Saturday, April 12, 2008

So busy Saturday! But very SUNNY!

Last night we decided, no errands. Leave the house A MESS and go out and go for a walk and take a picnic lunch along because we knew the weather would be absolutely sunny and warm. So, we were ready. Packed up and got on the road by 9 in the morning. We walked a 3km loop around a local lake, got our picnic lunch out and ate it together under a picnic seating area (covered) and then the kids (well just 5 of them) played and had a blast at the park there! Nothing better than a different park. I fed Coco on the park bench in the GLORIOUS HOT sun. We gave them 5 minutes notice and headed back in the van.

We wished we had more room for our stroller. Cliff wore Coco in the Bjorn, and for about half the walk I had Caroline up on my shoulders. We then on our way home discovered our AC has given out. Nice. And, then we drove by some auto dealerships and looked at those 11 seater vans. They would be perfect to put all our gear in there. We wouldn't need to collapse a stroller and it would fit. Our current van does not hold the stoller and all of the gear that comes a long with a fun picnic.

So, who knows. We are thinking sooner rather than later. I am going to get some decals with the people and put that on the van. And perhaps call it "The FUN bus!" We have always joked about a big 'church' van, but hey! If it makes life easier then Who CARES!!

I am going to take some photos tonight before the sun goes down. Cliff is outside mowing and weed eating. I am inside feeding my girl. I will join them as soon as I am done.

What a great day! And thank you to AMBER for creating my newest HEADER! I absolutely LOVE it! You are the best!


FunkyMomma said...

It sounds like we had identical days, right down to the lawn mowing.
I love love love the new header!!

Jillian Kirby said...

What a great day!!
We were out doing yard work all day and at one point I just sat down, took a breather, and watched my family all together playing and smiling and having fun. So nice when you stop to smell the roses don't you think?!
Glad you took the day "off" today!
and I LOVE your new header too!!!

Michelle said...

It was a lovely day *weather wise* inside not so great the flu bug decided to strike. I'm glad that you & yours had a great day...You're new header is gorgeous..would Amber take care of digi-scrapbooking one for me...she should advertise!!!

ticblog said...

It is a fabulous header... and I love those kind of days where you just kind of hit the road and take it as it comes. Our Sunday plans so far include: a Safeway broiled chicken, some leftover bean salad, my Mom and my sister, and the open highway. I'll post pictures, too... lol