Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some photo action going on

Claire and Carly whizzing by on the road

Freezing Carly's motion on the trampoline

Freezing Cam on the tramp too!

My Claire jumping on the trampoline

The old table leg from White Spot (from our engagement in 1997)


Carol said...

Cathy they are all awesome!!!!! I was trying hard to get the blurred effect of motion and I'm not fast enough LOL!! Keep em coming! Glad you had a great day.... wasnt the weather THE BEST!

ticblog said...

So - just for fun... next time the kids are 'whizzing' by... set your aperture to a high number (small opening - f22 or higher) and as the kids are going past, follow them with the camera. Keep the camera a level as you can. This is called panning, and will give you those really cool shots where instead of the kids whizzing, the background is!

Kerry said...

Nice shots! Gotta love that trampoline!

Allyson said...

Beauties. Ya, try Hope's idea! You are so lucky to have so many excellent photographers for friends.