Friday, October 31, 2008

S-T-I-C-K-Y sweet

Here I am at almost 2 am (when I was almost ready for bed!) channeling my inner Madonna in my 50 dollar concert t (may I also add this is the first concert t I have EVER purchased!)

Andrea, April and I in the nose bleeds (the stage is WAAAAAAY down behind us! )
I snagged this photo of my sister's blog! Thanks Ape!


Well, the concert is over, my feet hurt, I keep thinking about this poor gal a couple of rows in front of us that puked all over the rows in front of her, she had to be lifted out of her seat by the paramedics. What a waste of $$$ for her. 

We laughed, we waited, we were walking everywhere, only to be stalled and waiting to get into BC Place. We felt a bit like door mats at times. Each time a person or people or groups of people would cut in our line (read LONG line) I would say ding dong. We did a lot of ding donging LOL. But, we did see Fiona Forbes with her girlfriends waiting to get in. My guess she got in before us. We saw lots of Madonna 'costumes' last night. Battle of music between three local radio stations. The Beat, 95 Crave and even Jack FM. I think Crave did the best job. It was a city FULL of girls. Not many boys of that is for sure!

We smelled lots of smells, like cigarettes, pot, and inside the stadium...throw up (as explained above) and we even think we smelled candy, well that is what we thought when we were up in the nose bleeds.

Although the concert was not as good as what I hoped for, it still was a fun night out with my sister April, and my cousin Andrea. So, thank you both for a wonderful evening. And, I now have a great t-shirt to remember it all too! (50 dollars ;D )

You can read my sisters version here, and see some photos of us three there too.


Michelle said...

I just read April's write up ,That's a shame dinner was "icky".I hate the smell of pot etc.blah..But the memory of time away from children *as cute as they are* is wonderful.

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

You are SO lucky!!! I wished I could have gone to the Vancouver one as my peeps wanted me to fly there and attend with them.

Maybe another lifetime LOL!!

So... did the girl puked on the people in the lower rows ?

Cathy said...


Yes, she threw up on the people in the lower rows!! Yuck!!

Anonymous said...

Cath (April), it was a great night out with my girls! While we wished some of the circumstances could have been different, we were there, we did it! We may not be able to ever do that again (for Madonna that is) so I was glad we were able to! We'll have lots of memories (that is for sure) some good, some bad... lots of love to you both. xoxo Andrea

ticblog said...

So, how is it possible Madonna was not as good as you had hoped? It's MADGE. Please explain...

Cathy said...

Hi H!

Well, she did give a GREAT concert, but she was more like a machine, than a human. She gave it her all, but she didn't relate to the audience that much. I guess that is why...she said "HELLO VANCOUVER" a few times and that was about it!

All in all I am very glad I went!

Smiley Eyes Photography said...

I was thinking about it alot because she is incredible in concert. She is devastated right now with the breakup and has been hurting like crazy. I think she is numb and is going through the motions. Poor girl !!

P.S. I hope the people in those rows are ok. Did they throw up too ? I would have !

Cathy said...

Tammy: I think that is exactly what happened! I feel bad for her!

I don't think they threw up, but I would want to too!