we love the dolly! She even has Coco embroidered on her little bottom. Thank you Leanna! You rock!

Our happy 1 year old, enjoying her day! (Donut Hair clippie by Cynthia) FINALLY a child that has a bit of hair on their first birthday! Woo! Love those clips C!
Dress by Deux par Deux - Puddle Jumpers of Fort Langley, BC.

Her coconut cake, made by Shawna who makes THE BEST cakes! Thank you!
A few from her birthday party...the last of the first birthdays our home will see! I guess now I wait for grandchildren.

We made the most of it, and I know she loved her special day! Here is a write up I did on her actual day...better late than never I always say.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Friday

This week seemed to me like a week that just kept playing on repeat. Like a groundhog kind of week.

Our living room has almost come together, just need to drag one chair downstairs, put on the slip cover, move one more chair over and voila. A LIVING room, that will not be used as a playroom anymore. We are taking the room back! The toys (which really were very little) are out of there. We are finally feeling like the room is cozy, inviting and warm. A place where we are happy to have family and friends into. Instead of an empty, cold room. Feels great! I cannot wait to take a photo when it is done. I would think this weekend would be the weekend to get it all done. So far, so good with the kids in there too. We even bought side tables. and on the side tables are lamps. We haven't had side tables or lamps for SOOOO long. It just feels awesome.

It just feels like a happy place. As does the family room. We have flanked the fireplace with tall black brown LACK shelves. We have 'library' in there of all of the kids' books. They LOVE it! And, we moved the toys into that area as well. Just looking for cozy throws, we have one horizontal LACK shelf to place over top the TV. The TV now sits on a new bench. And, we have our eyes on a new computer desk, as I require the white desk for more organization in my office. I also purchased six frames. Those six frames will house a photo of each of the kids to then sit on the LACK shelf. Got that all LOL.

Add to that, the day to day grind. A return trip to IKEA last night to return a damaged coffee table. And, also to find that the two pieces of art for the wall went on SALE!! we had 90 dollars refunded. Whoo hoo!!

So yes. A busy, crazy week filled with my day to day stuff, walks in the rain and wind. And my photography as well. Oh, and a diorama that needs to be completed by Cameron on the Plains Indians. Due in three weeks!! We started a list, we worked through the process. Started a project box. Collected the items from home that work. And wrote out a shopping list. And, explained to him how to create a legend so that he has a 'master plan' or overview of the diorama. I also realized that I will have five more Plains Indian diorama's in my future. Chances are they will have the same teacher. Will the teacher notice is we 'recycle and reuse' the project over six times (with variations). And, where will I store them all LOL

Where to fit in Christmas I do not know. We started our list, and now to check it twice!!

So yes. There you have a quick update. I hope to have photos up of Courtney's birthday sometime this weekend, and then photos of our updated rooms too.

Happy Friday!

Cathy xo

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We hardly get a photo together. So, an image like this is rare. It was from the bowling night last Saturday (Cliff's shoes kind of give that do the balls in the background!)

Thank Amy for the photo :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

A little of this. and that.

It has been a super busy weekend, too much on the go, but all good.

On Saturday night we went out bowling with our cousins, that was hoot! Thank you Apes for blogging about it

And, of course today was Courtney's 1st Birthday/Party and thankfully my Mom blogged it here

And yes, I took lots of photos too, it is just a matter of getting them off of my cameras! Yes, I said cameras! 

I also will post Coco's birthday post, just not enough time to blog it completely!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last One

Well my darling Courtney, today we celebrated your 1st birthday party. It was a small gathering, but full of life, laughter and love. All to see you enjoy your special birthday day!

You have turned into a beautiful, smiley, finger sucking, ear tugging dimple faced girl. A girl version of your Daddy. We love how you tilt your head to side, and all coy and girly. We love how you relate to your siblings. We love how you try new things.

We look forward to watching you grow up.

With love,

Mommy (and Daddy) xo

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last day of babyhood...

Well, tomorrow evening when the clock strikes 5:34 pm. My baby girl Coco turns ONE. This will be the last first birthday I will experience in my lifetime of my children. 

I will post more tomorrow, but to refresh here is a posting of her birth is LONG!

Tomorrow we celebrate, dress her up, blow out her candle in her coconut flavoured cake, and give her a present or two.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why don't you take me to...funky town...

Still having some sick tummy stuff going on around here. Bonus for the sunshine that is shining in my window, and for the IKEA delivery that is coming to our place in 1 hour. That makes me smile. 

You see, making this house into a home takes some time. And careful planning. And so, we are finally making our place into a place of joy and happy. Shopping helps once in awhile. 

My empty living room/playroom will become a cozy and comfy place to retreat to. Cannot wait!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our life is never boring

Yesterday, we had an awesome day. IT was a pro-d day, and so I had all six kids to myself :D so we deep cleaned. And deep cleaned and then some more. I keep them busy until the time Cliff walked through the door. I will not go into great details, but let me just say we cleaned up like how I have wanted to since before Courtney was born. It just worked yesterday so we went for it. We got a lot accomplished and we wanted to reward the kids with some ice cream and chocolate hard sauce. BUT...this is where the day went wrong. 

THROW UP. Yes, I said throw up. Puke. Cameron threw up first, then Courtney five minutes later. Then we started going to bed, and then it was Carly, and then Caroline. And then we finally got to bed (Cliff and I around 3 in the morning.) I love my husband because he takes on the throw up, and tackles it and sends me to bed. LOVE him.

Then, this morning all was good. Caroline threw up a bit, and on Cliff too. More clean up. We wanted to go back to IKEA, as there was a good sale on a couple of items we have been wanting for our family room. So, we loaded into the van with our PUKE KIT. And on our way...poor little Courtney threw up. Not a lot, but enough to cancel our trip to IKEA. So, we are back home...hoping and praying for no more throw up. So, we drove by the local VV, and picked up 4 metal bowls...we are hard core now :D

And, of course the MANY many loads of laundry left to go. I am thankful Cliff is home today. I know this will be a Remembrance day to remember! 

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thinking on Thursday

Well, you probably wonder if I have driven away in my big old van, or perhaps ran out of gas somewhere LOL. That is not the case, it has just been overwhelmingly busy to the point where I feel like a chicken with its head cut off.

I have a scratchy voice still (trying to remedy with zinc lozenges), it seems this week at school it is really busy with preparing items for Christmas shoe boxes, play dates, hot lunch order forms, reading x 2. Math homework, spelling practice x 2, social studies homework. Lunch preparation, throw in a garbage and recycling day (we recycle quite a lot with a household of our size) and then of course everything else. Like two kids in diapers, remembering to put vitamin E oil on Catie's scar daily. Writing Christmas wish lists, replying to parties etc. 'Tis the Season as they say. Throw in 3 boudoir photo shoots done last last weekend...and watch Mom go nuts. Well only slightly. LO.L. I am just thankful I have a husband that is 100% supportive of what I am doing with my life. That has been unbelievably great! SO thank you Cliff if you read this. I love how you care for us all like that. Love you Cliff.

It has been a crazy week. And on top of that, we went without heat in our home for 3 days until we could locate a part. Thankfully we did. We have a warm house now, and I am thankful for that. And for the quiet drives in in our new van.

When we pulled up to the house on Monday in the new van, the kids were jumping up and down and screaming like it was the most exciting Christmas morning EVER. In fact, almost all of the kids HUGGED our new van LOL. I wish I could have recorded that moment. I honked the horn and they went nuts. Good times! And, we have already had a 'playdate' in the van the other day. It was LOVELY to be able to bring along a friend in the van.

The balance of the week, well a run tonight for me. And a night out with my photog. friends. I always look forward to those evenings! Most likely homework tonight. It seems every night all 3 kids have homework of some sort. And tomorrow, well it is Friday, I have an appointment tomorrow evening, and then a candle party to attend! I need my Christmas candles to scent up the house. We need a good Christmas this year, so I am going to do my best to make it a good one. As, this year is another 'first' without Grandpa around. And, we pulled out our Christmas music. It will go into our van etc. next week around Remembrance Day. It is NEVER too early for music. We love it that way. Oh, and I am looking forward to Starbucks Peppermint Mochas. MMMMmmmm. And more runs. And of course, working on my duties for my little sisters wedding. That is coming up at the end of January! We cannot wait.

So there you go. A look at my week. It has been rather crazy, only to get more crazy. But, hey I would rather be busy than bored. Boring is not fun!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Glug Glug Glug

Check out the new ride! FINALLY  Cliff and I are going to go tomorrow! That means I have a new skill to add to my resume LOL...that would be driving a monster van LOL. Well, I learned how to drive my mini

It will be all good! We are so excited, and so are the kids!

Friday, October 31, 2008

S-T-I-C-K-Y sweet

Here I am at almost 2 am (when I was almost ready for bed!) channeling my inner Madonna in my 50 dollar concert t (may I also add this is the first concert t I have EVER purchased!)

Andrea, April and I in the nose bleeds (the stage is WAAAAAAY down behind us! )
I snagged this photo of my sister's blog! Thanks Ape!


Well, the concert is over, my feet hurt, I keep thinking about this poor gal a couple of rows in front of us that puked all over the rows in front of her, she had to be lifted out of her seat by the paramedics. What a waste of $$$ for her. 

We laughed, we waited, we were walking everywhere, only to be stalled and waiting to get into BC Place. We felt a bit like door mats at times. Each time a person or people or groups of people would cut in our line (read LONG line) I would say ding dong. We did a lot of ding donging LOL. But, we did see Fiona Forbes with her girlfriends waiting to get in. My guess she got in before us. We saw lots of Madonna 'costumes' last night. Battle of music between three local radio stations. The Beat, 95 Crave and even Jack FM. I think Crave did the best job. It was a city FULL of girls. Not many boys of that is for sure!

We smelled lots of smells, like cigarettes, pot, and inside the stadium...throw up (as explained above) and we even think we smelled candy, well that is what we thought when we were up in the nose bleeds.

Although the concert was not as good as what I hoped for, it still was a fun night out with my sister April, and my cousin Andrea. So, thank you both for a wonderful evening. And, I now have a great t-shirt to remember it all too! (50 dollars ;D )

You can read my sisters version here, and see some photos of us three there too.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One more sleep!

I cannot WAIT until tomorrow feedings, no diapers, no bedtime routine. I am hanging with April, and my cousin Andrea. 

I am doing this instead


Smiles of the Day

Got to love photobooth! It has been almost three weeks since Catie and her stitches, and this morning ALL of the stitches came out. Now, we move onto the vitamin E treatment for her. 

We are having a good day, well except for the whole bowl of infant cereal that 'somebody' spilled all across the dining room, and several outfits LOL. If you want the truth with a larger amount of kids, good luck! LOL.

I will never find out the truth, so whatever...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

One year later

Well, the teeter totters are full up now with our six kids. We no longer have to wonder like we did last year this same weekend. Check out those old photos to compare...
(well OK there is one more teeter totter--room for two other cousins to join in on the fun!)

Courtney who is so close to being one year old...We no longer have to wonder who is in my belly (although we knew Courtney would be a girl :D)

We tried and tried for a cute shot of all six standing with their backs to us and walking. But, this is the best we got. There is always a two year old who will not go with the flow! We know next year Coco will do the same, and Caroline will listen!

Our six pack!

We love the fall! We cannot wait to go back next year! I cannot believe how much the kids and our family changed in one year!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How's she healing?!

Well, you can see for yourself! On Thursday we are two weeks past the jumping accident, that caused Catie to require 7 stitches in her forehead.

She is doing just fine and she continues to 'monkey around' like nothing ever happened. And for Cliff and I. Forever traumatized. LOL.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Month [Eleven]

Today is the 16th of October. And I looked again and thought to Courtney how did you become 11 months all of a sudden? I told you were not allowed to grow up, that you had to stay my 'forever baby girl' Coco.

And today, you are growing in three more teeth, still breastfeeding (so much for weaning hey Coco!) you are practically walking, you cruise, you climb up the stairs, and you have figured out how to get back down the stairs, you high five, you growl, you suck your fingers, you touch your ear (just like your big brother did when he was your age!) you have a family that adores you! You smile so big, and you show off your dimple (just like your Daddy!) you are growing HAIR?! that is different LOL. And you are also a great traveller! You adapt well! Must be because you almost have to being that you are number six.

You are a self-feeder, you love your sibs, and they love you up a storm! (maybe they could stop squeezing you so hard!!) Oh how they love you. Oh how we love you.

I am finding it hard to believe that next month on this same day we will all be singing happy birthday to you as we help you blow out your first birthday candle.
I love you more and more as the days pass, and the months of the calendar flip over. I am so madly in love with you. You bring me so much joy Courtney. You Miss Smiley, are a love.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For the bright sunshine and the blue sky
For the dancing my kids do when they hear the Beach Boys
For all of the I love you's and hugs I receive everyday
For my healthy kids, and scars that will heal
For my legs that allow me to run
For my eyes that allow me to see the beauty all around me
For my husband who supports me, and loves me
For my family who loves me
For my friends who love me
For the 12 passenger van that is on a boat finding the way to Vancouver
For my health

I have so much to be thankful for today!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Catie in the ER

This is the last of this trip to the ER. Thank goodness for my new camera phone eh!

Catie in the ER II

Here is a bit of Catie in the ER on Thursday night.

In threes

They say bad things happen in threes. Well, I'd say this was a bit crazy for three things to happen within 20 minutes. On Thursday, we were having a good day. It is now 4:30 pm and Cliff is home in about a half an hour. Caroline had a diaper rash, and so I had to bathe her and I left her nudie to air out her parts. Fine. 

I start to unload the dishwasher and my little Coco is always climbing in and around the dishwasher and she likes to hold onto things...and so she held onto the dishwasher and slipped. And ripped that little flap of skin under her lip/upper gum. This isn't anything new...It has happened to almost all of our kids. So, I stop her bleeding, there is blood on her clothing which I WAS going to change. I give her a teething ring to help stop the bleeding. 

Then it happens. And very quickly I might add. All of these events happened in less than 20 minutes! 

And I hear in very loud SCARED voices of Claire and Carly that Catie is BLEEDING. Catie is BLEEDING! I put my Coco down on the floor.  And I walk into our living room aka the playroom. (we are talking steps away!) and it looks like a murder scene. Blood everywhere! Catie jumped like 'Super Catie' from the couch and hit her head on the corner of the sharp coffee table!! So, I grab her, I immediately cover my hand over her open bleeding wound and ask my girls to grab me a cloth. I walk with her to the kitchen to get the phone to see where Cliff was. He was at the local market getting veggies and fruits. Meanwhile I am totally covered in blood. It was very scary how much head wounds bleed. 

I told him GET HOME NOW!!! Catie is bleeding A LOT. I need you NOW!! Cliff knows I do not freak very easy. So, when he walked in he expected so much less of an 'owie!' but he said he turned white when he saw the living room.  So, thanks to my big girls I had cloth after cloth. And she was still bleeding. I then told Cliff to RUN and get our wonderful neighbour Dorothy to help us. She came in, and saw Catie bleeding, Caroline freaking and crying with no clothes or a diaper on. Blood EVERYWHERE. Kids crying and freaking. Two parents freaking! Oh my. Anyways we drove her immediately to the ER. Let all of the kids with poor Dorothy (love Dorothy in her late 70's and had 7 kids!) she was totally cool.

We got her in quickly...and waited for stitches. We could see down to her scull which was very disturbing. Cliff said when she moved her eyes etc. he could see her tendons working etc. YIKES.  7 stitches to be exact. And you know what, she was a trouper! She was so calm! So, it was a crazy busy day that I would NOT like to repeat. 

This is the first time in over nine years that we have had a  real emergency or stitches for that matter. Catie has been fine! The dissolving stitches are almost out today. And she is totally back to normal! Thank goodness. 

Waiting for almost 2 hours for stitches...which she didn't even cry...

Our feet...which are the same shape!

She had her magic apple juice here, and had numbing cream under the bandage waiting for her stitches. 

She was totally laughing at her hands...

What are the chances?

Of a wasp flying out of one of my folded white towels? 

Yes, this happened to me this morning! I opened up my fluffy towel to dry off and imagine seeing a big wasp sitting there! Freaked me out this morning! 

I opened my bathroom window up wide, and hopefully it will get out!! Scary!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Facts About ME!

I was tagged by Michelle! So here you go Michelle!

Here are the rules: Link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Write six random things about yourself. Tag six people at the end of your post. Let each person know he or she has been tagged. Let the tagger know when your entry is up. 

**Random Facts About Me**

1. I love to smell things, and I have a very good sense of smell
2. I don't drink caffeine at all
3. I cannot walk in high heels, but I really want to learn how to! 
4. I am left handed, but can use a can opener geared for righties. In fact, I have adapted to the right handed world. But, I am clumsy LOL
5. I often crash on my couch because I am too tired to crawl into bed
6. I love my glass of wine with my hubby on our front stoop at night when all of the kids are in bed!

I am tagging: Shawna, Sarah, April, CynthiaPam and Tammy

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Think Pink on October 17th!

I am helping out a friend! I hope you can too! And guess what! It is really easy to do, and you probably have a tonne of pink in your closet! 

I know I will be putting my pink hoodie on the 17th of October, and also my 5 girls have lots of pink! You could do this too!! I hope you say YES!


Here is the message:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Heidi Joshua and I am putting together the worlds easiest event. You don't need to show up or donate anything. All you do is wear PINK on Friday, October 17th to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. Simple as that. I have even started an event page on Facebook called THINK PINK FRIDAY. So, please dig through your closet of yours and wear some pink! Cancer knows no boudaries....wear pink. I started this day last year and I will continue. This yearly NON-ATTENDANCE required event that will happen on the third Friday of October. I am also working on a collage. So please send me a picture of you and who ever else you tell about it! What I want is a GLOBAL event and not just a local one. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I trust that you will get out there and THINK PINK FRIDAY and show the world your pink side!


Heidi Joshua

PS Don't forget to tell your family, friends, co-workers, fellow facebookers. You can copy and paste this letter to make it easier!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

V O M I T in a good way!

Well, another yearly trip to the BC Childrens Hospital for Caroline's duplex kidney check up. And, it looks like Caroline was a V O M I T victim. To explain ...Victim of Modern Imaging Technology. It is all very good really!

She had another ultrasound. Just like last year, and the year before. And the scan on her 3rd day of her life, and the multiple prenatal ultrasounds that stressed me to the max. I have lots of blog posts when I looked back regarding her left kidney trouble. Very traumatic for us all.


Caroline is a NORMAL healthy little girl, weighing 34.7 pounds. Her left kidney is growing normally and it grew from last year! Currently there is only 1 cyst (before there were atleast 4), the uretercele is gone in her bladder. She has 'outgrown' her original problems found in the original prenatal ultrasound. Even the radiologist came in to look (a second look!) after the tech did the scan. She said lots of people may have had this health problem, but with modern imaging more is 'found' including extra worrying prenatally. You can say THAT again! Whew! 

Anyways. We do not have to go back anymore to the BC Childrens Hospital with Caroline. No more yearly visits. She is healthy! We are so blessed! We have six healthy, beautiful children and Thank GOD!

We walked out of Dr. M's office and the three of us high fived each other! We got on the elevator, and sighed RELIEF! This is OVER! Caroline Mae! You are a marvel. I am also uber impressed at how well you stayed still for your ultrasound today. You had to lay there for at least 20 minutes while they checked your bladder, your left kidney and your right kidney. It must be all the practice you have had in your 2.5 years of life! 

I was holding your hand, and Daddy was rubbing your feet. I was listening to a newborn baby in the exam room having a scan done for her little kidneys. The baby was crying and it brought me back to when you had your first scan done at three days old. I hope that little baby girl will have the same blessings as you.  In another thought I hoped and prayed that the next scan you would have would be the one to tell you are carrying a healthy baby in your uterus, and that I would be a Granny! Oh yes! One day!

I love you Caroline. I am so glad you are healthy! I am so glad we don't have to sit in traffic for 1.5 hours one way with a five car pile up at the tunnel anymore! 

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Today, I am 37 years old. Not that I am old or anything, but wow. 37! 

I am getting that much closer to my 40's which just seems unreal to me. Anyways! This year went really fast!

Happy Birthday to my Dad, and to my sister Amy! I love sharing with you both! 

Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday to us.
Happy Birthday, 
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to us!

Dad, get rid of your cold, and Amy I hope Maui is beautiful.

Love you both!

Cathy xo

Monday, October 06, 2008


I am still here. I am working on my list, but have had little time to expand on that! I promise, it is in the works. I am in the last week of training before I run my first half marathon on Sunday. I am mentally prepping for this undertaking.

I promise I will update soon! Happy Fall!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cathy's List of her ALL TIME favourite baby items!

Since our family is moving out of 'baby' stuff, I thought it would be a great idea to come up with my list of my favourite parenting faves of ALL TIME! When you have six kids, there are items that last for all six kids. I am talking products that were built to last! 

And then there those that do not survive six kids. ( I swear my kids would make perfect product testers!!) 

I am preparing a list of those items that have rocked our parenting world! Stay tuned for 'The List!' 

It's almost that time again!

I was trying to remember back to last year, when we took those photos in the red leaves. And so I searched and I was relieved to note that we did the photos in the last week of October! I don't know, the leaves outside are absolutely beautiful and I was like I hope I didn't miss my opportunity to photograph (wish me luck because I am going to NEED it) our six in that same tree...year after year! I cannot wait. In fact, I feel a trip coming on soon just be sure that the leaves are still there LOL.

I am so happy with our six kids, and I cannot wait to see what six of them will look like there! It is going to be fun! Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy Sunny Sunday!

Today has been a great day so far. My day started out with a 23.55 km run, I had an ice cap, and a toasted bagel (and a big cookie) from Timmy's. We drove around, looking for space for my photography. (No such luck) collected my watch that I threw along the beginning of my long run this morning--don't ask LOL.

We had a call from one cousin, and we picked up my hoodie from another cousin today. It was fun. I cannot believe how very quiet the house is. Cameron is out on a playdate with his friend Jennifer (and she put on LIPSTICK for him!! YIKES) he will be back soon. Cliff is out at the grocery store with three of the girls, so I have two girls at home! 

Anyways just a quick check in! Happy Sunday! Diaper duty calls!

PS Courtney said Dada yesterday, and she is walking with the aid of her walker! Wow. Our little baby is turning into a little lady! 

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Cathy?!

(A rare photo on yours truly!) 

OK, so MY hair is not as popular as Jennifer Aniston's aka 'The Rachel'  hairstyle of the mid 1990's.

But I have a fun story to share with you all anyways. Today, a friend of mine Kristy walks up to me to show me her new do. And she said she went to see Crystal (my awesome hair stylist!) 

 Anyways, Kristy asked for 'The Cathy' cut. And prior to that my friend Carol went to see my hair stylist to get a haircut like me! (and Crystal told Carol that she has the same kind of hair like me too!)

Well, I just have to say that I LOVE what Crystal has done for them both! You both look fabulous, and do I! LOL. 

Crystal, thank you for always helping me look my best, and make me feel my best. And thank you for giving my friends great hair too! Just makes all feel fab! We love that.

PS. The hair style I have is actually a modified version of 'The POSH' bob  or the 'POB' cut worn by Victoria Beckham. Which I absolutely love! So thank you Posh Spice!! (oohhh I am showing my age now LOL) 

You have helped us ladies in our corner of the world get a style that is awesome, trendy and easy to fix in the morning! We love that!

Happy Friday!

PS. My sister April is rockin 'The Cathy' too! Take a look here! Isn't she gorgeous!!  xo

Thursday, September 25, 2008

little bitty baby things

Well, today was a day for getting organized and part of that meant packing up some baby stuff. I truly do not look forward to that time when your 'baby' who would be almost 1 year old in a couple of months or less has outgrown the need for baby items. I know in the past it has been OK, because I knew there would be a good chance that 'somebody' aka a new baby in the family would be possibly using them. But, our family is complete. There are no babies being born to our family, or anybody else in our family (well for now anyways.)

So, I packed up the pack n' play, the baby carrier, the infant toys, the car seat zipper cover. Many of the warm blankets, and receiving blankets. And, of course the little itty bitty beautiful sun dresses etc. They are all packed away. For what?! I am not sure...but it truly was difficult day for me. I was practically welling up with tears packing them away. Each little item, I would snuggle to my chest...and sigh. Some sighs were more sad, and yet a part of me was OK with this all. Weirded that  I am not pregnant right now, and I will never be pregnant again sigh. Not normal for me at this time when usually I would already be pregnant again.

It is weird thing after being pregnant so many times, to just be like...OK all done. I am all done. I am all good with this all not being pregnant anymore. You would think after six, it would be deal sealed. But I have to say I still have twangs and pangs when my friends and family give birth. I am totally happy for them ALL...but I feel like I am missing out. 

Really, I am OK with it all because my Courtney still needs me. My other kids need me. It is all OK. But, like I say  I thought by NOW I would be all over this, and yet not.  Hmmmm.

Well, the day is almost done. I am thinking I will head to bed and hope that my babies (that would be all six of them) decide to stay down for the count. You see, my baby Courtney loves spending time with her Mamma. Yes, lots of time. So, I just relish in that, and enjoy these moments which I know are fleeting. She can stay my baby for as long as she wants. I am totally OK with that. I have to say, she has me wrapped around my fingers. Well, all over me. I know she is my last, and finally I can 'baby' somebody for longer than the time if I were to be pregnant again. Those babes had to grow up more quickly than I would have liked. 

I have to say, that life is good in that respect. I am feeling rather joy-filled knowing that I have been blessed to have this mothering experience over six times in one life-time. SWEET I say SWEET. My job has not been completed either, the babies grow, but I know I am still needed for a long, long time :D

I love you my precious little children. Oh how I love you all to the depth of my soul. To the very centre of my body, to the ends of my fingertips, the the highest I can reach, to the bottoms of my feet. I love you all to the moon and back. I cannot express how deeply I love you all.

I am so thankful for this beautiful life I have been given! This beautiful opportunity! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer Gone - 2008

Ahhh...the last days of summer! The kids playing together, and in the background two fig trees planted by their dear departed Grandpa. I know if he were alive he would be helping Cliff build the playhouse. I know Cliff is sad about that too.

Who knew a platform (for their playhouse) would bring so much joy, fun and laughter!

I will miss the sounds of the kids' laughter, and voices from the backyard drifting into my open windows. The summer shadows, the heat of the pavement and the dirty bare feet.

Courtney in the 'baby swing' which will see no more use with our babies anymore. Perhaps a cousin will use in the future...I hope so.

Another two year old will turn three in the spring, and in all probability learn to potty train within the next months! Leaving us with only one little little one and only one more two year old to live through, and only one more baby in diapers. I can only imagine what it will be like not to buy diapers anymore.


A few memories left of a most difficult summer of 2008. We tried to keep it happy and light for the kids, and I hope we did OK with everything that went down. The hardest part of summer was losing Cliff's Father to cancer on the very first day of summer holidays. We did lots of fun stuff, and tried to keep everything light hearted for the sake of the whole family. I am most thankful that the bright cheerful sunshine was around to keep our moods lighter than say if he had died on a day like today. A day filled with damp cold. Not so bright and cheerful outside. It is our year of firsts, and so far we are surviving. I would say surviving. Just surviving.

As you can see from the photos above, Cliff has started building the kids' playhouse and it will be a version of my sisters and I playhouse that my own Dad built for us back in the 'olden days!'

Anyways, the kids have been enjoying the 'platform' and their stage and that has been fun for us. Bye bye Summer 2008. I hope and pray for a beautiful 2009 the hopes and prayers we will make it through even more 'firsts' of the season coming up, like Thanksgiving, my in-laws would be 37th anniversary, and of course the biggie that would be Christmas...and then of course that dreaded winter and February when we received the bad news, and then two days later losing our dear cat Albert. I know there will be goodness, and great days throughout the year, but I hope for a bit more HAPPY, than sadness.

Next year, a wedding to celebrate, a brand new playhouse for the kids that their Daddy is building for them, just like their Pappa did for us! Oh the sweet, delicious memories of childhood. My hope and prayer for my children is that their memories will be as wonderful as mine were.

Now, it is time to cozy up our home, and prepare for the fall. Burn some candles, enjoy the fireplace, drink more hot chocolate, and play in the fall leaves. I wish you all a season of wonderful fall memories.

Monday, September 22, 2008

True story as told by Cathy

Do NOT try this at home:

Take 2 full size wilting jalapeno peppers and throw into the sink disposal system aka the garburator, run hot water (to steam)...and push switch to on...GRIND!

What does that do you ask? 

Well, first I started to cough, and then my eyes started to burn like mad! 

I made home made pepper spray!! 

Yes, I am FINE!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday - Bye Bye Summer

Time for a family update. Today, I have three kids going for a play date at my friend Lisa's. She will have 9 kids there this afternoon. I know the kids are excited about it. I am heading out with my hubby and remaining three kids to go do some errands. This morning I ran, and now I am really hungry so I think I will treat myself to something yummy.

The weeks have been OK, and the kids are settling into school nicely. On the home-front? Well, there could be changes but that is all up in the air for now. Cliff and I have been doing a lot of talking this week, and making sure we are doing the right things for our kids etc. It is so hard to be sure we are making the right choices. 

Cameron is settling into grade four nicely, and is finding the more homework sometimes too much. He took a hip hop class with his friend on Friday night. He really enjoyed it.

Claire is doing awesome at school this year, and is really enjoying the laid-back grade two teacher. And I think she is finally developing her confidence level which is WONDERFUL.

Carly, well she loves being at school all day in her grade one class. She is in a classroom with pretty much all new kids, but she of course has adapted so easily. We love that about her.

Catie, now a wonderful four year old. She is so wise, and so helpful. She is a joy to be around, and I love her soft rubs on my shoulder in the morning. She is a morning person like her Mom. She is up, bed made and clothes on for the day. Love that! 

Caroline, she is such a wonderful, loud two year old. It is hard to believe that in May she will be three already. This morning she woke up crying saying she wanted to go pee pee in the toilet. She is certainly showing signs of readiness for toilet training! Go Caroline! Once she is done, that leaves us only one in diapers. That will cut the grocery bill significantly! 

Courtney, she is teething and has been very fussy lately. She is up during the night, biting me when I feed her (ouch!) and we see teeth buds under the skin. She climbs the stairs, and holds onto the bars to freak us out! She just smiles at us. She is a gal on the move who is now over 10 months old. Wow.

As for Cliff and I, well we are doing OK. I would say OK. Life hasn't been most pleasant for us these past months, and most recently the past week.  Oh the trials and tribulations of life. This too shall pass.

I have been doing a lot of photography lately, and working on my boudoir style of photography.  I am very passionate about this! It is great to make women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

So, there is my update...nothing too super, but it has been OK!

We are all OK. We are trudging through the muck. LOL.

Enjoy the last day of summer...