Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Smiles of the Day

Got to love photobooth! It has been almost three weeks since Catie and her stitches, and this morning ALL of the stitches came out. Now, we move onto the vitamin E treatment for her. 

We are having a good day, well except for the whole bowl of infant cereal that 'somebody' spilled all across the dining room, and several outfits LOL. If you want the truth with a larger amount of kids, good luck! LOL.

I will never find out the truth, so whatever...


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL smiles of the day... Simply gorgeous when the kids are happy and smiling like that! I betcha no one was smiling like that when the bowl of cereal was spilled? LOL.
Love ya, Andrea xo

8rmine said...

CONGRATULATIONS Catie! Nothing better than getting stitches out and a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile getting pictures taken in a photobooth with Mom and sister. WOW!


ticblog said...

You guys are all so edible! And, that's a great scar - she should use it to her advantage since it's so close to Halloween! lol

Kisses to you all!

(btw - my pseudonym is 'Ida Noe.' It was I who dumped the cereal - sorry!)