Friday, June 18, 2010

Good bye Murrayville! Good Bye!

Well, we are happy in our new place! We are getting settled in, finding new places to do our daily grind!

All we know is that we LOVE LOVE LOVE it here! Totally the best decision ever!

Still trying to figure out a new name for my blog! Once I do, and we get a little more settled and things in their places I will get blogging with some photos of our new place!

I will post that link up here so you all will know!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last Weekend Here

Some design inspiration. I think our bedroom will be a peaceful, calm white. With a pop of colour. LOVING the white. I LOVE white very much. We have lived in a BROWN house for three years and I know I am not a dark brown kind of girl. I need light and airy.

I think i will do white in my new office as well! Cannot wait to dream in our new place!


Wow! The boxes are reaching the ceiling! We are getting there with our packing! I am really thankful the sunshine decided to come out for this weekend! It was absolutely gorgeous out today!

It is weird living basically out of boxes. It is weird knowing that this is IT! Next weekend we will be busy unpacking and getting our new house feeling like our HOME.

Still trying to come up with a new blog name. The right one hasn't hit me yet! Just like this move hasn't hit me yet!

Time for a glass of wine.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Week

Taken on my iPhone in our new town!

In just one week, we all wake up in a brand new home! I cannot believe how quickly this day is coming!

We are really excited!

So, obviously, I will not be MurrayvilleMom anymore. So, I am thinking I need to begin a new blog, to remember this time in our lives, and to document life in a brand new town! And, of course to keep our family in-the-loop.

I would love some help picking a new blog name! If your blog name is chosen by me, there might be a gift card in there for you with your name on it! So, please...add your blog name suggestions in the comments section below. The only thing I can come up with is Cathy and Cliff plus Six. Not so original, but we get called this a lot. So...I would love something original and special.

It has been a long process, deciding to move, to pack up and go to a brand new town where we really know only a set of cousins. And me, a couple of photographer friends! Lots of new adventures on the horizon for our family of eight. A new school for the four big kids. New trails to walk on, new shops to discover. Wow! We are almost there.

I cannot believe that I have been blogging here since May 16th, 2006. When we had a newborn who was number 5, and a family of 7. Oh how life changes so quickly! Caroline, she was supposed to be our last baby. Oh how I am glad that was not the case! Coco has injected a whole lot of joy into all of our lives. Completing this babymaking journey I have been on during the last decade or so.

We are truly excited to have fresh start with our family of eight. I have recently noticed that an eight, turned sideways looks like the symbol of infinity. I think that is really cool!

We are moving on, creating brand new beautiful family memories. Pieces of eight.