Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beef Broth WHERE?

And why?

3 large tetra pacs of beef broth outside on the cement pad...dumped out everywhere. I guess the rats, mole sisters and raccoons will love our yard again eh!

In a nutshell...

It is a Tuesday. The sun came out for a bit this morning which was refreshing. I am totally tired of all the rain and the hail. Really tired of it. Cliff and I keep saying we are going to move to a warmer climate somewhere. Any ideas?

The kids are all on the mend. We are almost finished with the antibiotics etc. Cameron is the only one left with them. Claire is finished. Everybody is healthy (dare I even say that?)

Courtney has been sleeping for the past week in her crib, in the room with her two big sisters Catie and Caroline. A perfect fit. Courtney has been going down to bed between 8-10 each night! How refreshing, except my clock has not reset and I do not get tired until 2 am. I think to change that I am going to get up really early and get out and exercise at like 5 in the morning to reset my clock! I have too. Crazyness.

Caroline, my sweet Caroline. She is turning two on Friday! It feels like we all just watched her eat her first birthday cake and learn to walk. Now, almost a year later she says please and thank you. Tries to sit on the toilet, makes us laugh. Wow. Another year that has gone by so quickly. Thankfully she has not really gone into the '2's' yet. YET LOL.

Catie, my dear Catie girl. She is so responsible for her young age of three. (Well getting closer to four) Every morning she gets up, goes pee, gets dressed, puts away her jammas and then asks for help to make her bed. She told me today that she is going to Disneyland to have breakfast with Mickey Mouse. (I guess because we have started a water jug as a D-Land fund LOL)

Carly, my Carlyflower. She is growing her hair out, is loved by her classmates and is so kind to her siblings. She is a peacemaker, and often a rule breaker. But she tries really hard. When she is good! She is GOOD...and well...you know the rest. She is know to give away things, food, toys, dolls her clothes off her back to her family and friends. All on her own. We are so proud of the young lady she is becoming.

Claire went up another level in her reading. She is also growing her hair out. She wants long braids. She knows what she wants. She is very polite, and uses her manners. We love that. We can depend on Claire to help out if we need it. Claire also has been helping at dinner. She has been using the sharp knives and cuts up lots of veggies for us. She really loves hands on learning. We are waiting for one more front tooth as we loving call 'peg tooth' LOL. It is hanging on by a thread.

Cameron, my little boy is growing up so fast. Hard to believe that he comes up almost to my arm pits already. Wow. His transformation from little baby boy to now just amazes me. His first words were light, door, then Daddy and Mommy. And now his vocabulary astounds me. He is the boy who loves words. He is so creative and loves to take photographs, and loves to make things.

Cliff, he got to go out to the driving range on the weekend thanks to the generosity of my Sis Amy, Tyler. They took all of the kids out to McD and then bowling. I was out at a shower for Jolene and Ella, and I brought Courtney. He does so much around here and I was so pleased for him. He really needs that right now. Unfortunately he thinks he has hurt his IT band and cannot run which sucks for him. I guess he will have to wait a bit and then cross train.

As for myself. I am in the process of training for my first tri at the end of June. I am also going to start my training for my very first half marathon that I have been itching to do for many years, but keep having kids LOL. Well, now is that time. I start June 17th, and on October 12th...a bit after my 37th b-day will be going with the family to the island to go RUN! I am so very excited. I have taken off almost 80 pounds to date, and have 24.4 pounds left to go. I am so pleased. I have also been using my camera a lot! That brings me so much enjoyment.

Friday, April 25, 2008

A beautiful gift

'A beautiful gift'

She smiled, and I saw the same smile and crinkled up nose. This beautiful, and stunning woman. The woman I call Granny. My Mom's Mom.

I look into her eyes, and I see myself in those beautiful blue eyes. Comfort is what I feel when I look at her. Granny and I have the same coloured blue eyes. I love looking like her. I am so much like my Granny. I see myself in the future when I look at her. She is a beauty, and always will be. She is one of the most beautiful people I know. And the wisdom. And her ways. She is a marvelous person. I try my best to be just like her.

Yesterday I received a beautiful gift from my Granny. My Granny hands me the keys and says don't forget to go into my trunk (of her car) and I went and opened up the trunk and inside were several dresses of beautiful colours, textures and fabrics. Many different styles.

But, a pretty green one caught my eye. It appeared only to be a coat, but upon inspection both the jacket and the beautiful dress were on the hanger. They were sewn with love by Helen J, the same wonderful woman who sewed my grad dress, my sisters grad dresses, my Mom's wedding dress. This particular coat and dress was the one that my Granny wore to my Mom and Dad's wedding back over 40 years ago. A beautiful green one, with a jacket. It was thought that the dress was not there. But is was. A beautiful gift just for ME.

After my Granny was on her way with Claire, I ran upstairs with the dresses in my arms. Kind of felt like Christmas morning when I was a kid, but better!

In my excitement I stripped down to my under things and took the green dress and coat and tried them on.

They were a perfect fit.

I am the same size and have the looks of my Granny when she was younger. I then wish at that moment that I could show my Pappa what I looked like. I miss him. I know he would have loved to see me dressed in the same dress that his Laura wore to their baby girl Allyson's wedding back on July 15, 1967. She must have been as beautiful as the bride! That is what I would imagine.

So, after a quick fashion show for my family. I whip back upstairs and call my Mom and say "guess what I am wearing?" I am wearing 'the dress' and it fits me perfectly like it is meant just for me.

I then took the dress off, and got back into my regular clothes. I waited for my Granny to get back with Claire. I then excused myself and I got back into the dress. It was great to see her face light up and smile when she saw me wearing her beautiful gift.

To me, it is more than a dress and a jacket. The stains on the dress that were created at my parents wedding! And now that 40 years have past, I have a gift from that time. How beautiful is that gift.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5/6 ain't bad

from left to right: Caroline, Claire, Cameron, Carly and Catie
(Courtney was in the van crying LOL)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1 year and 1 day later

We moved one year ago yesterday. How do I remember that? Well today is Earth Day that is why, and that falls on the 22nd of April each year. I am so thankful for our living quarters, and the joy this home has brought us. We are so in love with our place. We are starting to set our roots down here and it feels great.

Today is a beautiful day, and we are thankful for the sunshine too. It has been way too cold these days. Certainly doesn't feel like our usual spring weather around here. I would usually be in flip-flops by now! Still in shoes and winter coats these days.

Oh yeah, we got the crib up and set up. I love the crib and the bedding! Now to get a paint colour! It will make the room shine! Courtney is sleeping up in her crib as I type this. Night two a success, now if we could only get her in bed earlier than midnight or one am, that woud be great.

Cameron now has ear pain, so off to the doctors AGAIN, but this time for him LOL. So far we have many with ear problems/problems this week. Four out of six to be exact.

My cousins leave for the D-Land today and I am wishing them a happy trip and many happy memories there! See you when you get back! Have fun and travel safe!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saw another Crash Test Mommy...

Cliff and I actually went out on a 'date' on Friday night. The 3 big kids were to sleep over at my Mom and Dad's. But, we had sickos all around. So we cancelled out on our babysitter. But, my Mom offered to come over and put all of the kids to bed so we could still get out. So that was nice.

We went to Milestones and had our faves there. And, I actually had a Bellini. I haven't had one in about 10 years I think. Pre kids that is for sure. It was nice. A nice appy meal a nice drink and adult conversation. It was quiet. Fun and a nice thing to do with a spouse. Much needed these days. I wore heels, I straightened my hair. I felt good. So did Cliff. After our dinner we walked over to the local Chapters bookstore to get a coffee and a treat at the Starbucks. It was our date/splurge night and we did just that. I haven't had a drink IN YEARS. Seriously not on my list of priorities. But it was good.

Anyways, we got our drinks and a our treats and we are sitting down leisurely enjoying each others company and we glance over to the magazine area and low and behold I see Jimmy Jamieson. He was on episode 2 of Crash Test Mommy. He had a child in a stroller and he was wearing vans. I said to Cliff I recognize that guy! Then I thought about it and I said that is Jimmy Jamieson from CTM. Cliff told me to go say hi, but I didn't. I wanted to go say hi, but I didn't. My shyness came out and I didn't talk to him. I should have. Oh well. We tried to find him but he was gone. My loss I guess.

(Episode 02 - Jimmy Jamieson

Laid back surfer dude Jimmy Jamieson is about to get a crash course in Mommydom when he's picked to be this episode's Crash Test Mommy. His mission: to look after, for 48 hours, his sister-in-law Sharon's four young sons, ranging in age from five years to 19 months old, at their Chilliwack home.

Our host, Dagmar Midcap, whisks Sharon off for a blissful, two-day getaway, enjoying a luxurious hotel suite, gourmet meals, a private yoga session, shopping sprees, and romantic strolls with husband, Leif.

Back at home, Uncle Jimmy's four energetic young charges begin to run him off his feet, as he juggles chaotic family expeditions to the supermarket, messy adventures in home pizza-making, the disastrous combination of kids and room painting, a health medley of upset stomachs and minor injuries, and a haphazard regimen of nap times and housecleaning chores.)

Anyways. We then took a drive afterwards and looked at big passenger vans. We parked our mini van beside a huge white van and our van looked so small. I remember going from little red sports car to smaller mini van, and then bigger mini van. I did fine with that transition. I am sure I can do the jump to big van too. It all takes time to get used to I guess.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How can you be five months today?

Enjoying your Sophie

Courtney Elizabeth, you have your big siblings watching over you!

It is hard to believe that at 5:34 pm this evening you turned five months old. In ways the months have gone really slow, like for instance all of these sleepless nights. And fast, just because the calendar months have just flipped by so quickly. I hardly had a moment to update your baby book (well I did get to it, but is not as thorough as the other kids' books...sorry my love)
You are laughing, giggling, teething, gah-ing, and just a loving little girl. You are a month away from your first rice cereal, you take bits of formula from a bottle whenever I need you to. You have started to sleep through the night in the last week. BUT you go down quite late. But, tonight you went down just before 10 pm. We like that! Keep doing that OK!
You love your Sophie the giraffe, but we know you love the attention you get from your five siblings way better. You are in 12 months sleepers, and size 3 diapers. You hardly spit up, but when you do you soak me to the skin. You usually poop right before we head out somewhere!
You are strong in your core. You try to pull yourself to a 'sit.' You also roll immediately from back to tummy and we think you are so cute with your double dimples. One on each side.
It is hard to believe that we will celebrate your first birthday at the end of this year.
You my darling Coco, are true love.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Camera and Cherry Blossom MANIA

Taken by the talented Jillian Kirby

Taken by the talented Sarah!


These were taken last night! I think they are pretty awesome! Thank you both!

whole heart

when your bow is broken and your last arrow spent,
then shoot, shoot with your whole heart.

-zen saying

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring has sprung

I am fascinated by the beauty of cherry blossoms!

Aren't they beautiful! I took about 200 photos in the last 2 days!

Pink is my favourite colour!

Beautiful bokeh in the 'golden' hour last night!

I love yellow too!
I have been taking hundreds of photos in the last two days! I am LOVING the spring! WELCOME!!

Some photo action going on

Claire and Carly whizzing by on the road

Freezing Carly's motion on the trampoline

Freezing Cam on the tramp too!

My Claire jumping on the trampoline

The old table leg from White Spot (from our engagement in 1997)

So busy Saturday! But very SUNNY!

Last night we decided, no errands. Leave the house A MESS and go out and go for a walk and take a picnic lunch along because we knew the weather would be absolutely sunny and warm. So, we were ready. Packed up and got on the road by 9 in the morning. We walked a 3km loop around a local lake, got our picnic lunch out and ate it together under a picnic seating area (covered) and then the kids (well just 5 of them) played and had a blast at the park there! Nothing better than a different park. I fed Coco on the park bench in the GLORIOUS HOT sun. We gave them 5 minutes notice and headed back in the van.

We wished we had more room for our stroller. Cliff wore Coco in the Bjorn, and for about half the walk I had Caroline up on my shoulders. We then on our way home discovered our AC has given out. Nice. And, then we drove by some auto dealerships and looked at those 11 seater vans. They would be perfect to put all our gear in there. We wouldn't need to collapse a stroller and it would fit. Our current van does not hold the stoller and all of the gear that comes a long with a fun picnic.

So, who knows. We are thinking sooner rather than later. I am going to get some decals with the people and put that on the van. And perhaps call it "The FUN bus!" We have always joked about a big 'church' van, but hey! If it makes life easier then Who CARES!!

I am going to take some photos tonight before the sun goes down. Cliff is outside mowing and weed eating. I am inside feeding my girl. I will join them as soon as I am done.

What a great day! And thank you to AMBER for creating my newest HEADER! I absolutely LOVE it! You are the best!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I have taken in all that my blogger friends/friends/family have posted to my blog. And boy oh boy do you all make so much sense. I guess when I get so bogged down, I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am on a one track type of mind. But, comments and suggestions really hit home. And how they made sense. And how I felt the hugs all the way over here.

I am so thankful for all of those brilliant postings. Cliff is taking the day off tomorrow. Carly and Claire have a doctors appointment, and the other kids will be in school. Some home with us. We don't have plans for the weekend. So, we will go and do something on Saturday with the kids. We can do all of the chores/cleaning and errands tomorrow instead of Saturday. I don't know what we will do or where we will go, but I heard the sun is supposed to come out in full force! That is so awesome. Like H said, Spring is a state of mind. I am welcoming in Spring. Spring in my mind. No matter what the crazy weather may bring. I will welcome Spring in.

We are making plans, and Cliff and I have been talking a lot more these days. Talking about our future. Talking about our kids' futures. Talking and making plans. We are ALIVE! We are living! We must celebrate our days as a young family! Take the highs as well as the lows.

We have booked a lovely Aunty and Uncle to come and babysit for us so that we can go out and celebrate our 10th wedding anniversay in May. We have decided to take some day trips and just go and explore. We are talking about getting a big 'fun bus' that seats 15 passengers! So, we can bring along our family and friends on our happy journeys.

And, my sweet MIL bought me a brand new NIKE swim suit to wear to train and compete in my Triathalon in June!

So thanks all of you! Thank you.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


It is hard to be in limbo I have decided. It is like time is going by so quickly. But some days linger on forever and I just wish that the day would end so I can get some peace. I am finding it hard not to be able to make plans. I am finding it hard to just have a normal day, because the days are not normal anymore.

We are all very 'keyed up' all of the time. Wondering daily when life might change (for the worse) around here. It certainly isn't easy to live like that. Cliff and I want to make plans, but then say nope. We cannot make plans right now. We just take it day by day. I am a plan maker, and I find that difficult to work around these days.

Finally, Courtney is getting to be a bit more 'easy' in terms of well just the fact that she is not so newborn anymore. She can lay on the floor and have good times with the big siblings entertaining her and making her laugh and smile. We thought well, we can get on with our lives. Make some good memories. And right now, none of that is happening. We feel like it is groundhog day around here again. Just when we thought we would move on from babyhood. Life strikes us, and we are stagnant. That is how it feels. Life has stood still, but not is a good sort of way. It is like this broken finger. I just want this all to be over. But when it is all over it will be 100 times worse.

Yesterday we were talking about going away, and just running away from here. Like moving to California or Hawaii. And just having a great beach lifestyle. My MIL said I will need a good bathingsuit! I said I am not ready for a bathing suit LOL. Soon though. We are all really tired of the cold, wet rain. It is so chilling. We need the good spring weather. I think that will help somewhat. But we are waiting for that too. We are just sitting here, left to wonder and think too much. I am tired of thinking. I think all of the adults in this house are.

We cannot not stop living our life, but it is hard to just live this day to day without making some sort of fun plan. It is really crummy really. And when things change around here, will we even feel like making plans? I just can't stop going 'there.'

Ahhhh...it will get better. It just has too. Thankfully the garden has started to grow and there is some colour in there. I am thankful for that today. That there is a bit of colour to add to this dull life right now.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So tired

So tired that I keep falling asleep on the couch, and cannot get up to go to bed. That is how tired I have been lately. Last night I slept on the couch until 3:30 am. Yup.

Why oh why can I not get enough energy to get my but upstairs to bed! I guess because the time Courtney gets to bed it is well after midnight and I just cannot function with so little sleep for so long. This has been a very almost 5 months with virtually no sleep.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Things change over the weekend...

Like Caroline no longer wanting to sit in her booster chair or high chair. She want to be 'a big kid' on the chairs like everybody else in the family. Caroline sat on the toilet a couple of times after pulling off her diaper. She didn't go, but she is trying.

We had an Oreo cookie eating contest with the kids on Saturday night and we got some video, I may just learn how to upload that to my blog so all can see how well behaved our kids can be! LOL! It was really fun!

I got all of my photos put away, and that includes Courtney's birth photos! All of my albums are up to date again which feels wonderful. Today, I will get that baby book out and start writing!

I also got all of my online filing of my digital photos done and ready for more! That was an undertaking, but really worth it! Needed to be done! DONE! Organizing my new computer :D

Courtney is out-growing her bassinet so quickly. She peeps her head out of there and she looks so cute! So, the crib will be built this coming weekend for her! I think her bedding is not too far behind which is exciting! Now, to pick the perfect shade of pink for the walls! Courtney is also rolling A LOT, and when she is lying down on her back she tries to sit up! Wow! Hard to believe she will be five months on the 16th of this month. She is also sleeping all night in her bassinet, but she goes to bed too late (like her Mom!) Midnight or 1 or 2 seems to be more her speed. Need to get time moved down with a routine soon.

Carly puked last night, at minutes to midnight...thankfully into the toilet! No extra laundry last night.

All in all, a great weekend. Accomplished what we needed to, and even had some fun amongst the chaos of the weekend.

I just wanted to put a Happy Birthday to my sis April! Happy Birthday April! We hope you have a great day and your card is truly in the mail! I hope you get it today!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Night, and blogging away...

I have finally caught up with all of my blogs and going to visit my friend bloggers! I finally felt like I caught up a bit. I paid our bills, got our filing done. I have a MEGA over the top list we are going to try to accomplish this weekend. We got stuff up on Craigslist, I typed out my chore chart and school stuff for the kids. I converted files/photos. I got laundry done. Quite productive at times. Some times, not too much.

Having a sixth child that wants to eat all day long has really made have to sit down and really priorize my stuff. I find I get impatient and feel stressed when my list gets so big that I get overwhelmed with stuff.

Today, Jillian Kirby brought over our photos and I looked at them and got all emotional. You see, my baby girl was only three weeks old and she was wearing that little sleeper that I loved so much. Then, my maternity photos which I just treasure right now! I am going to do a preggo wall for me in our bedroom. It is private, and I will get so much enjoyment out of them. The photos are GORGEOUS and we are so pleased! We are excited to get some photos up on the walls in this home! Our home. What great photos to start with that is for sure.

Tomorrow we get Courtney's crib, and the bedding for both girls is almost here too! Then, we paint and the room is going to be gorgeous and I cannot wait! It is going to be Pinkalicious!! Cannot WAIT!

Well, look at the time. I am burning the midnight oil again. What else is new!

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Day - The pregnancy post revisited

Remember that post? Well, today is one year later. I am no longer pregnant (quite obviously lol) and I have a sixth child who will be 5 months on the 16th of April. That year went by way too fast. I guess that is what happens when one is in the thick of motherhood! The year has been a whirl-wind of activities and really has gone by very fast.

I can really say this time, I am glad I am not pregnant. I am glad I have six healthy children. I am thankful for a lot of things today. Life is pretty darn good right now for us. I am so happy that it is time to move on with having babies, and I know holding little new borns will be a thrill for me. In fact, I got to hold Cynthia's sweet litte Daisy last night! She is absolutely beautiful and sweet. That was just enough to fulfil that baby urge. So my friends, keep having babies! I will need a fix soon LOL. My uterus is closed up...it will receive no more business.

I really enjoyed holding her! But I don't ever want to go back to that postpartum phase. I am looking forward to watching her do her 'firsts' like food! I cannot wait to have all of my helpers aka the older five kids feed her cereal etc. And, have I mentioned that Courtney takes a bottle like a champ! So, if I need to get out of here for any reason I am able too. Yay for ME!! I have waited over eight years to get another baby that would do so! It couldn't come at a better time really. There is now a chance that Cliff and I could actually GET OUT for more than one or two hours on our own...now to find a babysitter to help out! LOL.

I cannot even catch up on all the goings on around here. Today is the last day of the Goo-Be-Gone 2008 (3 months later) and I look forward to getting those results tonight. I feel I have done extremely well especially due to all of the 'curve balls' that have come our way lately with Dad being sick, and my broken finger, our cat dying and other stuff.

I have a new to me camera, and I have been enjoying getting back into something I TRULY enjoy. That has been thrilling!

What else? Like I say, I couldn't put everything down here! Too much to record. FIL is in good spirits despite all of the stuff he is going through. He even went grocery shopping with Mom today. He said to me this morning Wow you are skinny LOL! Thanks Dad!

The kids are all doing well.

[Cameron] was working on a speech about his five sisters. He presented it yesterday. He is fascinated with the solar system, Google Earth and a ton of reading! That boy loves his books!

[Claire] has been doing great, and really working hard on her reading skills. And we see her becoming a responsible daughter which has been very positive in the household! Way to go Claire. She is really enjoying her earrings too. And she loves to help cook dinner or bake. She loves it in the kitchen which we love!

[Carly] is really enjoying Kindergarten, is really motivated to read and learn to write like the big kids. She is also a great sharer and wants to give friends and family her special things. She is developing great friends too which is lovely. She also has her own fashion sense! She knows who she is! And we appreciate her kind ways and gentle hugs and offers many things like food to her siblings.

[Catie] well. She loves Mickey Mouse, and she likes to be very active and speeds around the house in a flash! She is quiet like a little mouse and likes to hide. She is difficult to find. And oh boy can she holla!! She is a holla back girl that is for sure. She will not nap, but she could sure use a nap. She ends up on most afternoons falling asleep on my shoulder. I love that FOR SURE!

[Caroline] She eats non stop and poops non stop! The more she eats the more she poops LOL! She is really learning to talk and she surprises me all day with the sentences she is creating. That is very exciting! She always says good night to everybody! She says each name. She wants to read too. Oh, and she is LOUD!!! VERY LOUD!

[Courtney] She is rolling around. She rolls for food! She will roll for food. She has dimples and laughs like crazy! She is in 9-12 month sleepers and is really heavy! As I said earlier will take a bottle! That is great! She also doesn't like to sleep. We have ordered a crib for her, and some bedding. Hopefully then we can transition her out of the bassinet and into a bedroom. And make it look like she has her own space in a bedroom! And, she laughed today at me when I was changing her! That was so awesome.

The sun came out for a change and that was certainly welcomed! I enjoyed spending some time outside with the kids in the yard. Courtney was in the Baby Bjorn so no camera time for me today. I sure hope I can get to using it again soon. Hopefully on the weekend.