Friday, April 25, 2008

A beautiful gift

'A beautiful gift'

She smiled, and I saw the same smile and crinkled up nose. This beautiful, and stunning woman. The woman I call Granny. My Mom's Mom.

I look into her eyes, and I see myself in those beautiful blue eyes. Comfort is what I feel when I look at her. Granny and I have the same coloured blue eyes. I love looking like her. I am so much like my Granny. I see myself in the future when I look at her. She is a beauty, and always will be. She is one of the most beautiful people I know. And the wisdom. And her ways. She is a marvelous person. I try my best to be just like her.

Yesterday I received a beautiful gift from my Granny. My Granny hands me the keys and says don't forget to go into my trunk (of her car) and I went and opened up the trunk and inside were several dresses of beautiful colours, textures and fabrics. Many different styles.

But, a pretty green one caught my eye. It appeared only to be a coat, but upon inspection both the jacket and the beautiful dress were on the hanger. They were sewn with love by Helen J, the same wonderful woman who sewed my grad dress, my sisters grad dresses, my Mom's wedding dress. This particular coat and dress was the one that my Granny wore to my Mom and Dad's wedding back over 40 years ago. A beautiful green one, with a jacket. It was thought that the dress was not there. But is was. A beautiful gift just for ME.

After my Granny was on her way with Claire, I ran upstairs with the dresses in my arms. Kind of felt like Christmas morning when I was a kid, but better!

In my excitement I stripped down to my under things and took the green dress and coat and tried them on.

They were a perfect fit.

I am the same size and have the looks of my Granny when she was younger. I then wish at that moment that I could show my Pappa what I looked like. I miss him. I know he would have loved to see me dressed in the same dress that his Laura wore to their baby girl Allyson's wedding back on July 15, 1967. She must have been as beautiful as the bride! That is what I would imagine.

So, after a quick fashion show for my family. I whip back upstairs and call my Mom and say "guess what I am wearing?" I am wearing 'the dress' and it fits me perfectly like it is meant just for me.

I then took the dress off, and got back into my regular clothes. I waited for my Granny to get back with Claire. I then excused myself and I got back into the dress. It was great to see her face light up and smile when she saw me wearing her beautiful gift.

To me, it is more than a dress and a jacket. The stains on the dress that were created at my parents wedding! And now that 40 years have past, I have a gift from that time. How beautiful is that gift.


Kerry said...

A GREEN dress, love it. And to have a story come with it, even better!

ticblog said...

Not a real green dress? (That's cruel...) lol

I wanto to see pictures. You know me and vintage dresses...

Cathy said...


Allyson said...

The sleeve! My mom looked so beautiful on our wedding day, I have to see you wearing it too. xxxooo