Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saw another Crash Test Mommy...

Cliff and I actually went out on a 'date' on Friday night. The 3 big kids were to sleep over at my Mom and Dad's. But, we had sickos all around. So we cancelled out on our babysitter. But, my Mom offered to come over and put all of the kids to bed so we could still get out. So that was nice.

We went to Milestones and had our faves there. And, I actually had a Bellini. I haven't had one in about 10 years I think. Pre kids that is for sure. It was nice. A nice appy meal a nice drink and adult conversation. It was quiet. Fun and a nice thing to do with a spouse. Much needed these days. I wore heels, I straightened my hair. I felt good. So did Cliff. After our dinner we walked over to the local Chapters bookstore to get a coffee and a treat at the Starbucks. It was our date/splurge night and we did just that. I haven't had a drink IN YEARS. Seriously not on my list of priorities. But it was good.

Anyways, we got our drinks and a our treats and we are sitting down leisurely enjoying each others company and we glance over to the magazine area and low and behold I see Jimmy Jamieson. He was on episode 2 of Crash Test Mommy. He had a child in a stroller and he was wearing vans. I said to Cliff I recognize that guy! Then I thought about it and I said that is Jimmy Jamieson from CTM. Cliff told me to go say hi, but I didn't. I wanted to go say hi, but I didn't. My shyness came out and I didn't talk to him. I should have. Oh well. We tried to find him but he was gone. My loss I guess.

(Episode 02 - Jimmy Jamieson

Laid back surfer dude Jimmy Jamieson is about to get a crash course in Mommydom when he's picked to be this episode's Crash Test Mommy. His mission: to look after, for 48 hours, his sister-in-law Sharon's four young sons, ranging in age from five years to 19 months old, at their Chilliwack home.

Our host, Dagmar Midcap, whisks Sharon off for a blissful, two-day getaway, enjoying a luxurious hotel suite, gourmet meals, a private yoga session, shopping sprees, and romantic strolls with husband, Leif.

Back at home, Uncle Jimmy's four energetic young charges begin to run him off his feet, as he juggles chaotic family expeditions to the supermarket, messy adventures in home pizza-making, the disastrous combination of kids and room painting, a health medley of upset stomachs and minor injuries, and a haphazard regimen of nap times and housecleaning chores.)

Anyways. We then took a drive afterwards and looked at big passenger vans. We parked our mini van beside a huge white van and our van looked so small. I remember going from little red sports car to smaller mini van, and then bigger mini van. I did fine with that transition. I am sure I can do the jump to big van too. It all takes time to get used to I guess.


FunkyMomma said...

That episode is coming up on the 30th! I will have to try and cathch it.

Dates are great! I am so glad you got out and had one. Sean and I love doing that date. Milestones is yummy and book browsing and coffee is fun too.

Mrs. Merriman said...

Silly girl — we had bellini's for my birthday dinner at Milestone's two years ago! Remember? I haven't had one since I don't think, but it sure was yummy! Glad you got out for a date :D We won't be doing that for a while!

Cathy said...

Oh yeah!!!!!!! I forgot about those LOL! Darn Mommy brain! You have been on my mind a lot! I hope Daisy is doing well! You will have a date night...I am sure you will LOL!

Miss ya!

Allyson said...

When you two came home, you looked like you had had a nice date. So good to see you that way. xxxooo