Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Day - The pregnancy post revisited

Remember that post? Well, today is one year later. I am no longer pregnant (quite obviously lol) and I have a sixth child who will be 5 months on the 16th of April. That year went by way too fast. I guess that is what happens when one is in the thick of motherhood! The year has been a whirl-wind of activities and really has gone by very fast.

I can really say this time, I am glad I am not pregnant. I am glad I have six healthy children. I am thankful for a lot of things today. Life is pretty darn good right now for us. I am so happy that it is time to move on with having babies, and I know holding little new borns will be a thrill for me. In fact, I got to hold Cynthia's sweet litte Daisy last night! She is absolutely beautiful and sweet. That was just enough to fulfil that baby urge. So my friends, keep having babies! I will need a fix soon LOL. My uterus is closed up...it will receive no more business.

I really enjoyed holding her! But I don't ever want to go back to that postpartum phase. I am looking forward to watching her do her 'firsts' like food! I cannot wait to have all of my helpers aka the older five kids feed her cereal etc. And, have I mentioned that Courtney takes a bottle like a champ! So, if I need to get out of here for any reason I am able too. Yay for ME!! I have waited over eight years to get another baby that would do so! It couldn't come at a better time really. There is now a chance that Cliff and I could actually GET OUT for more than one or two hours on our own...now to find a babysitter to help out! LOL.

I cannot even catch up on all the goings on around here. Today is the last day of the Goo-Be-Gone 2008 (3 months later) and I look forward to getting those results tonight. I feel I have done extremely well especially due to all of the 'curve balls' that have come our way lately with Dad being sick, and my broken finger, our cat dying and other stuff.

I have a new to me camera, and I have been enjoying getting back into something I TRULY enjoy. That has been thrilling!

What else? Like I say, I couldn't put everything down here! Too much to record. FIL is in good spirits despite all of the stuff he is going through. He even went grocery shopping with Mom today. He said to me this morning Wow you are skinny LOL! Thanks Dad!

The kids are all doing well.

[Cameron] was working on a speech about his five sisters. He presented it yesterday. He is fascinated with the solar system, Google Earth and a ton of reading! That boy loves his books!

[Claire] has been doing great, and really working hard on her reading skills. And we see her becoming a responsible daughter which has been very positive in the household! Way to go Claire. She is really enjoying her earrings too. And she loves to help cook dinner or bake. She loves it in the kitchen which we love!

[Carly] is really enjoying Kindergarten, is really motivated to read and learn to write like the big kids. She is also a great sharer and wants to give friends and family her special things. She is developing great friends too which is lovely. She also has her own fashion sense! She knows who she is! And we appreciate her kind ways and gentle hugs and offers many things like food to her siblings.

[Catie] well. She loves Mickey Mouse, and she likes to be very active and speeds around the house in a flash! She is quiet like a little mouse and likes to hide. She is difficult to find. And oh boy can she holla!! She is a holla back girl that is for sure. She will not nap, but she could sure use a nap. She ends up on most afternoons falling asleep on my shoulder. I love that FOR SURE!

[Caroline] She eats non stop and poops non stop! The more she eats the more she poops LOL! She is really learning to talk and she surprises me all day with the sentences she is creating. That is very exciting! She always says good night to everybody! She says each name. She wants to read too. Oh, and she is LOUD!!! VERY LOUD!

[Courtney] She is rolling around. She rolls for food! She will roll for food. She has dimples and laughs like crazy! She is in 9-12 month sleepers and is really heavy! As I said earlier will take a bottle! That is great! She also doesn't like to sleep. We have ordered a crib for her, and some bedding. Hopefully then we can transition her out of the bassinet and into a bedroom. And make it look like she has her own space in a bedroom! And, she laughed today at me when I was changing her! That was so awesome.

The sun came out for a change and that was certainly welcomed! I enjoyed spending some time outside with the kids in the yard. Courtney was in the Baby Bjorn so no camera time for me today. I sure hope I can get to using it again soon. Hopefully on the weekend.


Kerry said...

I'm glad things are becoming a little more rosy for you! And a little bit of sunshine always helps. :)

Cathy said...

Thanks Kerry!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cathy; I DO remember that post (a year ago). In fact, I was thinking about it yesterday (when it was April 1st) and remembering checking and re-checking the comments and later posts... (like I said on the phone, I thought you were sh&^*ing me!) Thanks for the update on what's been goin' on. I am always interested in you and the family ~ good or bad. :-)
Happy Hump Day; look at that beautiful weather (although still chilly with the wind) ~ could we actually be getting our Spring weather now? Let's hope so! That makes ALL the difference! Love to you all. Andrea xo

Christine/ArmyBrat said...

OMG! I had forgotten about that post. No one knew if you were serious or not! How many days did it take everyone to realize you were serious? LOL