Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In a nutshell...

It is a Tuesday. The sun came out for a bit this morning which was refreshing. I am totally tired of all the rain and the hail. Really tired of it. Cliff and I keep saying we are going to move to a warmer climate somewhere. Any ideas?

The kids are all on the mend. We are almost finished with the antibiotics etc. Cameron is the only one left with them. Claire is finished. Everybody is healthy (dare I even say that?)

Courtney has been sleeping for the past week in her crib, in the room with her two big sisters Catie and Caroline. A perfect fit. Courtney has been going down to bed between 8-10 each night! How refreshing, except my clock has not reset and I do not get tired until 2 am. I think to change that I am going to get up really early and get out and exercise at like 5 in the morning to reset my clock! I have too. Crazyness.

Caroline, my sweet Caroline. She is turning two on Friday! It feels like we all just watched her eat her first birthday cake and learn to walk. Now, almost a year later she says please and thank you. Tries to sit on the toilet, makes us laugh. Wow. Another year that has gone by so quickly. Thankfully she has not really gone into the '2's' yet. YET LOL.

Catie, my dear Catie girl. She is so responsible for her young age of three. (Well getting closer to four) Every morning she gets up, goes pee, gets dressed, puts away her jammas and then asks for help to make her bed. She told me today that she is going to Disneyland to have breakfast with Mickey Mouse. (I guess because we have started a water jug as a D-Land fund LOL)

Carly, my Carlyflower. She is growing her hair out, is loved by her classmates and is so kind to her siblings. She is a peacemaker, and often a rule breaker. But she tries really hard. When she is good! She is GOOD...and well...you know the rest. She is know to give away things, food, toys, dolls her clothes off her back to her family and friends. All on her own. We are so proud of the young lady she is becoming.

Claire went up another level in her reading. She is also growing her hair out. She wants long braids. She knows what she wants. She is very polite, and uses her manners. We love that. We can depend on Claire to help out if we need it. Claire also has been helping at dinner. She has been using the sharp knives and cuts up lots of veggies for us. She really loves hands on learning. We are waiting for one more front tooth as we loving call 'peg tooth' LOL. It is hanging on by a thread.

Cameron, my little boy is growing up so fast. Hard to believe that he comes up almost to my arm pits already. Wow. His transformation from little baby boy to now just amazes me. His first words were light, door, then Daddy and Mommy. And now his vocabulary astounds me. He is the boy who loves words. He is so creative and loves to take photographs, and loves to make things.

Cliff, he got to go out to the driving range on the weekend thanks to the generosity of my Sis Amy, Tyler. They took all of the kids out to McD and then bowling. I was out at a shower for Jolene and Ella, and I brought Courtney. He does so much around here and I was so pleased for him. He really needs that right now. Unfortunately he thinks he has hurt his IT band and cannot run which sucks for him. I guess he will have to wait a bit and then cross train.

As for myself. I am in the process of training for my first tri at the end of June. I am also going to start my training for my very first half marathon that I have been itching to do for many years, but keep having kids LOL. Well, now is that time. I start June 17th, and on October 12th...a bit after my 37th b-day will be going with the family to the island to go RUN! I am so very excited. I have taken off almost 80 pounds to date, and have 24.4 pounds left to go. I am so pleased. I have also been using my camera a lot! That brings me so much enjoyment.


AmberP said...

Oh my goodness I am GIDDY with excitement that you are going to be going to Victoria... I cannot wait. I still have to get that hotel information from my mom. I will get that tonight for you!! I want to move to a warmer climate too... where do you suppose we should go?!

Kerry said...

I would suggest the south of France to go live. I hear the government even issues you a household helper (FREE!) when you have a baby. They'll wash dishes, prepare a meal, do laundry, feed baby, you name it! Plus the doctors do house calls!

Then there's the cheese shops, baguettes, wine, and the fact that French women don't get fat, lol.

Plus, just think of the scenery, warm weather...and the kids who can learn to say 'oui maman, oui papa!'. CUTE!