Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1 year and 1 day later

We moved one year ago yesterday. How do I remember that? Well today is Earth Day that is why, and that falls on the 22nd of April each year. I am so thankful for our living quarters, and the joy this home has brought us. We are so in love with our place. We are starting to set our roots down here and it feels great.

Today is a beautiful day, and we are thankful for the sunshine too. It has been way too cold these days. Certainly doesn't feel like our usual spring weather around here. I would usually be in flip-flops by now! Still in shoes and winter coats these days.

Oh yeah, we got the crib up and set up. I love the crib and the bedding! Now to get a paint colour! It will make the room shine! Courtney is sleeping up in her crib as I type this. Night two a success, now if we could only get her in bed earlier than midnight or one am, that woud be great.

Cameron now has ear pain, so off to the doctors AGAIN, but this time for him LOL. So far we have many with ear problems/problems this week. Four out of six to be exact.

My cousins leave for the D-Land today and I am wishing them a happy trip and many happy memories there! See you when you get back! Have fun and travel safe!


The Hoegler Family said...

What colour are you thinking of?
Our new baby's room is turquoise. It used to be our guest room, or like I liked to call it, my tranquility room. I love the colour.

Today I might find out if I will be induced earlier.
Have a great day!
Love from Hege

Kerry said...

You might be able to dust off those flip flops for Saturday, it's supposed to be nice!

Cathy said...

Hege: Most likely a lighter shade of pink :D

I wish you all of the best with your appointment!

You take care!


ticblog said...

Pink. Ick. lol

We've chosen a shade of lilac for Serejane's room. madisyn's new colour is almost the exact colour of strawberry ice cream. We're aiming to paint this summer... and maybe get some baseboards... baseboards would be nice...

Allyson said...

Where did that year go? I remember looking after all the kids and the weather was superfine out. Can't wait until the weegirls' bedrooms are painted. It looks lovely in there now, but with your own touch to the place, home! xxxooo