Monday, April 14, 2008

whole heart

when your bow is broken and your last arrow spent,
then shoot, shoot with your whole heart.

-zen saying


Susanna said...

Thankyou for posting this Cathy. It has been a long Monday so far here on the island. You are such a ray of sun permeating the clouds from the other side of the Georgia Strait :)

The Hoegler Family said...

Thank you for your nice comments and best wishes on my blog. I always feel better after a comment from you or reading your blog.
Mattias has done nothing but throwing up today, but luckily Darren came straight home after work instead of going to the gym, and now I am relaxing and having some time of my own, while he gives Mattias a bath. I guess I have to make dinner soon though :o(

Love from Hege