Wednesday, October 08, 2008

V O M I T in a good way!

Well, another yearly trip to the BC Childrens Hospital for Caroline's duplex kidney check up. And, it looks like Caroline was a V O M I T victim. To explain ...Victim of Modern Imaging Technology. It is all very good really!

She had another ultrasound. Just like last year, and the year before. And the scan on her 3rd day of her life, and the multiple prenatal ultrasounds that stressed me to the max. I have lots of blog posts when I looked back regarding her left kidney trouble. Very traumatic for us all.


Caroline is a NORMAL healthy little girl, weighing 34.7 pounds. Her left kidney is growing normally and it grew from last year! Currently there is only 1 cyst (before there were atleast 4), the uretercele is gone in her bladder. She has 'outgrown' her original problems found in the original prenatal ultrasound. Even the radiologist came in to look (a second look!) after the tech did the scan. She said lots of people may have had this health problem, but with modern imaging more is 'found' including extra worrying prenatally. You can say THAT again! Whew! 

Anyways. We do not have to go back anymore to the BC Childrens Hospital with Caroline. No more yearly visits. She is healthy! We are so blessed! We have six healthy, beautiful children and Thank GOD!

We walked out of Dr. M's office and the three of us high fived each other! We got on the elevator, and sighed RELIEF! This is OVER! Caroline Mae! You are a marvel. I am also uber impressed at how well you stayed still for your ultrasound today. You had to lay there for at least 20 minutes while they checked your bladder, your left kidney and your right kidney. It must be all the practice you have had in your 2.5 years of life! 

I was holding your hand, and Daddy was rubbing your feet. I was listening to a newborn baby in the exam room having a scan done for her little kidneys. The baby was crying and it brought me back to when you had your first scan done at three days old. I hope that little baby girl will have the same blessings as you.  In another thought I hoped and prayed that the next scan you would have would be the one to tell you are carrying a healthy baby in your uterus, and that I would be a Granny! Oh yes! One day!

I love you Caroline. I am so glad you are healthy! I am so glad we don't have to sit in traffic for 1.5 hours one way with a five car pile up at the tunnel anymore! 


Mrs. Merriman said...

Snaps for Miss Mae!! Oh C's, that is wonderful news :D xoxo

Kelly said...

YAY Caroline!!! I'm so happy for all of you that the scan was perfect! What a blessing :)

Dana said...

That is great news! I know how having prenatal ultrasounds can be so worrying.

Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWS Empeys! I am so happy that everything has worked itself out and that Caroline is healthy. Lots of love, Andrea xo

ticblog said...

Sweet! (has it really been that long? sheesh - time flies...)